What are the things that you've heard

Spoken lies and hateful words

Do you believe everything you hear

That I have no morals and I have no fear

Open your eyes and you will see

The truth in their lies regarding me

Have you even tried deciphering the the truth

Have you even tried to get to the root

Do you dig deep to get the facts

Can't you see the way that I act

Why would a sheeplike one act like that

Can't you tell a lie from a fact

But it goes to show that you don't know me

Take just a minute and you will see

That there's more to me than meets the eye

And there is no truth in their lies

Tell me this what's my favorite color

Or did you find that out from another

What do you see when you look at me

Do you see my individuality

Do you see my heart laid bare

Do you even really care

Take a chance to fully see

The woman that I can truly be

See the truth under this guise

Take a moment to open your eyes

Do you believe everything that you hear

Cause I can prove that love has no fear