We have this connection.

Don't tell me we don't-, I know that would be a lie.

Warm eyes like the deepest depths of a tropical storm-

They look at me, searching, saving.

I feel like you look at me- my soul, who I am.

No one else can do it.

You don't see my failures, accomplishments or friends-

I am the centre of your gaze- you see me, not my facade.

Nothing is powerful enough to break our connection-

That is, except you.

That much power bestowed on one person is dangerous I hear.

Kings, emperors, and Lords have fought-

For the power to rule- for centuries untold.

But I'm not worried-, I trust.

Our connection, no one else's.

You turn and look at me, and I look at you.

I see the guilt and worry lining your eyes-

It's unbecoming- it makes them cold.

I find myself wanting to leap into the frigid waters-,

But I can't. You won't let me in.

Our connection is still strong-, but you won't pick up.

Finally- you do. And I don't want it.

You use your power to break our connection;

Telling me things that make me want to scream, kick and hurt you.

But I can't. And I won't. You deserve more than that.

Lies, deceit, and selflessness on your part got me here.

I've analyzed everything over and over- like a broken record.

Suddenly I feel empty, and idiotic for not seeing it sooner.

Lies, lies, lies. Connection broken.

I know we had the connection- don't tell me we didn't.

Endless hours of conversation prove that.

I know you cared- so don't tell me you don't.

Your gaze tells me that; actions speak louder than words.

I know you can't lie- so stop trying.

Your facial expressions give you away.

You may have broken the connection-

But I forgive you, care about you.

I understand, you taught me how.

We have this connection-

Unbreakable, undefeatable, undeniable.