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The sun was shining with its usual brilliance. Here, it never sets, but yet, never fully rises. It just rests on the horizon, hovering on dawn. We see it as our symbol. It's the birth of a new day, a new journey, and yet, the death of an old one.

And who am I? Once, hundreds of years ago, before I shed my body and slowly lost the memories, I was known as Kaza. Now though, and forever more, I am nothing more than a Spirit. And that is enough.

Here we stand at the Gate. Scattered about are a few waiting Spirits. We are the gatekeepers, and therefore, it is our job to wait here, at the Gate. We cannot cross through it, into the misty shadows on the other side, because that would be going back, and once you have ended the Journey, you cannot reset Time. Behind us, where the sun rests, lies another Journey. There is where they will go, those worthy of crossing the Gate.

Here come two newcomers. After so many years, I cannot tell their ages, nor would it really matter. Here, they are as old as they want to be.

Calmly, we stand at the edge of the gate to greet them. One of the newcomers, a girl, jumps back slightly, squinting at the light we have become. I remember my first journey here, years ago, the only memory I keep. Looking upon a Spirit is much like turning your face to the sun. It's warm and beautiful, but impossible to see unless you close your eyes. I watch as she realizes this and closes her eyes to the light, and opens her mind. Her caution melts away and is replaced by understanding. Confidently, she walks closer to us, taking on a bright glow as she reached the Gate. The shadows that accompany them are noticeable, but insignificant. There can be no light without shadows, even in the purest.

Her companion grimaces, however, and backs away from the light. He glares at the girl, and I feel a searing hatred rush through him, hatred towards the girl for bringing him to this place, and also an unexplainable fear of her. For the first time in centuries, I am curious as I lean closer to him. Though the light reaches him, his body does not glow as the girl's does. Instead, it reflects only frightened shadows, and a deep bitterness.

Turning back to the girl, I find no bitterness there, only indifference towards the man, and joy at finally finding a peaceful place to rest. There is no trace of sorrow, only guilt there, and loneliness. I wonder why she feels this way, and can think of only one way to satiate this burning curiosity.

"I will see to her," I say at last. She turns to me and waits, betraying only a hint of surprise at my voice, human though all of my features are not. Another Spirit holds out his hand towards the man, who tries to run.

"There is no returning from this Journey. Your old one has ended, and there is no going back." The Spirit holds out his hand expectantly, and the man grudgingly clasps it. I hold out my hand as well, and the girl, smiling, takes it. I feel a light tingle as my mind joins fully with hers, and I share the same feelings, and I relive the life she has left forever.

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