Bullshitter aka BigTalker

Walks in a room
Thinks he's the shit

Everything going on must drop cuz of him
He's most important
It's all beneath him

His anger - it's justified
His abuse - it's righteous
His hypocritical attitude - it's out-of-sightous

Thinks he's on top the world
Things don't go his way it's wrong
This is what's going on
This is what he says

He's in charge
He's dominant
He's leader

He's a fool
He's an ass
He's downright pathetic

Facts don't matter - he's set in his ways
He'll get his comeuppance - it's coming one of these days

Til then I'll stand by and taunt with a sneer
But when his days comes I'll grin ear to ear

But it won't last long
The Bullshitter ways in this one are undeniably strong
Once he falls he'll get up
And still carry on, going around twice as wrong

A/N: People like him disgust me. Break up with that idiot already.