Chapter 1

Tears stung the back of her eyes but she marched proudly through the hallway in the history department back to her sociology class. She knew she would never admit that he hurt her feelings. She was too strong for that. She didn't need anyone. Especially not him, he's just a teacher anyway. Who cares? She was frustrated as she swung her classroom door open and voices that were once muffled by the closed door magnified to full clarity.

"Genesis, what happened? Where were you?" John asked. Eyes wide ready for any sort of tale Sissy might tell.

"I had to clean up a mess I made." She shrugged and let her body sink into her seat accepting the chapter test her teacher was handing her.

"What mess did you make?" another classmate Sidney asked.

"I flipped all of the choir chairs upside down during third period." She smiled smugly. Mr. Cassen, the choir teacher new this year, was her third hour teacher. She was his T.A. (Teacher Assistant) she TA'ed for him the previous semester and had a blast. He was a funny guy who she was usually verbally at war with. Of course they were always just yanking each other's chain and just having a good time and it never got out of hand. Genesis played a prank on Mr. Cassen once every quarter. Her first quarter prank was a knock off from the television The Office which was a favorite of Sissy's and as it turned out Cassen's too. Anyway in the television show two characters are always at each other's throats and Dwight is usually victim of Jim's pranks. The one Sissy decided to play the prank of stealing all of Mr. Cassen's pens and pencils and replacing them with Crayola Crayons and left him a note admitting to the thievery of his pens and pencils and that she suspected Jim Halpert. He found the prank very humorous and it set off the tradition.

Today's prank though was not intended in a humorous way. She was just plain angry at him. Benedict High School had poisoned Mr. Cassen for the worst and she hated the man he'd become in the last five months.

Sissy was sitting on the ugly swivel chair in the choir office reading a story her brilliant friend, Kendall, had started to write. She read something that made her laugh out loud and caused the smile on her face to grow further.

Mr. Cassen stormed into his office angrily tossing a handful of papers onto his desk and throwing himself into his chair in front of his computer. He turned to face Sissy and fury was burning in his eyes.

"I have a ton of work to get done so I'll need you to knock that off." He demanded in a tone that almost scared Genesis.

"Stop what?" Sissy asked unsure if he meant the laughing or if he actually just wanted her to get up and leave the office.

"That laughing." He ground his teeth together in frustration that Sissy didn't know exactly what he meant the first time. Sissy knew that Mr. Cassen had spent the previous day writing a good seven or eight letters of recommendation for students of his and the guidance office misplaced a majority of them so he had to go through and redo several of them. Sissy knew his frustration was not directed towards her so she quietly closed her book and decided to shut up. She had, however, put up with a lot of his crap in the last few days and was feeling very frustrated with his tendency to take his anger out on her and when he wasn't doing that he was with Nate Peters, the class genius, and they were always doing and saying things that told her she was inferior and unwelcome. She let one snide remark escape her lips that she immediately regretted but didn't apologize for.

"You know someday Mr. Cassen you will be a nice person." She didn't mean that he was a mean person all the time she just wanted to get the point across that he'd upset her. It apparently didn't work because he responded with.

"Yeah, well saying that to someone is quite rude and so maybe someday you'll be a nice person." Well fine let him be angry. She thought bitterly. He'd get over it and so would she. It was just fine. Nate wasn't in the classroom at the time anyway so it's not like she had to put up with both of them.

The door swung open on the other side of the classroom and there he was. Six foot five something blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect build, and brilliant to boot. Nate Peters strolled into the classroom with a confidence that Genesis both admired and despised.

"Hey Cassen, you up for shooting a few hoops?" Nate asked flashing a smile that caused most girls to swoon but sickened Sissy's stomach. She rolled her eyes. Cassen had a ton of work to do. He'd already yelled at her for laughing for Pete's sake He wasn't going to drop everything and go play ball.

Cassen looked up from, what Sissy thought to be the world's most amazing computer ever built, his new Mac Book Pro laptop and his eyes lit up. For the first time the entire hour Genesis saw light and joy in Mr. Cassen's eyes. "Yeah, actually I do." So Cassen closed his laptop put it back in his computer bag stood and strolled out of his office ordering everyone out and closing the door behind him.

There were generally four kids in Mr. Cassen's fourth hour class. Genesis was the full time TA who would receive the credit for the class, and then perm passed into the class room was Nate Peters, who claimed he wanted to TA for Cassen because he needed to work on the musical. Nate had the lead role. Big surprise there, also in the class was Gentry Timmons, Gentry was a fun loving kind of a person. Very social and always needed to be surrounded by people, Gentry wasn't a bad guy he just sometimes got on Sissy's nerves. And finally Gabby was in there. Gabby was the only one in the class who wasn't a senior. She was a junior and for the most part she stayed in the open area of the choir room and read her books.

