This story was originally for the animal-themed story challenge a few months (?) back but I didnt get to write more than the first four lines since I had school to attend. But here it is now...

Title: Loving the Black Cat

Writing Challenge Theme: Forbidden Love; Gossip Forum Challenge

By: empurple

Why do people dislike black cats? We aren't any different from other cats…

And why did some of my ancestor's masters die? They were called 'Witches', or something like that…

What's wrong with us?

Wait… What's wrong with me?

Rei looked around. From the small dingy alley where he stood on all fours, he could see that there was a Persian cat being carried into a car, an orange-spotted cat playing with a ball of yarn with a little girl on the porch on the second storey of a building nearby and there was a white cat lying on a box of apples on the sidewalk market, feeding her kittens.

Why is it that when humans see me, they're afraid?

What did I ever do to them?

Rei's amber eyes looked up at the heavily clouded sky. After a few moments, drops of rain began pouring and people bustled up and down the street to look for a place to shelter from the rain. Soon, he was the only one drenched in the rain.

And it was getting cold.

Is it my fault I was born black and had no other colors on me?

Why is it so unfair?

Rei then took slow little steps forward and crossed the street, remaining wistful.

If only… If only I had someone to take care of me… Maybe-?

But he was surprised when, all of a sudden, he saw a blinding white light. He thought whatever it was would hit him and it would be the end of his life but when a soft pair of hands quickly grabbed him, he was even more surprised.

"You stupid cat, do you want to die that bad?!"

And he was surprised to find a teen-aged girl was shaking him by his fore-limbs, also soaked to her skin in rainwater.

You… wanted to save me?

The girl rolled her pale-blue eyes, "If I didn't want to save you, then I'd have allowed you to have died…"

If cat's eyes could widen, Rei's eyes did:

You can understand me?!

The girl smiled slyly and didn't reply.