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Please Baby

Chapter 1: Sick and tired

Jayce felt like she was going to put her fist through the heavy door as she pounded on it, knowing that she had to knock loudly if she wanted to be heard. Usually, there was all kinds of chaos and commotion going on in the apartment, enough for it to be heard outside quite easily. For once there was no loud music or shouting coming from the apartment, but she still knew she needed to knock as loud as possible. She hoped that none of the neighbors heard, though, as they were not above getting nosy, suspicious, and sometimes even calling the police. Her tailored suits and polished appearance did not make anyone think that she was above being at the house for the same reason most people came there for—drugs.

A chilled wind from the autumn air blew by her, causing her black hair with a dark red tint to whip around her face. She liked to think that cool breeze was what caused a shiver to run down her spine; it had nothing to do with the fact that no one was answering the door and the apartment seemed to be as silent as a grave. Once a throbbing developed in her tan-colored hand and impatience settled in her near-onyx eyes, she decided on a different course of action, figuring that five minutes without an answer was an excellent excuse to let herself in. There was a big chance something was wrong.

Pulling out her keys from her small brown handbag that was settled on her shoulder, she found the pair for the door. Working the two locks on the door quickly, she pushed the door open only to have a foul smell push back, causing her above-average frame to fall back just a little. Grimacing as the odor assaulted her worse than any street thug, she made her way into the apartment as her obsidian eyes watered. She held her breath for as long as she could, but eventually she did have to breathe, taking in the foul miasma and hoping that it did not melt her lungs. Her heart sped up several beats, even though she was accustomed to all sorts of terrible smells and the horrid state of the expensive apartment. She was sure the place would be cleaner if someone used it to house livestock.

"Q, you home?" she called out, dark eyes stinging from the aroma of urine, but searching for some sign of life and also on the lookout for anything wrong…which she would consider everything.

Flies buzzed around the garbage, which was knocked over by the dog—she figured anyway. She did not see any sign of the dog, other than the garbage and large amounts evidence that he had been eating. Well, she hoped those things were left by the dog, but she would not put it past someone that Quentin knew to have done their business in the wrong room. It'll be hell cleaning that up…not that Quentin cleans anything.

It was blatantly obvious that Quentin never cleaned his apartment from the mix of potent stenches, unidentifiable stains, and piles of garbage almost everywhere with all kinds of insect activity around the place. There were disregarded cigars and cigarettes littering the hardwood floor, which was scratched up and covered in sticky substances that she never wanted to guess what they were. Rolling papers and bits of weed covered the coffee table, kitchen counter, and what was left of the torn, shredded, burned sofa. Razor blades and needles were all about the place and Jayce was very careful about where she stepped whenever she came into the apartment.

Creeping about the hardwood floor, as if she was a ninja—and making as much noise as one, which was an amazing feat considering her slightly heeled shoes—she called for Quentin again. The howl of the wind through a broken window was the only answer that she got. Frowning, she moved deeper into the apartment, disregarding any broken furniture. The cracked walls looked just as bad as the floor, mysterious substances clinging to them, holes kicked or punched in them, and filth smeared as if it was an art form. Stained and torn clothing littered the hall.

"So help me God if he's passed out on the bathroom floor again," she muttered to herself, cutting in the hallway for the direct route to the bathroom. "Q! I brought the baby—" She halted that statement immediately, interrupted by a sound that made her blood boil and freeze at the same time. A high-pitch, helpless, exhausted cry that only lasted a second echoed through the frigid, noxious apartment.

A snarl tore savagely through Jayce's oval, caramel face as she stormed to the back of the apartment. The door to the single bedroom was open, mostly because it was broken and could not be closed, revealing a room that was a smaller version of the apartment as far as dirt and grim went. The smell almost made her vomit in her mouth. Deep, dark brown eyes frantically scanned around the horribly cluttered room while small, elfish ears tried to pick any delicate sound. Her head turned sharply to the left by the unkempt bed with stained sheets as she heard another cry.

