Hello, my second story so far and I'm proud of myself for it. This story is kind of my story but a bit exaggerated... well the only similarity is that we have the same username XD and also I don't have an evil twin but I sometimes wish though... I hope you enjoy the prologue.

Prologue: Something a bit different.

A girl with long pink hair and shining blue eyes trudged through the snow she was walking home from school after being dismissed early for feeling sick.

Those teachers can believe anything... The girl thought to herself.

The girl stopped and looked up at the sky and pulled up her purple scarf over her mouth and sighed. This girl is simply an outcast to many at her school that's why she hates going to school each day and tries to cut classes. There were many things about her that no-one knew she kept it secret that she was a writer she gave up writing simply because she lost her faith in her stories after publishing it on a website. She noticed that it wasn't good enough for the website so she took a break from the story to find her muse...

"Is it just me or do I hear an over head guy talking about my life...?" The girl asked herself and turned around to find no-one there.

The girl began to walk—

"What the hell? There it is again!!" The girl yelled.

Everyone stared at the girl and her face reddened. She started to walk quickly trying to avoid whatever it is she's trying to avoid.

"What the... Who are you?" The girl asked and looked up at the sky.

But there was no recall. The girl stood firmly onto her two feet and clenched her fists. "Hey, the only person who's going to tell my story is me and no-one else, so take a hike 'narrator guy'." The girl then ran quickly to her house and slammed the door shut and looked at the ceiling irritated.

"Can you stop doing this? I have enough to deal with right now..." The girl said to the ceiling.

"Hey, who are you talking to this time?" A boy called out to the girl from across the room.

A boy with messy blonde hair with black tips and dark blue eyes walked in holding a plate full of food. He took a bite out of a celery stick and smiled happily at the girl and the girl froze there shocked to see him. The girl then looked back up at the ceiling and the boy took another bite of the celery.

"... If you're going to tell my story you might as well let me tell it." The girl suggested to the ceiling as the boy watched puzzled.

"Who are you talking to?" The boy asked thinking that she has lost her mind.

"... Just negotiating with the narrator of this story..." She replied still looking at the ceiling.

"I guess you drank too much today, again..." The boy said and left the room.

The girl, still looking up at the ceiling, waited for an answer from the narrator and then the narrator answered quickly "Sure." And that's how we're going to begin our story through the point of view of this girl, username: DarkNeko-sama and her alias for the story: Kishijoten Inue.

Hi, my alias name is Kishijoten after the Japanese goddess of luck and beauty, the things I didn't yet realize I had, but don't get me wrong I'm not fascinated by mythology since I don't get a proper education the way I'm going. This isn't about ditsy girls, magical girls, bishounen boys and others this is simply my story and it has no magic whatsoever so you could say this is something a bit different for me since I write about magical girl stories on an 'unknown' website which would be called my second home... ish. I might as well start at the beginning before I published my first story which will be unnamed...

I looked up at the starry sky, sitting in my backyard thinking to myself what I am going to do with my life since I don't have any talent at all. I always wished to be somewhere else other than here always wishing that there was such thing as an anime world where I could escape to so I can see my favourite anime boy, Uzumaki Naruto. I always knew there was no such thing as good luck, wishes coming true or being touched by an angel (man that sounds wrong...) but I always tried so hard to believe in them so I thought up an idea of making a story where anything can be possible but I didn't have the plot or ideas to make it come to life.

At that exact night I lay awake in my bed trying to sleep knowing that there's nothing I can do right then and that's when I told myself a story to put me to sleep it was about people with wings, a girl who lives in her apartment by herself and a cool guy who protected her. That night I fell asleep without any worries or anxiety thanks to that story I told myself...

"Hey! Wake up, wake up, wake up... time to go to school Kishijoten." Mama called from the hallway.

I sat up and looked at the clock sleepily and saw that it was 8 o'clock as usual and like always I didn't have a single dream that night which made me feel even dumb about myself knowing that without dreams how one can have creativity to make a story. I got up and scolded myself in the mirror seeing that as usual I have that drunken look on my face even though I'm still too young to drink.

