This will be a series (well..four) of one shots in the count down to Valentines Day!

So I will post another tomorrow, Saturday and finish with my favourite couple on Sunday X3. Enjoy.

Jac and Jamie

The pleasant conversation had quickly turned into an argument, Jamie had noticed. Jac was sat next to him in the car - for once he was driving - and Jac was on the phone to her father as they made their way to D.C to make their monthly visit to see Dec; it started out innocent enough, talking about the weather and work, then her father moved to a subject she hated. Dating.

"No, I will not meet him." Jac let out an annoyed sigh and ran a hand through her hair; it was untied for once and pooled around her shoulders. "I don't have time for starters." She rolled her eyes at the reply. "I keep telling you - I will not leave the force to marry some rich snob!" A pause. Another roll of the eyes. They were still using 'the force' as cover - they still worked for Detroit's finest, but they would be forever Secret Service agents. "Well maybe I'll marry Jamie then!"

His eyes shot to her, the car swerved a little and she grabbed the wheel with one hand to straighten the vehicle up - Jamie's Crown Victoria. 'You're joking right?' He mouthed and she smirked. Yet, as he settled back into the seat to concentrate on driving, a thought flickered through his mind. Why not? If Marshall and Edge can make it work, why not you two?

He shook his head and immediately dismissed the idea.

"Jamie…JAMIE!" Jac yelled in his ear and he almost leapt out of his skin.

"What?" He looked to her and blinked. Her hair was down again…why?

"He wants you to throw the ball." She thumbed to Dec who lay a few feet away and nudged the tiny ball with his nose to Jamie's feet.

"How does he not swallow it?" Jamie chuckled, picked up the ball and threw it across the large room - it was the size of a stadium, more than enough room for Dec to run around. "Are we supposed to treat him like a…normal dog? Isn't he a kid?"

"Marshall said to do whatever makes him happiest." Jac shrugged.

"So…your dad ticked you off again, huh?" He said carefully and watched her calm expression drop into a frown.

"Another on of his many partner's snobby sons." She clenched her fists. "Some days I just feel like telling him I like women - just to get him off my back."

Jamie smirked. "What did he say when you told him you'd marry me?"

She smiled at that. "He wasn't pleased, as you can imagine." He nodded and stared at her for a moment. "What?"

"I erm…" He stuttered. "Yourhairlooksnicedown." He blurted out quickly and Jac's brow rose.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"You hair looks nice down." He said slower and tried to keep the heat from his cheeks.

"Thanks, I fancied a change." She ran her hand through it and looked to him out of the corner of her eye. "You're acting weird, what gives?"

"I…" He paused to think and scratched the back of his head. "I'm not sure…sorry."

"Well…if you say so." She looked back to Dec who was rolling around and trying to scratch his back on the wall.

"Well, I have been thinking…kind of." Jamie began and then sighed. "It's probably all Tabby's doing…drilling these thoughts into my head…"

"You want us to get together?" Jac jumped straight to the point before Jamie could babble further.

"I…Only if you want to…" He sighed again. "There's just this little part of me that says: if Marshall and Edge can, why can't we? I mean…it happens all the time…friends get together and get married and stuff."

Jac looked to her feet and weighed her options. She had always liked Jamie - at one point during high school she did have small crush on him - but now…wouldn't it be weird? She remembered pulling a face when Marshall explaining her relationship with Edge, 'It'd be like if you started dating Jamie' she'd said. "Jamie…" She looked back up to him and he looked just as nervous as she felt. "I…I love you and all, but I love the relationship we have now - we're still young, not to mention busy with work - and I…just don't want us to have a bad break up and ruin what we have." She felt the tears in her eyes and ducked her head again. It was rare she cried, even in front of Jamie.

He pulled her to him and wrapped his arms tightly around her, running one hand through her hair and kissing the top of her head gently. "I get it. I love you too."