Do You Hear Me

When I try to make a sound and tell you how I feel you just turn me away.

I try so hard to make you see me but you are so blind.

You ask me why I don't do certain things one anwser comes to mind.

I do but you don't see me I scream but you are deaf I smile just to hide the pain but you can never tell.

You tell your friends I'm doing fine but how do know I am screaming but you never hear no matter how loud.

Sometimes I wonder what I did wrong you hear everyone else.

I guess you can't hear just me so I'll just never going to make a sound because no matter how loud I scream it's like I didn't even make a sound.

No matter how I try you can never tell.

Is it that you want me gone is if so I'll do that for you because no matter how deaf you are I still love you.