"Damn it, Princess, please be okay, please be okay," Jayce prayed aloud as she cut over to the end of the bed.

She almost cried herself as she spotted what she really did not want to see. On the sticky floor, by an unfinished slice of pizza and a pile of porn magazines, was her young, tiny niece. The baby was wearing only a diaper, lying in her own filth, being used as a home for roaches and flies, and weeping like the world was going to come to an end. The bawling was not very loud, sounding more exhausted and hopeless than upset. Tears gathered in Jayce's eyes as she bent down and picked the poor child up.

"I'll kill that bastard! I'll kill him and I'll fucking salt the ground where he's buried! I'll kill him if there's anything wrong with you, Princess!" Jayce vowed aloud in a heated tone as she pressed the baby girl to her, offering what little comfort she could at the moment.

Princess cuddled up into the familiar warmth and her crying dwindled down to a distressed coo, knowing that she was in safe, capable hands. Jayce did not care that as she held the baby, the child's waste was oozing out of her diaper, soiling Jayce's suit jacket. All that ran through her mind was giving Princess some comfort and ridding the child of anything that might harm her. She dusted off any visible critters crawling on the baby, sniffling as she did so. She winced seeing little bumps and bites on the child's chilled, brown skin.

Princess whimpered into the soft material of Jayce's tan jacket, clutching onto a lapel with a tiny, chestnut-colored fist. Jayce felt the child's cold breath against her neck and noted the rapid rise and fall of Princess's chest. She could hear the congestion inside of the child and feel what a struggle it was for her to breath.

"It's okay, pretty baby. Auntie is here now and she's going to take care of you. Let's get you into something clean and warm first. Then Auntie is going to get you some food and take you to see good old Doctor Laramie to make sure you're all right," Jayce promised, speaking in soothing tone as she bounced her niece gently in her arms.

The ebony-haired adult rushed to where she knew her brother kept the baby's diapers, only to find the bag empty. Sucking her teeth and cursing in her head, she decided to just get out of the pigsty of an apartment as fast she could and settle things once she was outside. Wrapping Princess in her jacket for some form of protection, she rushed out into the crisp, autumn air, getting to her car in a flash; she was parked all the way at the other end of the street.

There was a car seat in the back of the small, clean, midnight blue coupe and Jayce quickly strapped Princess, having done the routine almost daily. She covered the baby in a blanket that was waiting and then jumped into the front seat. As she tugged on her seat belt, she glanced in the rear-view mirror to find that Princess was sound asleep. A small, smile curled onto Jayce's full lips.

"Sleep tight, Princess. You're safe with Auntie," Jayce vowed, speaking out loud for Princess to hear, as if the baby understood.

While Princess slept, Jayce pulled out her cell phone to start making calls. The first was to Doctor Laramie, demanding an appointment immediately because of an emergency. She had to speak with the doctor personally for it to be understood that she would be there in twenty minutes and they would see Princess, no arguments. With that out of the way, she felt just a little better, but she still had other calls to make.

Next on Jayce's hit list was her brother. She angrily punched the call button to get him on the line. She was not surprised when his voicemail picked up, but she was ready to leave a message so heated on his phone that she hoped he burst into flames when he heard it.

"Q, this is your sister, in case you're too fucking high to realize that. Now, listen carefully, you worthless, irresponsible, heartless bastard! I just found Princess on the floor in your filthy, fucking, rat-infested, covered-in-roaches apartment! You better hope to high heaven that shit isn't wrong with her or I'm beating your fucking ass the next time I see you, you miserable son of a bitch! What the hell type of man leaves a one-year-old alone in a fucking nasty, cold apartment? You're a new type of asshole, you know that? You fucking deadbeat junkie! I swear to you that if anything's wrong with her it's your fucking head!"

