Is love really like this?

Has this really happened?

Is that little feeling in my chest love?

... can it be?

Yes! I truly believe it is.

He makes my heart beat fast

By the little sweet things he does.

His kisses

His hugs

Even the way he touches me

Makes me squirm inside.

Can this really be it?

Do I have the symptoms of love?

...maybe I do?

Or maybe not and its puppy love.

The way he smiles at me

And gives me butterflies

My breath is faint

My heart beats fast

By this time I can say at last

This is what true love is

Some say I am a silly girl

For believing all of these things

...I don't care what they think

I have "him" on my side watching me,

He whispers in my ear

Telling me what I need to hear

Watching me

Guiding me

And even loving me too.

I know what he says today

That this is his way.

I don't say I truly understand

... Yeah in a way I think I do.

That he gives love to me

And wants me to love him back.

I love him with all my heart

Promises to not fall apart

Loving him

Loving you

With this incredible feeling

Of true love inside of me

To have always for you and me.