Too Late to Say Goodbye

The world is cold,

blindly you're thrown

into absolute hell,

forced to stand on your own.

Shadows surround you

While you search for life

Alone and bitter

No comfort inside.

The darkness is your friend,

Shrouding you in his cloak of despair

Shutting you away

From the light of the outer world.

You wait in Darkness's eternal night

For deliverance only God or death

Can provide; for that helping hand,

A ray of light.

Slowly, the shadows consume,

Tearing the flesh of your soul,

Devouring the flame of your life

Until it diminishes and dies.

Your spirit releases,

Silvery wings spreading wide;

Lift your face to the sky

And take flight.

You fly away

beneath the stars,

Past the universe,

On to where peace lies.

The gates of eternity open,

Your soul finally breaking free

Of the chains that bound you

To Darkness's hand.

Laying peacefully upon a crescent moon

You're safe from Darkness's serpent tongue,

His persecuting eyes,

His poisoned mind.

You watch and laugh

As he finally realizes

What he has done

To make you fly.

And you hope you taught him

As your life was weaned away

That it's too late to say