Snorting in disgust, she ended the call with a violent press of the "end" button. For a few seconds, she drove in silence, her niece's ragged breathing assaulting her ears. Her gripped tightened on the steering wheel, whitening her caramel knuckles as she scowled so deeply the lines were probably permanently etched smooth features. She snatched up the phone again to make another call, avoiding crushing the wheel in her death-grip.

"Hello?" a female voice answered.

"Mom," Jayce said through gritted teeth.

"Who is this?" the voice asked quite seriously.

"I don't have time for this crap, Mom. Have you seen Quentin at all today?" Jayce inquired, wondering why the hell she had to be born into such a stupid fucking family. The only thing that made her fine with them was Princess and right now she was thinking the worst for the baby. So, at the moment, her bullshit tolerance was at a serious low.

"Why?" the voice was clipped and annoyed.

"Just answer the damn question!" Jayce roared, catching herself just enough to not wake the baby, but not enough to avoid having her mother hang up on her. "Shit," she hissed as she dialed the number again. "Mom, I'm sorry. This is serious, though. Have you seen Quentin?"

"Are you going to tell me why?" her mother replied, sounding smug, happy to be holding something against the young woman.

"Okay, look, I went by his place a while ago and the apartment was messed up. More so than usual. I think his dog ran away…if that was his dog. No one was there and the place was freezing. Anyway, Princess was just lying on the floor, covered in her own shit with bugs and shit on her. I just want to know how long she might have been there like that," Jayce explained, wiping away tears crawling down her cheeks. Stupid, fucking, idiot brother! How do you do that to helpless baby?

"I'm sure he just stepped out for a while," her mother answered, as if the information that she just got was inconsequential.

"Mom, didn't you hear me? The baby was covered in roaches and not the kind your idiot son smokes!" Jayce snarled. Her face was flushed from fury and a vein bulged out of her neck from the tension coursing through her.

That set her mother off. "Don't you talk about your brother like that! He has a disease and he is getting better!"

Jayce bit back a comment so hard that she could taste blood in her mouth. He's getting better? She often wondered what fantasy world her mother lived in where Quentin was even trying to get better. As far as she was concerned he was a junkie and he was quite content with continuing to be a junkie. But, for the sake of her sanity, she kept that thought to herself.

"Mom, have you seen him at all today?" Jayce asked with a long sigh. The sooner she got off the phone with her mother, the better.

"I haven't, but I'm sure he'll be home soon. He probably just went out to get Princess something. He would never leave her alone for too long. He loves her so much, after all, Not like that good-for-nothing mother of hers."

"Her mother's dead, Mom," Jayce felt the need to point out, even though she knew that it would not matter to her mother.

"So what? That girl wasn't worth anything when she was alive. Always stealing Quentin's money and getting him hooked on those awful drugs."

Jayce rolled her eyes. Sometimes, she thought her mother was just plain crazy to spin the facts so far in favor of Quentin. Now, as Jayce recalled, the substance abuse was not the only thing that Quentin and Princess' mother had in common, but they were both worthless, sorry excuses for human beings. When they were not busy getting high together, they were both stealing from friends and family. Quentin did not have any money for Princess' mother to steal. But, that was neither here nor there since Princess' mother was gone and Quentin was missing in action.

"Mom, I've got to go," Jayce said as she pulled into the parking lot of the medical center. She disconnected before her mother said anything and glanced back at the sleeping baby. "Princess, your grandma is a bitch," she reported with a sneer.

The toddler did not stir, even as Jayce lifted her out of the car seat and took her into the cold once again. Princess borrowed deeper into her aunt's warmth while remaining asleep. Jayce hustled into the medical center, not wanting to expose the child to the elements for too long. She was taken to Doctor Laramie immediately.

The giant, blond pediatrician winced when he got a good look at Princess as Jayce settled the baby on the small examination table, which was designed to look like a fire truck. Questioning aqua eyes met a desperate near-onyx gaze. He ran his hand through his short, curly hair and shook his head.

