I looked at the blade I held in my hand. I remembered the first time I was handed a Ka-bar. Looking back on it, I was at an age where a child should never be handed a weapon. Then again, most adults hadn't undergone the training I had by that age.

My old instructor's voice echoed in my mind. "Do you think you have the right to choose your own path? Or to think for yourself." I remembered the blade feeling heavy in my hand unlike the practice blade we trained with. "You were born into this life. You were created to do what we teach you here." I could feel the horizontal lines that ran across the grip in my palm. "Your bodies were enhanced so you could be the prefect fighters. You're trained to listen to your superiors, to obey their commands without hesitation." My other hand tested the blade's sharpness. I gave it a couple of thrusts to test the feel of it in my hand. I knew what would be coming next. "We can only have the best." I looked at the other children around me and imprinted each of their faces into my memories before wiping away all comradeship that we spent years building between us. "It's time we test your skills."

I snapped out of my thoughts. Dwelling on the past did no good. That first blade I received was long gone. Even now I still had a hard time looking at my current blade and not seeing my old one covered in blood. It didn't matter that I had killed many people since I graduated. That was the world I lived in, kill or be killed. But I could never forget what I had done to be alive right now. My blade might be different, but it still felt just as heavy, heavy with the lives of my comrades that have died.

Their faces passed through my thoughts. Even after all these years, I was incapable of mourning for them. Such emotion had been trained out of me. I could only feel pity that they were too weak to have survived.

I sheathed my Ka-bar and looked over at the girl sleeping by the fire. Her life was now in my hands, without me she would be killed. The blade I held now was more for protecting than for taking senseless lives.

A/N: So I changed the intro from before. This one is shorter and give you insight into on the characters. I thought it would be more eye catching then the longer one from before. (1/25/2013)