A Writer's Agony

I sit with writing

In front of me; Wondering

Who will appreciate it.


I've been looking for

Inspiration everywhere

But I find it in nothing instead.


Trees and buildings

Block my view of the sky.

The dreamer closes her eyes.

The View Outside My Window

With a flourish

I remove my towel,

Revealing cityscape and night sky.


So boring and lengthy

Teacher rambling but everyone's sleeping.

I attempt to be poetical.

Usual Classes

Running ink on paper

The teacher rambles on

But she's lost to this world


Whirring, stirring

Like rapids.

Oh please! Wash me away.


I turn to Metal,

My last line of defense against idiots.

It will help keep my Evil safe.

Tic Tac Toe

Predictable moves line the pages

Slight of hand wins the game

I wish I had paid more attention.


Using a knife

I inscribe my name

Blood pours out.


I have no tolerance of you women

Who open your eyes wide and complain

You piss me off to new levels.

Fuck Fairytales

I fight my own battles

I make my own money

Kind sire, take off that shining armour

Beginning of a Journey

Starting off on a journey, I expect nothing.

My lips curve into a smile

And I turn towards the window.


The murmur of voices

Keeps on

I think there are a million voices forming this gushing.


Spray of water on my face,

Ice-cold water numbs my feet.

The pandit chants, waist-deep inside, oblivious.

Hot Springs

My first time…I step in


I completely relax after a while.

Photography's Pretty Intense

Magnificent rock peaks demand fear

Ice-covered ones make me shiver.

The van takes on a hairpin bend but I snap on.

River Bank

Harsh terrain with rocks bigger than me

Or trees that are age old.

I come to you to seek myself.

Unnoticed Beauty

Sunset emblazoned red,

Reflects in the spring

The eyes of these oblivious people don't notice.

Exploration in Mama N's Kingdom Is a Somewhat Nerve-Racking Thing

I come into Mother Nature's domain, tripping over rocks

And praying to get to my destination

I reach, and sit beside the river.

Punks Like Me

Deep contemplation breaks

As a call of 'Hooyah!' goes up

I got to the banks of the river.


I dive into the river that goes on forever.


I don't know how to swim


I seek beauty.

I seek myself

And I find them both in the lap of the Himalayas.

Seeing What Mama N Shows Me

I see the nation

Through the people's eyes

One of my dreams- Accomplished

Is This…Inner Peace?

My heart stops for a moment

And starts once again

This time, so at peace amongst mountains.

What Fools We Are…Thinking We Can Capture Beauty Like This

I wish to be deeply poetical

Here, with the clouds rolling in on the hills and the water gurgling

But I feel at peace instead and nothing comes.

Bloody Kids

The girl spouts rubbish like an open drain.

The boy mutters of some…vague things.

I scream in frustration with head pounding.

Kids These Days

I hate these annoying sniveling brats

Who seem so pure at first

But turn out to be worse than their parents.

I Don't Think I've Ever Felt Such Hatred Before

I plug in my headphones and turn it up.

I make a decision that I dislike

Conservative people with loud, weird children.

I Must Be Going Emo

Afraid of criticism,

I shy away behind anger

And the pounding beat of Music.


The world spins around

My hair flying and I am smiling

I love this adrenaline rush

How Could I Not See It?

My brother explodes in anger

And words flow out

I finally see all the hurt and pain

Parents Have It Bad

Cowering away from the truth

My mother shouts and bawls

I hold steady for she has to accept the truth.

End of a Journey

End of this journey,

I feel nostalgia

I won't regret it…

Going Home

Bare trees line the landsape

I sit quietly

I'm going home.

Transaction (This Is World-Wide)

From childhood to teenage years,

Everything changes, including boundaries.

Family seems uncertain and flits in-between, not making it any easier.


I'm blinded by things

I'm an idiot at heart

But, for Lord's sake! I'm still a child!

This Trip Was Good But…

This journey near its end, I take away

Bad impressions and good advice

The next one will be about Internet and sleep.

I'm Not On Drugs. I Am Just Naturally High.

The world sparkles and a sound of

Annoyance comes from the people around

Without a care, I dance on

A/N: I know I kept you all waiting for WAY long but then it was worth it, wasn't it?

I had gone on this trip with these two annoying little kids. For those who might think this is very cruel of me...Trust me...They were WEIRD.

Their mother was obsessive and I took away mainly bad impressions. I hope that you all enjoy reading this stuff that I've written and I truly hope it isn't as bad as I think it is. :P

I won't beg for reviews but every author certainly likes constructive critique on their work. :)