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Drunken Filler #1: Stalking, one crazy business you don't look forward on being in.

Hmm… I spy with my little eye… a vision… A vision that I'm gonna die out of boredom because of this school. I sighed and placed my head onto my school desk and stared at Mizuki and Yuusuke talking to each other. Once I think about it… they look like a good couple… I must study them more so I can write perfect romance stories!

I sluggishly got out of my chair and bumped into a few desks just before I settled myself down two desks behind them. They didn't notice me at all even though I was making such a commotion. I wrote down some notes on the back of someone's homework sheet. These are the notes I wrote:

Couples tend to smile and laugh at each other even though they do hide their feelings.

Girl usually flicks her hair back when feeling a bit flustered around boy.

Boy has a huge grin when the girl laugh at his jokes (Major note of flirtation)

Boy and Girl are now staring at me like I'm a stalker or something.

Boy and Girl confronting me and yelling at me for writing such notes.

Boy rips up paper and the couple walks away.

Kishijoten tapes back the pieces and placed it in a photo frame to keep her memories of that day.

I sighed again knowing that this day has gotta be the worst, no worstest day ever. Yes you heard me, worstest day ever!! I can't even be bothered talking correct English!! Edward is away today which makes me happy… well I do hate him, you can't blame me… he's very annoying and now… damn! Even when he's not here he's annoying me with my rants about how much I hate him!! Shit, this school is gonna make me insane!

After many arguments between me and my brain, I had decided to rest for the rest of the day. I was having such a good nap when something hit me at the back of my head. Instantly my head shot up and I looked around like a dazed freak until I found a paper airplane behind my seat.

I opened up the airplane to find some strange language written on it but then I realized it was upside down and it was actually a letter to me. The handwriting was too neat and smart looking to belong to someone in this class.

"All of the ones you cherished will die if you don't meet me in the boy's locker room after school. I'm waiting for you, Kishijoten." It read… which kinda pissed me off that someone was trying to black mail me.

I did what any normal person would do and scrunched it into a ball and threw it behind me.

"Watch out!" I say and then went back to my sleep.

During the rest of the day I still received the same type of letters in all kinds of places. First there was mountains full of it in my locker, some near the drinking fountain, when doing PE I noticed the basketball was covered in it like wrapping paper, when I changed back into my school uniform I felt an evil presence (more eviler than I) watching me, when I got out my book (where I carved in a hole so I can keep my secret stash of sake in) there was death threat notes overflowing from it and lastly when talking to Yuusuke for a few seconds I noticed that he had the same note taped on his back.

I was already tired and I didn't care what else happened to me as long as the notes have stopped overflowing from everywhere I go. I didn't even care if I was listening to the song My heart will go on by Celine Dion and even actually nodding my head to the beat.

I wanted this to end. So I grabbed Yuusuke to go with me to the boys locker rooms along with Mizuki because I wanted another witness to watch me kill that student. When we got in the boys lockers it seemed empty but thanks to my ESP that kicks in when I'm pissed off I could sense where the boy was. I dashed to where my intuition told me.

"Hey! Kishijoten, wait!!" Mizuki calls.

I was nearly there when my target decided to move. Damn it! If only he wasn't a cowardly mouse then I would already have killed him!! He seemed to know what he was doing, I mean he was turning left and right like there was no tomorrow.

"Yuusuke! Mizuki!! Help me out here… I must… No, I need revenge!!" I say ducking and weaving through the lockers.

I tingle of vengeance went down my spine by my intuition telling me he was already cornered. I jumped out of nowhere and landed on his back making him fall to the ground and thrashing around. I sat on his back with my arms crossed and a smile of pride on my face. Yuusuke and Mizuki had finally caught up with me and were painting like crazy.

"Kishijoten… I… I never knew you were the athletic type." Mizuki says breathing in and out at each word.

"Yeah." Yuusuke says, looking like he was about to fall just any second now.

"When it's about revenge a strange side of me kicks in." I say with a triumphant expression plastered on my face, "Now, let's see who's been doing this."

I got to my feet when he stopped squirming and placed him on his two feet and pinned him against the wall. A gasp went through me as I saw his bishounen face. Bright blonde hair with a side fringe that covered his right eye, his eyes seemed to be a grey color, seemed to be the same age as me and the expression on his face was to die for. The frightened but cute look! I guess I was drooling because the next minute he held out a handkerchief for me.

"Uh… thank you…" I say taking the handkerchief.

"No worries…" He says flipping his fringe so I could have a look at his face properly.

I smiled in a daze and I could hear Yuusuke and Mizuki grunt between each other.

"Kishijoten! This isn't about romance. This guy was stalking you and threatening you!" Yuusuke says with a booming voice making me snap back into reality.

"Oh, yeah…" I say putting a finger on my cheek to look thoughtful, "That means I have to punish him… right?"

"I guess that's you would do, Kishi. Maybe ask him why he was doing this first…" Mizuki suggested and I nodded back thoughtfully.

I turned to him and smiled friendly, "So… why did you do it?"

His body stayed calmed but his eyes looked frantically around the place to find a lie or an excuse. Whatever he was going to say I would still let him go without a scratch.

"Um… I want you to update on your stories, DarkNek—" I quickly covered his mouth violently and smiled showing my teeth.

"Oh? What did you say? Can you rephrase that?" I ask saying it through my teeth.

I didn't want Mizuki and Yuusuke know about my secret life. Even though they mean nothing to me… I did kind of grown… attached to them…

I placed my hand away from his mouth and let him talk again, "Um… I want… your money?" He says it like a question and I nodded.

"Too bad, I don't have money… I spent it all on sake. You can go now but…" I leaned closer to him and whispered, "Can I have your number?"

He shook his head and in defeat I let go of him and looked down in disgrace that I said that. The pretty bishounen boy ran away leaving me a fool in front of 'the-people-I-had-somehow-tolerated'. Yuusuke patted me on the back to comfort me and Mizuki placed her hand on my shoulder.

"… You need more practice with the flirt thing…" Mizuki says.

I nodded my very lowered head and we walked out of the bathroom with me sulking that I'm such a fool sometimes… looking for love in all the wrong places…

Meanwhile someplace else…

"Hello?" The bishounen boy from before says into his slim dark blue cell phone, "Yes… it seems like she has no weaknesses… yes… she will be an enemy we can't take down easily… but I do know something…"

The boy smiled a cross between malicious and cute smile. It was quiet for a while and only the cicadas of summer hummed in the background.

"She… has something for bishounen boys… yes… maybe this won't be too hard to take her down…" He snapped the phone shut and began to walk by the side of the school building.

With a brush of his fingers on his bishounen face a strange tattoo appeared. It had two identical thick lines on top of each other with a curved flick at the end.

"Desire leads to lust… and lust leads to an unforgettable sin…" The boy murmured under his breath, "And Kishijoten Inue will meet these sins…"

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