Words lining the pages

Black and white

The dreamer dreams on.


Windows open

A vibrant view

Yet she doesn't see.

Mouth and Eyes

One output

Two inputs

Or is it?


Tick, tick, tick

Time passes by

Yet why am I still standing here?

Civil War

People shouting

Eyes crying for mercy

Yet the intellectual doesn't help.


Knight in shining armour

Comes to save the damsel-in-distress

The teacher cynically continues to watch the dreamer.


A class full of boisterous girls

Dancing with joy

No one notices the loner.

A/N: Don't know where all this came from...I mean I know the meanings and they do mean something to me. Every single one of them...But I don't really know why I just got out my pen and noted them down as they came to me...This is my 1st attempt at anything remotely poetic, least of all haikus. Look for the meanings and you'll understand them. The headings make it a bit more easier for you guys to connect the dots..:P

If there's any criticism, then go ahead. Point it out and correct me. Tell me if you think I suck. Tell me if you think I rock. Tell me if I am okay and if you have nothing to say, no voice of your own, then what are you doing on a site where people are trying to make their voices heard?

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