Ugly Beauty

Lunch in my school cafeteria,

Where allure masks repulsiveness,

Shallow beings congregate

With their own kind.

Girls bordering on womanhood

Color their perfect lips in pretty pink

While flipping and tossing Barbie bleached hair

Uttering harsh remarks about some other girl.

And the pubescent, testosterone driven boy-men

Drool hungrily at the girls

Exposing cleavage in barely passable

Calvin Klein low cut baby tees.

One glances toward me and snickers,

My loathsome, imperfect self

With pen to notebook paper

Composing this very poem.

I am far too inadequate for them

In my plain Jane Wal-Mart jeans;

And probably far too intelligent as well,

For I read Dickens and write poetry.

Yet I find I want to bawl angrily at

Their selfishness, their promiscuity,

Their unsightly magnificence

That I shamefully covet.

But I foresee a grim future for all of them,

A future of hard lessons learned,

Of incompetence and ignorance,

Unwanted pregnancy and menial labor.

They think they are untouchable,

That this thing they call popularity

Will last forever,

But you will fall like Lucifer

Into a lake of fire and brimstone.