Carnegie High

"Alex! Turn that down right now!"

Alexandra Moore scowled at the door to her room. Her older sister was pounding on it, screaming for her to lower the volume on her CD player. Lately, Jade had been harping on her a lot more and it was getting on Alex's nerves. So, with a vengeful smile, she turned up the music to drown out her sister's yelling.

Whether Jade was still outside her door or not after that, Alex didn't know. She honestly didn't care. With a sigh that was inaudible because of the loud clash of instruments, she stood and walked over to her dresser.

She pulled open the first drawer to reveal numerous papers and notebooks that wouldn't fit in her desk drawer. With a scowl at the mess, she began to shuffle through the papers, looking for a particular book. However, after nearly five minutes of tearing the drawer apart, she hadn't found what she was searching for.

With a frustrated growl, she slammed the drawer shut, trying to think of the last place she'd had the notebook. As she straightened up, she caught sight of herself in the mirror and made a face. She had never been thrilled about her appearance, but had learned not to care too much. Instead, she took to looking unique and strange.

Her shoulder length hair was dyed black a few years ago, but that alone had made her face too pale. So, she had added a few blood red streaks to it, hoping to improve the tint of her face. It hadn't done much for her skin, but she liked the hairstyle, so she kept it.

Her dark eyes were considered mysterious by many, since it was near impossible to see emotion in them. The fact that she constantly lined them heavily with black enhanced that effect, and she was pleased about that. She liked it when people couldn't stand to look her in the eye. To her it felt like power.

You couldn't have called her tall at five foot four, but she made up for it with her tough personality. She had never been picked on in school; in fact, she was the one who usually started fights. Her weight was average; not too skinny, but not fat either. She mostly wore loose clothing, though, because she didn't care to show off her body. The tight jeans were for preps.

Alex shrugged and turned away from the mirror, returning to her thoughts about the notebook. One of the problems with being unorganized was that she could never find anything. But she never seemed to find time to clean; there were always far more important things to be done. And it constantly felt like she could find even less when her room was neat.

She slowly scanned the room, trying to remember the last place she had had the book. Then, plain as day, she saw it sitting on the end table by her bed. Throwing her arms exasperatedly in the air, she remembered writing in it a few days ago.

Feeling marginally happier, Alex jumped onto her bed (there was unpleasant creak which she ignored) and snatched the book off the table. She let it fall open to a random page and found a piece of writing that she had done on September twelfth, only two weeks ago. It hadn't been an uplifting poem, but that was consistent with everything else she wrote. With a soft sigh, she proceeded to read about the event that had recently changed her life.

I see you stand with a smirk on your face

Because you all know that this school is your place

The girl beside me is now in tears

Because she can't stand any more of your jeers

You and your cronies cause such a mess

And with each passing second, I like you even less

You can't possibly miss the rage in my eyes

As I look at you girls who I deeply despise

Suddenly I find myself lunging at you

You scream because you don't know what to do

But even if I wanted I know I can't stop

The thrill comes from knowing you're no longer on top

Suddenly someone pulls me away

But I still have to smirk as I see how you lay

They don't understand why I was compelled

And the next thing I know I'm being expelled

But I don't really care cause it was all worth it

I was so freaking tired of all of your shit

So, now I'll just transfer to a different school

Where I won't have to live under your worthless rule

Alex smirked, remembering how she had destroyed Courtney Casey's face. Courtney was the biggest bitch in the entirety of her school, not to mention the worst sort of slut. Her whole goal in life was to make others' lives miserable. Alex had finally had enough when she witnessed the girl whose locker was beside hers break down in tears. Apparently, Courtney had slept with the girl's boyfriend and planted a photograph in her locker.

That was all Alex could take. She had spotted the bitch down the hall, laughing with her two friends, and lost it. By the time she was pried away, Courtney was nearly unconscious, blood streaming down her face.

Being expelled mattered more to Alex's sister than it did to her. Alex couldn't care less about school, but Jade wasted no time in getting her transferred. She seemed to think that a new school might make the difference in her sibling's behavior.

Alex sighed, flipping idly through the pages of her notebook. The little, black book was the equivalent of a journal, except that she told her story with poems, artwork, and random words filled with anger. She had started it three years ago, and though she didn't use it incredibly often, it still expressed her life with accuracy.

However, