(Uninstall.) Moth balls cling to these painted walls.
My fingers run along them.
They squirm,
(What could be the cause?)
do not escape.
They are concealed beneath my palms,
stir the skin.
(No sleep.)
(No sleep.)
I am tickled
(I need air.)
and become the sounds they shan't emit,
(I cannot remember.)
joyous, cackling, panting,
(I see black.)
startling these creatures.
They crawl off,
expand their sepia wings,
kiss at the corners of this room,
cluster at the candlelight.
(Fly from this place)
initiate darkness.
(ma alouette,
my lark.)
I live in an abyss,
have for years.
(I am a lepidoptera)
Only these have told me of the sky,
(in the wind,)
it's seamless blue.
(wingless and awaiting.)
They call it hope.
(Don't leave me stranded
any longer.)