"Mama, where is Big sister?" I asked Mama as I sat down on the dining room chair.

"She went to school already..." Mama didn't take her eyes off the T.V showing Brangelina walk onto the scene.

"Just as usual for Big Sister not waking me up..." I muttered to myself and took a bit of my toast.

I slowly ate my breakfast because I didn't look forward to going to school. It was my first day of middle school and even though I don't know the school I already had the feeling of hating it already. Mama couldn't be bothered of thinking about taking me to school because she heard all of my excuses of staying at home. 'Mama, I have a stomach ache I don't think I can go to school.' Or 'Mama, I'm late for the bus, can you take me?' and as usual she would believe me. I always feel sorry for what I have done but I know that I have an evil spot at the back of my head that would tell me to do it any way.

"Kishijoten, we can only afford tickets for your Big Sister, Mama and father to go overseas. Can you take care of yourself for about a month or two?" Mama said without looking at me.

"Sure. Are you visiting my twin sister?" I asked.

I have a twin sister but she wanted to study abroad in America and most of our money was spent on her education so that's why we're living in a small house in the cheapest spot in Tokyo.

"Yeah... We'll be leaving tomorrow..." Mama turned her head to look at me in the eyes.

I could tell by the look of her face that I was shocked she then smiled and turned away from my eyes to avoid an earful from me.

"What the hell? Why did you have to tell me this now...were you hiding this from me all along so I wouldn't annoy you to take me with you?" I yelled but Mama wasn't listening.

"Oh my look the time you're late for school." Mama got up and took the car keys.

Without a word I got out of my seat and walked to my bedroom to stay in there for the whole day. Mama was telling me that I had to go to school until she noticed it was no use and walked away. I stared furiously into the room and noticed a laptop, my laptop the only boy who I truly fell in love with. He was old, yeah, and he was slow but he was always there for me. I got him out and started to write a story, the story I told myself to help me sleep and forget my anxiety of the hell of a school I go to.

I wrote the story but it was different but still I liked it. I wrote it in early 2009 and soon enough into the future I found a website to publish it which would change my world... at that time I was around 13 years old.

"Ah shit. High school is even worst than middle school..." I said to myself as I stood in front of the school gates having that familiar feeling that I would always have that told me that I'm at a place that deserves to be hated.

It's been a long time since I first wrote my story in 2009 and now this year was the year to publish the story. I didn't know much about romance but I guess High School was the time to realize it which would be introduced to me later in my High School years.

"Hey, you look lost..." A boy with black hair and brown eyes said to me.

I don't know why but the way he's wearing the Gakuran made my heart beat faster than usual, his hair was neat but was a bit messy too and his eyes, oh... they're so... irresistible. But since I'm so young I didn't know what this so called "love" or "crush" is and he was waiting for me to answer. I stood there my eyes entranced by him and he was there looking at me thinking I just died.

"... Uh, Hello..." The boy said and waved his hand over my face.

I snapped out of it and then realized I was talking to a boy... my most hated of all school things: Boys. I took a step back and punched him in the face without even realized what I've done.

"... The thing I hate most of all... is myself..." I said to him and walked into the school.

Everyone stared at me thinking I just became a mad woman. But there's one thing I must tell about my past... I use to pick fights with boys for the thrill of it. And I started to hate them when I finally noticed that a boy was trying to make me fall for him so he could tell his friends that he got a girlfriend. The girls called it a 'trophy girlfriend' it's just like a trophy wife but without the marriage.

"The thing I hate most is myself..." I repeated it to under a mutter once more before I entered the school building.

I walked into my room and collapsed onto my bed and looked up the ceiling and remembered all of those smiling students happy to be with each other.

"What the hell is wrong with me...?" I asked myself out loud because I knew that no-one would answer me.