Genesis was eighteen years old, extremely efficient and organized when she chose to be anyway. She had chocolate brown eyes that grew dark when she was happy and got incredibly light when her temper started to spark. Standing at a whopping five feet tall she was, for the most part, skinny but what girl didn't have a tiny bit of baby fat on her stomach? She suffered a curse of forever being a double D and that was life. She liked to believe she had a good heart and she was a loving person but sometimes she lost sight of the good Christian values and her evil side took over. She had a flaming temper that she only expressed verbally and when her temper was lit her tongue was sharp as a whip. She was too proud to ever admit anything was wrong and she felt a constant need to fix everything for everyone everywhere, all the time.

Mr. Cassen strolled out of the class followed by Nate and close at their heels was Gentry. Sissy sat infuriated by Mr. Cassen's behavior trying to find a way to calm her nerves. Cassen only has three class periods a day second hour Choir, fourth hour was some introduction to music class and his seventh period Chamber Choir or Chorale. Whatever you want to call it, third period was one of his free periods and so that was the period Genesis TA'ed for him. Last semester she was with him sixth period. Which she preferred, she did a lot of organizing, copy making, collating music that she copied, putting music into folders, straightening of chairs and every once and a while when Mr. Cassen had the time she'd pull out her cribbage board her Papa made her and they'd play a quick game or two. He was an easygoing person who was always up for a good joke or prank as long as it didn't do damage to the property. Genesis blinked back into reality and looked up at Gabby.

"You wanna turn all these chairs upside down?" she asked.

Gab pondered the question for half a second or so and then responded. "Yeah, I do." She smiled and both girls got up and started flipping chairs upside down. Laughing and making jokes the entire time it took them about seven minutes to turn all ninety six chairs and then Genesis left Mr. Cassen a quick note on his whiteboard telling him she felt it was time for a change so she decided to rearrange and told him happy Friday and to have a nice weekend. She and Gabby stormed out of the choir room through the band hallway and then ran for the girls' bathroom, hoping not to get caught. Which brings us back to sixth period and all the questions about where she had been, Sissy's feelings really were hurt but she couldn't admit to it because it made her feel like a four year old. Sissy used to look up to Mr. Cassen and admire him but now with Mr. Peters around Mr. Cassen brushed Sissy aside in order to ogle the amazing, brilliant, basketball superstar genius boy Nathan Jacob Peters.

"So can I get my take home test I missed last week?" Genesis asked her Soc teacher after she finished her test and did the homework assignment.

"Yeah here just give me a second to grab it." The woman was a total scrambled brain. Not that it was her fault or anything. She was just too nice and disorganized for her own good. The class walked all over her and she was too disoriented most of the time to get the attention of the kids who misbehaved and get them to settle the hell down. Genesis was counting down minutes until the period ended. She just wanted out of the class so she could catch up to Kendall and Tegan. Although both girls were sophomores and Sissy was a senior the girls were possibly more mature than Sissy's entire class put together and they were awesome.

"Teeg!" Genesis yelled from down the hallway at her locker partner, Tegan Shandell. Tegan was about an inch taller than Genesis with lighter hair and green eyes with a killer smile and a love for mismatched socks.

"What?!" Tegan whined as Genesis got closer to the locker that Tegan was working on opening.

"Who you going with tomorrow?" Genesis asked, she knew it was mostly a stupid question. She was sure Tegan and her mother would be going to Districts with Genesis and her mother Sharice

"Who do you think stupid." She responded motioning to the locker to see if Sissy needed in.

"No, I'm good." Sissy commented back. "So I'll see you after seventh then yeah?" Genesis asked Tegan as they were walking away from their locker.

"Yeah, I'll meet you down in the commons." Tegan half yelled walking down the hallway away from her friend.

"Hey T. we in the library today?" Sissy had her small comp bible in her hand tucked safely next to her notebook with all of her notes.

"Yes we are Genesis, you guys can just go ahead and go if you want I'll take attendance at the end of class." Tomlinson was Sissy's favorite teacher. Besides Mrs. Powers her fourth period teacher, both women were English teachers but Genesis TA'ed for Powers. I know what you are thinking. Does this girl ever have a real class? The answer is sort of. First period she had Geometry, it's a long confusing story about her taking algebra II before geometry and it's too complicated to get into but trust me it just makes sense. Second hour she's in varsity chorus third and fourth hour she is a TA one period for that horrible Jerk Cassen and fourth hour for Powers the coolest teacher to ever exist, besides Tomlinson of course. Fifth hour she took Physics with Mr. E. sixth hour she had Sociology, a total slack class and finally seventh hour she took College Comp II with Tomlinson.