"I'm going to need to make a call on this one, aren't I?" the good doctor asked, sorrow clouding his eyes. There was no way around it, not with him being able to tell the baby was in such poor condition from sight alone. Really, he had been dying to make the call months ago, but he was not sure how Jayce would react and the baby seemed to be doing all right. Right now, he could see in the aunt's eyes that she knew what needed to be done and she was ready to do it.

"I think so. I'm going to keep her with me. I don't know where her no-good, bastard of a father is and I don't know how long she was in his nasty apartment alone. I just know that when I found her bugs were on her and she was lying in her own shit," Jayce explained with disgust in her tone and a snarl on her lip. At the moment, she was pissed off just being related to her asshole brother.

"I'm glad you came here immediately. Is that her breathing?" he asked as short, raspy inhales and exhales reached his ears.


"Okay, let's get to the little lady first and then we'll talk."

Jayce nodded and then stepped out of the way. Doctor Laramie peeled Princess out of Jayce's suit jacket and then had to peel her out of the diaper that she was in. He shook his head through the examination, but Jayce could tell it was more from moral outrage than anything else. When he was done, he allowed Jayce to bathe Princess in the sink, get her into a fresh diaper, and he had some clothes for her to wear.

"This was a lousy day to forget my baby bag," Jayce muttered, eyes looking away in disappointment.

"How could you have foreseen this?" Doctor Laramie pointed out.

"Because I know my brother's a worthless bastard. Every day I go over there, I think about what kind of shit Princess is living in and I always have her baby bag, just in case. I took it out of the trunk last night to replace some things in it and just forgot to put it back in the car. So stupid," she berated herself with more disgust tugging at her top lip.

"It's all right, Jayce. You're the best thing going in Princess' life right now. I'm sure if you weren't around, she'd be dead by now," he told her, dead serious in every way possible.

Jayce nodded a little, the fact staring her right in the face at the moment. "I don't like to think about that. I'm here now and I'm going to do my best with her."

"I know you are. I'm going to make that call as soon as you get out of here. I don't want you to give Princess back to your brother."

"I wasn't planning on it," Jayce replied. She would not let that good-for-nothing prick anywhere near this child ever again, not after this incident.

"Good. Keep her with you while I make some calls, beyond reporting this. Jayce, I think it would be best if you were Princess' fulltime guardian."

"I agree."

Doctor Laramie did not think it was odd for her to agree so quickly. He had come to know Jayce very well over the past year; that was how long Princess had been alive and Jayce had come to him to be her pediatrician. Jayce brought the child in regularly thanks to Princess' half-ass, absentee dad. He was sure Jayce was the reason Princess was still alive and relatively healthy.

"Jayce, do you understand what I'm saying? When I start making calls and pulling strings, I'm going to let everyone know that I think it would be in Princess' best interest to stay with you permanently," the blond stated clearly.

"I totally get what you're saying and I agree."

"Good. Don't let Princess out of your sight until this is all straightened out. I don't want there to be a chance for someone to send her back to your brother or for her to get lost in the system when she has a loving family member to look out for her."

Jayce nodded. "We might meet a roadblock in this, doc. My mother isn't going to like this idea one little bit."

"Why? Does your mother hate Princess or something?" Doctor Laramie asked, even though he could not fathom such a thing. Despite her circumstances, Princess was a cheerful little child, who would smile and laugh at the drop of a hat and loved nothing more than to cuddle with people.

"My mother hates me. And I do mean hate. This woman has called me a cunt-licker to my face and slapped me in front of coworkers and friends," Jayce informed him.

A noise and nod came before anything else. "One of those, huh? Jayce, you're just going to have to be strong and fight against your mom if it comes to that. Unless, of course, you just want your mother to end up with Princess because I won't stand for her going back to your brother."

"If my mother got Princess, she'd give her right back to her fuck-up of a favorite child. She doesn't think there's anything seriously wrong with Quentin."