The year was 2012 when I started High School and I lived by myself because the rest of my family decided to live in America for my twin sister's sake.

"She fell ill, Kishijoten because she became home sick so we're staying with her for a few years until she feels better."

I could remember Mama and Papa saying it but what I think is that my twin sister is trying to take them away from me. She's like that evil twin she didn't choose to study abroad she was forced by Mama and Papa because they thought it would make her be better mentally and physically and I feel sorry for her. Yuki-Onna, my twin, named after the Snow Queen because she has a heart of ice... that's what I think.

I turned to my side and looked at my USB and it made me think about the story my story... Maybe if I finished it I would feel better... I got up and placed the USB into my old laptop and started writing. I wrote at night and day time until I got up to chapter 21 that's when my USB broke. I placed my USB inside a box where I keep all of my memories and I locked it just in case there was a burglar in the house and I went to my computer to listen to music.

"This is boring..." I said to myself and decided to go outside.

I looked up at the sky but this time there were no stars that night and so I sang my favourite song and I repeated one verse four times with a soft voice. I walked back into the house and fell asleep without a question of what tomorrow might bring and that's when I had the strangest dream.

I stood there in front of the gate that separates my house from the street and I looked out at the streets with a feeling of want. I watched all kinds of motorbikes ride past me and I stood there and wished that I had a motorbike myself. Something made me turn around and a red motorbike appeared behind me and then I turned back to see a boy around 15 – 16 years old. I ran away from him because I knew that he was dangerous, somehow. Then he caught my arm and a feeling of familiarity and I turned to him and he smiled and said:

"I have something to show you." His voice wasn't familiar but somehow I knew him.

Then he pointed to a sheep in a wheelchair and that's when the dream got weird and then it ended.

I opened my eyes to see the sun creeping through my bedroom curtains. The only thing I remember was that the boy had freckles but not too much just enough to make him look cute.

"That's a strange dream... maybe I shouldn't write before sleeping..." I said to myself and got out of bed.

I looked at my box where my USB was, I decided to try to write my story again even though it is broken. I opened the box to find that it was fixed and looked like it was new. I stood there staring at my USB and shrugged my shoulders and placed my USB in my bag and quickly started getting dress for school.

I arrived there late as usually and the teacher told me off as usual... but something was different about that day maybe it was because of the mystery of my USB being fixed or the dream I had. After school I walked home I remembered that today I used the schools computers to help me find a website where I can publish my story and so to celebrate I would buy some sake. I walked to a shop and bought a bottle of sake and began drinking it straight from the bottle while walking home.

"Man, I should have bought some more sake..." I said while taking off my school shoes and slipping on some comfortable shoes.

I threw my bag on the couch and began drinking and pretty much everything was hard to remember. I slowly opened my eyes to find the sun's rays slapping me awake I turned away from the sun to find a boy with messy blonde hair with black tips was sleeping right next to me. I poked his face but he didn't respond and it didn't look like he was breathing either.

"Oi, wake up..." I slowly said to him. I was still trying to recover from last night and drinking the whole bottle of sake.

I stared at him trying to analyse his face to see if I have met him before but he didn't look familiar. He wasn't my type though and it looked like the clothes that he was wearing was about 12 days without wash and he smelt of strong liquor and mud and he looked around 16 years old... maybe he's homeless...

"Hey, homeless guy get up and get out of my bed." I said and pushed him out of my bed.

He fell to the floor where he still slept. He must be dead or something... I guess I must have had a weird adventure last night and picked up a homeless guy. I shock away the thoughts from my mind and placed my feet onto the floor and carefully walked on the floor still trying to recover from being drunk all night.

Finally, I feel the way I look... Drunken. I thought to myself and smiled at the thought knowing that finally I have something better to do than hate everything the solution is simply... Get drunk.

Hi, I'm kind of confused of which genre/category this should be placed as. So can you tell me what you think which category it is because I don't want to mislead people... Thank you for reading and I hope you can tell me what you think of this if it's bad or good.