"Okay sounds good." Sissy did her best to stay focused on her comp work but it was so hard when Tate, a guy she'd basically been in love with for her entire high school career, was on MSN. Tate was smart, charming, adorable and single. The guy never dated in his life which was beyond Genesis because he was gorgeous and an absolute God. Okay so that's an exaggeration but I mean… He was close. With his beautiful long dark perfect curly hair that fell across his beautiful deep green eyes and just by looking into them you feel the need to curse your stupid legs for turning into jell-o. He had fair skin in the winter and tanned and toned in the summer. He played football and he wrestled. Which was a huge no, no for Genesis, rule #1 NEVER date a wrestle, but he was so perfect, still never date a wrestler ever it's a bad idea especially for a statistician, which Genesis was along with her cousin Corina and her friend Tegan.

Sissy09: So how's honors eng?

TateMan: Oh it is going. We are working on our literary analysis I got stuck with Edgar Allen Poe again.

Sissy09: I thought you liked Poe? The Raven is a favorite of mine, do that one.

TateMan: I thought about The Raven. Great minds eh?

Okay. So Tate was also amazing for Genesis' ego. He had a way about complimenting her without even meaning to. And she loved it

Sissy09: Yeah, great minds indeed. So The Raven it is then? Or I also really like Fall the House of Usher. Although I don't really get the whole connection to the house thing, I mean I got that it's the idea that they all end together. It just freaks me out.

TateMan: Yeah, wasn't a huge FHOU fan, but The Raven definitely sounds like a decent idea. Maybe I'll do that one. You rock Sissy thanks! Hey Mr. Simmon is coming! I gotta get off before he raises all hell on me for hacking the fire walls again, see you tomorrow at districts.

And with that Tate signed off. Genesis sighed, damn him and the things he did to her. She signed out of her MSN and logged into her online course for her comp class and started working on her annotated bibliography with hopes of finishing it in the last twenty minutes she had of class. She couldn't wait until the bell rang so she could run to Tegan and talk about boys and gossip and all that girly junk that she usually despised because the brainless oafs in her school couldn't separate the good stuff from the bad but with Teeg it was always interesting.


The bell sounded for a good five seconds and everyone was hustling out of the library as fast as possible more than ready to end their Friday at school.

"Sissy! Dude, did you finish the story?" Kendall was hastening down the hallway catching Genesis' stride to discuss what Sis thought of her story.

"YES IT IS AMAZING! But Cassen totally pissed me off again today. I'll tell you about it when you get out of musical." She smiled at her friend as she stopped at her locker. Kendall kept going down the hall to get to her own. Although Kendall was a sophomore she had a locker in senior hallway, for the same reason Tegan had a locker in senior hallway, because her locker partner, also her longtime boyfriend, was a senior, Josh.

"Genesis, keep it open!" Tegan yelled again in the whiney voice that made her friend grin wildly.

"Duh dufis! I'm not going anywhere without you remember?" Genesis responded to her friend.

"Okay, yeah yeah. Shut up." Teeg dug through the locker muttering to herself, "won't touch Spanish, screw English, ah algebra need that sucker… Yep I think that does it for me." She stood and as her phone sounded the song ringing out

I won't hesitate no more, no more it cannot wait, I'm yours

"Well that's just what I was going to talk to you about," Genesis smiled looking at her blushing friend

"Oh shut up." Tegan flipped open her phone

Hey you, happy Friday. What are the weekend plans?

Tegan smiled broadly at the text and began feverishly at the keypad of her brand new boulder.

Hey to you too. It is a happy Friday. No big plans other than Districts. I work floor for the first twenty minutes and then switch with Genesis and Corina through the rest of the day. And you?

She flipped her phone shut and grinned like an absolute idiot.

"C'mon Teeg use that brain in your head he's a wrestler." Genesis accused.

"Oh pleauuusse! And what about Tate hmm?" Tegan was rubbing salt on the wound. It was so true. Genesis was head over heels for the green eyed God with a bod that could turn you from cold to hot in a second flat.

"Okay fine, so I'm just saying this now. It's dangerous territory. He is a wrestler. And yes I'm totally in love with the eye candy God of all that is Tate Rhodes." She beamed for just a moment before Tegan gave her a good whump on the head with her free hand while using the other to toss her purse over her shoulder.

