i want to cry until i can't fucking breathe so
please baby, make me scream until my lungs
bleed, i can't do this anymore. i don't want to
talk when i the only thing you've done is
show how i can't trust you. mornings that i
want you to be there for me, you're (sleeping
on the couch after you get) drunk with some
other girl. & nights that i feel like i can't
make it without you, you don't have time
for me because you're (drunk again) with
your friends. you always say you want
to do something for me, to fix me, to help
me, but you never change and you never
try to make this better. i'm ripping myself
apart right in front of you, and you're letting
it happen. the blood rising on my hands smears
on your shoulders, but you never notice.
could i possibly make this any more obvious?