I fell onto my knees as the screams of the townspeople echoed through the night. Everybody was in there, even the children. Everybody except for me. I had been going over what I was going to say and I lost track of time. But now, I was the only one left. There was nobody to help me. I was going to die on this island, all alone.

Suddenly, the sound of dogs barking was coming from the woods. I staggered to my feet and suddenly I was running. I ran to the nearest tree; about ten meters from where I was standing.

I took out the knife that my father had given me a long time ago. I pressed the blade to the wood of the tree and began to carve. Suddenly, the mark I had made in the tree was crawling with bugs. I leaped back in surprise and terror. I had only been able to carve three letters into the tree, which wasn't enough. If John White ever returned, I would want him to know what had happened to us.

I swiftly moved to another tree and carved a single word into the bark: