My Gift To You

Disclaimer Alert: I meant no harm to the original writer of the borrowed words.


I was taught that when you give a gift it should be something you would like to receive yourself. Ultimately, I wish this could be on real paper, not virtual, so that you could hold the weight of the stationary, inhale the scent that I spray on it, smile at the color ink I would choose. But this is an imaginary letter sent out to the holder of my heart. If I do hold your heart as well, then I want you to know it was intentional.

I want to hold you. I want to feel you against my beating heart. I want to kiss you tenderly, softly, chastely. I want to spend every moment of the day with you. I want to hear my name roll out of your mouth like it was a gift given only to you. I want to occupy the spot that is reserved for the special person in your heart. I want you to see me more than a friend. I want you to tell me the secret things in your heart. I want you to trust me. I want to see more of your smile, your face, your eyes. I want to hear your voice, your laugh, your wacky tone. I want to make you happy. I want –

I stole these words and I place them at your feet.

You stole my heart.

Can we say we are even now?

I love you.