Not Going To Crawl Back To You


You turned me into a female verison of you.

And all that time, I thought you were too good to be true.

Well, I'm on my own now,

And I damn right know how

To pick up the pieces that were broken

Damn straight, I don't care what angry words you've spoken

So you think that, I'm in love with you still, well, you're wrong,

Because now, I'm way too strong.


I said I needed you, well I must of lied,

The part of me that loved you has died

I don't need you, or anyone else,

Your book has left my shelf,

I've loved you, but that emotion is over,

No more broken heart to cover,

Cause I'm never going back,

Not getting off-track,

You think, that my love for you is true,

But, hell, I'm not crawling back to you


I put myself through hell,

Thinking that it will all go well.

Well now, I'm going to think of myself,

Cause I don't need no one else,

To tell me what to do,

To make me like you,

Cause I'm not going back,

Not going to fall in that track,



Kiss my love goodbye,

Don't bother telling me to try.

I don't think that I'm ever going to be that same innocent girl,

Now I know more about the world.

So show some class,

Cause you can kiss my ass,

Cause I don't care about you,

Or what you do.