"Quit drooling, I suck at swimming and you are forming a puddle here." Teeg accused laughing at her friend's indignant expression. The girls walked down the stairs to the commons and rounded the corner coming face to face with Corina and her friend Randy, who was blond, also a sophomore and not exactly the brightest bulb in the box. She was burning at about a twenty watt

"Yo you chickies about ready to hit it?" Sissy asked the two girls. Sissy detested driving but recognized it as a necessary evil and finally caved in and got her license at the beginning of the month. It was February 12th now and she still hated driving but she'd found it was easiest to just suck it up and deal with it. Since it was Friday it was pay day. Both from Minerva's and from Randy, her mother gave Sissy ten dollars every week for taking Randy to and from school. Which was just fine for Genesis because gas was at just the right price for throwing ten dollars into the tank, Sissy smiled taking the ten bucks from Randy.

"Yeah, just let me get my crap from the table." Corina ran quickly to the nearby table where one of the several boys Corina flirted with frequently was sitting and she flashed them a smile as she walked away. Sissy watched as the guy's eyes trailed after Corina's ass as she sauntered off.

"Assholes" Sissy muttered to Tegan.

"Yeah no shit, oh well. We just have to deal. Look its Friday. Let's get the hell out of here," and just on cue the boulder in Teeg's hand rang out again

I won't hesitate no more, no more it cannot wait, I'm yours

Smiling she flipped the phone open and read the text

Districts this weekend, it feels like the season only just begun. =] I have them too obviously other than that my Sunday is free and I plan on eating until my stomach explodes.

Tegan laughed at the text.

Yeah I'll bet starving to death for a solid three months has got to suck. So are you all ready for districts?

She flipped her phone shut again.

"Is that your secret sexy lover boy?" Corina cooed as they approached Genesis' white ford focus. It was a nice car and a little on the costly side but it was bought used from one of her mom's friends so they gave them a darn good price. Genesis loved that her mom was friends with super rich people.

"Oh shut up Corina!" Tegan snapped pointing her finger at Corina. "I will have you know he's not my secret anything! And least of all, my lover boy!" She was pretty on the insecure side of the whole Gage thing. Gage Thoman was a junior at Grayson High School, the enemy school as far as anyone at Benedict was concerned. Gage was ranked 2nd at the 145 weight class. He had amazing blue gray eyes a scar slicing through his right eyebrow which only added to the bad boy sexy look. He was naturally tanned due to some ethnic background that we thought was Cuban decent but couldn't be sure. He was built at the 45 weight class and was an absolute machine. His dark hair that went with his stormy eyes and mysterious life only made him that much more appealing and somehow he found himself attracted to Genesis' sweet innocent Teeg. Genesis understood the attraction though. No one could blame Tegan for liking Gage. He was drop dead and quite. Not with Tegan though. Those two talked sun up to sun down and never repeated the same word twice. It was intense. Genesis was pretty sure Tegan was in love with Gage but she never perused him. One because he was a wrestler and that was wading in dangerous waters, two because she was shy and old fashioned. If this relationship was going to happen he was going to have to take initiative.

I won't hesitate no more, no more it cannot wait, I'm yours

Another smile.

Of course I'm ready. I do feel a little sorry for you guy though.

Tegan knew that Gage was kidding. Of course Gage could demolish the 45 at Benedict but he was not at all full of himself like most people thought he was. Not that it mattered the 45 at Benedict was one of Tegan's least favorite people. She narrowed her eyes at the memory of what he'd done to Genesis the previous year.

Don't feel sorry! He's a jerk anyway. So I suppose I'll see you tomorrow then. Hey you up for sundaes later? A bunch of us are going out after districts you are more than welcome to come if you want.

This was the closest Gage would ever get as a 'come on' from Teeg. She flipped her phone shut her heart thumping loudly in hopes he would say yes in the response.

"So did lover boy say he'd get ice cream with us after districts tomorrow?" Corina asked. Tegan rolled her eyes.

"Give it a rest will you Corina."

"Okay fine, I'll be nice. Anyway Genesis can you drop me off at Lisa's house? We're uh... Supposed to do an English project." Corina asked.

"Sure won't, find someone else. My final stop is my house and since your house is only half a block away from mine and Lisa's is clear across town I think I'll pass, but I'm sure when your mom gets home from work she'll let you take the van over there." Sissy knew Lisa. She didn't like Lisa or the ideas she was putting in her cousin's head.

I won't hesitate no more, no more it cannot wait, I'm yours

Yeah I think I'm up for a quick treat after I win districts =] But I can't stay long I have, uh, other stuff I need to get done that day.

Tegan stared at the phone in frustration. "I swear this boy confuses the hell out of me. I never know what I am to him and what he does that I don't know about."

"He's a guy sweetie, he is bound to be a pain in the ass what did he say?" Sissy asked.

"I'll just forward it to you, but he says he's in for a treat after districts." This caused Tegan to smile just a little.

Big date?

She hit the send button a little angry at herself for the immature response but he should know how much she liked him damnit.

I won't hesitate no more, no more it cannot wait, I'm yours

Something like that, yeah.