There seems to be so many people that believe that Paganism is a form of "devil-worship" and yet here we are in an age in which the Old Ways are becoming more and more like the "New Ways" (as High Priest Brandon Jones worded it). So many are there that believe Witchcraft, as well as many other Pagan ways of life are evil they are once again trying to bring about the Burning Times. Sure it is not in the literal sense that it was many years ago but it is becoming a huge problem nevertheless.

Let me begin with this simple phrase, the basis of the Wiccan Rede: "An' it harm none, do what ye will". These eight words may seem simple but there is a lot more to it than the obvious harm none. Digging deeper into the Rede it states also that not only can you do no harm to others, nor can you harm yourself. Harming others also goes so far as to include Nature which means recycling and being energy friendly to the best of your abilities.

This does not mean to run out and buy a hybrid car or those new light bulbs that supposedly last years longer and save a great deal amount of energy and in doing so save people money, yet they are brighter than regular light bulbs. This means that you do what you can to help Mother Earth. No littering is a big one, I can not stress enough that Pagans, especially Wiccans, will not litter because they respect Nature on a Religious level since it is a direct path to the Goddess.

Another essence of the Rede is that it stresses not to harm oneself. This means that you can do no drugs, illegal or otherwise. Only take prescription drugs when they are prescribed to you and never abuse them. Also, in my opinion of the Rede, it means that one can not smoke tobacco or use smokeless tobacco and/or drink alcoholic beverages unless it is under a special circumstance. Sure any alcohol can be bad for someone to ingest but there are also times when it is excused, such as during a Ritual that requires it or during a special occasion such as a Handfasting (Pagan Marriage ceremony).

Now, getting back to the original point of Paganism being "evil" or Wicca specifically being a "dark art"; there have been many cases of Christo-Wiccans which incorporate the Christian Saints into the Spells and Rituals that said Witch may cast. Beyond just that simple fact many Christian's roots for their Holy Days come from those of the Wiccan Sabbaths. Christmas for example, is taken from the Pagan Sabbath of Yule which is to celebrate the Winter Solstice (Among other things but I will not get into that here). There Yule Tree later became the "Christmas Tree" whenever the Sabbath became "Christianalized". Easter is another example of a Pagan Sabbath forced to mend to that of a Christian belief system. Surely I am not the only one that finds it off that the Christian messiah rises from the dead on a different day every year.

There is also the matter of the candy, rabbits, etc. that go along with Easter. These traditions come from the Pagan Sabbath of Beltane which is used to celebrate the middle of Spring. So tell me, does that look like it is fair to the Pagans?

Let me end with this simple fact, Witches harm none! We protect those we care about and those that we don't even know. Witches are some of the most loving and peaceful people you will ever meet in your life. We are not evil!

Merry meet, merry ye part, and merry meet again. This is my will so Goddess see me most it be and Blessed Be to thee!