Doctor Laramie grimaced. "Is she blind as well as homophobic?" The question was serious because he had never met Quentin and knew the man was "fucked up." In fact, he was sure that description did not even scratch the surface when it came to Quentin.

"No, that's just her precious first son. The brilliant stock broker."

"The deadbeat dad," Doctor Laramie added with bite in his tone.

"Can't call you a liar on that. So, how does this work? Am I going to get a call from someone or anything?" she asked curiously. She wanted to be totally prepared for anything to make sure nothing went wrong with this procedure.

"More than likely you'll get it today. Go home and relax. I'll make sure you get a little time. Besides, the woman I'm going to call is more than likely going to want to see the mess you pulled Princess out of before calling you. And I'll make sure she knows you have to go get medicine for this little cutie," Doctor Laramie replied, gently caressing Princess' tender head, injured from insect bites and poor hygiene. A sorrowful sigh escaped his throat when he saw the baby wince from a soft touch.

"Thanks, doc."

"Thank you, Jayce. I'm glad you got to Princess in time. Stuck on her back with all of that phlegm building could've been bad, really bad. If it was as cold as you said it was, that would have only made things worse. She probably would not have been able to stand that exposure for much longer."

Jayce nodded, understanding the unsaid words there. Dark eyes glanced down at Princess as Jayce held the child close to her, feeling Princess' congested chest against her own. She could not believe what happened in between the few days since she last saw the baby. Her brother was seriously a jerk, she thought. She kissed the baby's cheek, silently vowing to take the best care of Princess. There was no way in hell she was going to let her brother destroy the only good thing he had ever done in life.

Jayce and Doctor Laramie bid each other farewell and Jayce went to go get Princess' medicine to clear her chest. After a quick trip to the pharmacy that was right across the street, Jayce moved to get some food into Princess' stomach. She got some pudding and a couple of bananas for the girl. Princess devoured her bananas on her own, holding onto the food for dear life and getting it to her mouth efficiently through out the car ride. The pudding waited until they got home to Jayce's two-story condo.

"Come on, pretty baby, we're gonna feed you some pudding and then watch some funny cartoons before all pretty babies have to go beddy-bye," Jayce cooed as she unstrapped Princess from her car seat.

Princess smiled and cooed back, as if she understood. The child cheered once she was in her aunt's arms and cheered even more when they entered the two-floor condo. The usual smell of vanilla greeted them, causing Jayce to wrinkle her nose a little; she was not a fan of the scent. Leaning down, Jayce put Princess down on the lilac-colored carpet while she remained on the purple tile to remove her shoes.

With her feet free of the dreaded heels, which were barely two inches high, Jayce picked the baby up again. She went to change out of her work clothes, which was a tan-colored skirt and black shirt. After putting on pajama pants and a tee-shirt, they returned downstairs. Princess was fed and Jayce put on cartoons as promised in the living room. They were bouncing around on the cream-colored sofa singing along with a show; well, Jayce was singing while Princess was making noise. The sound of front door opening caught Jayce's attention. Jayce glanced up after a few seconds and smiled as her girlfriend entered the house.

"Hey, Jannie, we've got a guest!" Jayce announced, holding out the smiling baby.

"Hey, there Princess. You staying the night?" the newcomer asked, kissing the child's cheek before giving Jayce a kiss on the lips. The child giggled from the affection.

"She is," Jayce confirmed with a smile.

"Hmm, I guess that's going to make it hard for you to take me out to dinner tonight, but there's always tomorrow," Jannie commented with a bright smile. Her hazel eyes shined, thinking about the night that they would spend together. Sure, she would have preferred it tonight, but waiting would enhance it, she believed. Besides, Jayce would probably make up for making her wait, which would be even better.

Dark eyes glanced away and Jannie did not miss the move. She stood back up to her proper height, which was an inch shorter than Jayce's own height, while Jayce put Princess on the floor. The taller woman was about to say something, but Jannie shook her head, her thin, long braids moving with her head. That movement alone warned Jayce not to say anything if she did not want a huge blow up right now. Jannie strolled away, going to upstairs to change out of her street clothes, which were chic and stylish, like she was.

Jayce did not think anything of it, even though deep down she was aware a storm was brewing; that was clear from the heated look in Jannie's light brown eyes. She turned her attention back to the baby and picked Princess up. Bouncing and singing resumed, joined with some loud giggling by a very happy Princess.

Jannie came back dressed in sweats and a tight tank-top, as if showing Jayce just what she was not having that night. There was an intense look on Jannie's deep cocoa face, tension pulling down the youthful visage into a twisted scowl. There was suspicion and indignation in her hazel eyes, which got a small gulp out of Jayce.

"Why didn't you tell me you were getting Princess?" Jannie inquired, her voice tight, letting Jayce know she was in big trouble already. Leave it to Jayce to do something that involved the two of them, but not let her know about it, she mentally huffed. It's inconsiderate bullshit like this that keeps Jayce in trouble.

"I didn't know I was. I just went to check on her, but my dickhead brother wasn't home. Bugs were eating her and she's sick. God only knows the last time she ate before I got her. I had to bring her home," Jayce answered honestly, trying her best to ignore the slight glare that she was getting. Her tone was strong, despite being in trouble, because she knew that she did the right thing.

Jannie nodded. "Okay, so, when she going home?" she asked bluntly.

"She's going to stay here from now on, Jannie. I can't send her back to Q! He'll leave her to die!" Jayce hissed, wanting to keep her voice down to not bother the baby. She had a feeling this might be a long discussion, so she put Princess down on the couch. Princess sat up and merrily watched her cartoons.

"Then send her to your mother," Jannie ordered with a scoff, waving off the taller woman's words with a flick of her wrist. Goddamn it, Jayce, stop being such a drama queen!

"Who will send her right back to Q, which is what I don't fucking want because he's obviously not taking care of her and doesn't seem to care if she lives or dies," Jayce pointed out, moving her hands back and forth with each word. What the hell don't you get about this Jannie? We need to help Princess.

An angry snarl tugged at Jannie's full lips. "So we just have to keep her? I don't mind her being here a day, but I'm not keeping a baby that's not mine indefinitely," she declared, pointing to her chest with her index and middle finger.

Jayce snorted. "Oh, so I'm supposed to just leave my one-year-old niece to fucking die? To hell with that!"

"Stop being so goddamn dramatic. You can give her to your mother. I know your mother would take her."

Jayce growled like a mad dog. "And give her back to Q. What the fuck part of that don't you get?" she demanded, hands chopping heavily through the air to emphasis every word that she spoke.

"How can you make that goddamn decision without even asking me?" Jannie snapped. Her eyes were on fire with rage burning bright and a bite in her tone as she motioned sharply to Jayce with two fingers.

"Because someone has to be the responsible one!"

"Then you be the goddamn responsible one sleeping in the playpen with Princess tonight!" Jannie declared as she stormed off, going back upstairs. Jayce winced when she heard the door slam.

"Princess, that didn't go as well as I thought it would," Jayce sighed. "I thought Auntie Jannie would be happy to have you over and stay with us, but I guess not."

Jayce was fine with things, even though she knew that she was going to be in the doghouse with Jannie for days to come, and that was if she was lucky. Sometimes, Jannie could be upset with her for weeks. In fact, she was pretty sure that it was going to take some fine jewelry, expensive wine, and maybe even a little vacation to get her out of trouble. She was supposed to be taking Jannie out to dinner and a show that night, but had instead brought her niece over unannounced to stay forever and pushed pretty much all of Jannie's buttons. The date was blown since Jannie would never go out with a baby, considering it low-class and distasteful behavior. Jayce had no idea where Jannie got such a notion.

"I guess it would be in pretty bad taste to take you to a play that late at night, but you'd probably sleep through it all anyway, wouldn't you, pretty baby?" Jayce cooed, earning a giggle from the toddler.

Jayce took Princess down the hall on the ground floor to the guestroom. The walls were a soothing, powder blue and light hardwood floors. It had the basics—a full bed with clean linens, a dresser, and television. Some of her clothing was already in there, as this was her bedroom whenever she was in hot water and banished from Jannie's bedroom. There were a few of Princess' things in there too since this was her room when she spent the night.

She settled in for her night in the room, which would be spent with Princess. She tucked the child into her makeshift bed; it was a playpen located opposite the bed. She had never been able to talk Jannie into buying a proper crib and was really never in the mood to hear the argument that would happen if she bought one without Jannie's permission. She imagined the volume alone during that argument would break her.

Princess rested her head on the tiny pillow in the playpen and curled up with a fluffy bunny that was almost the same size as she was. The baby put her thumb in her mouth and was out for the night seconds later. The caring aunt made sure to cover the baby with a blanket and stared at her for a moment. The sound of short, ragged breaths hurt Jayce's heart and after a few seconds, she could not listen anymore. Jayce was ready to drop off herself, but the phone rang.

Knowing it was bad omen to get a phone call a little before her usual bad time did not stop Jayce from grabbing the phone. She checked the caller ID to see that it was her mother, which she knew could not be good. Yet, she answered anyway. After all, it was better to know if her mother was planning something now rather than have it sprung on her in the future.

"Yes, Mom?" Jayce asked, barely hiding her annoyance with forced politeness.

"Who the hell do you think you are, taking Princess? Don't think you're keeping her!" her mother screamed. Jayce imagined that her mother's face was bright red from her fury, which was pretty much right.

"Mom…how do you know I have Princess?" Jayce inquired, even though she had a sinking suspicion as to who ratted her out. Fuck, Jannie, how could you do this to me? I know you're upset, but to tell my mother? Damn it!

"That whore you eat out called me! She told me you're trying to steal Princess from Quentin! Like hell I'll let a degenerate bitch like you take my baby's daughter!" her mother hollered like a madwoman. A thud echoed through the phone, making Jayce think that her mother hit either a table or the wall.

"I'm a bitch? That fuck-head you call a son abandoned your granddaughter! Left her to fucking die! You goddamn right I'm keeping her!"

"You bring Princess here right now! I'll hold her until Quentin comes around for her," her mother stated, as if that was the most logical and righteous thing to do.

Jayce scoffed. "To hell with that plan. Princess is staying with me. I might even change her name while I've got her." She hated the fact that her niece was named "Princess."

The child was actually lucky that she was not named "baby" since it would have been the easiest for her parents to remember in their drugged-up realities. Thankfully, the hospital staff argued a little on naming a child "baby," but her parents still wanted something that would be hard for them to forget and eventually went with "Princess." God, they had named her like they were naming a puppy; actually, that was the name of the couple's dog. It had disgusted Jayce to no end and she did not take it as a good omen that the dog died a little while after Princess was born. Of course, her mother had taken the naming issue another way and thought it was absolutely adorable for Quentin to name his daughter "Princess" to show that she was like royalty. Quentin never bothered to correct his mother on her assumption because he really did not care.

Her mother snarled. "I'll ruin you before I let that happen," she proclaimed in a deadly serious tone.

Jayce snorted and disconnected the call, dropping the phone on the floor. She went to take a shower and do her nightly routine before going to sleep. Before crawling into bed herself, she put Princess in the bed too. She thought it would be nice for Princess to sleep on a mattress for once; even at Quentin's home, Princess slept in a hard-bottom playpen. It eased her mind to have the baby close too.

"Princess, I've got you now. I'm not going to let anybody hurt you anymore, no matter what," Jayce pledged aloud. A small yawn and tiny lips smacking was the response, but that was more than enough for the happy aunt.


Next time: Jayce's luck continues to go bad.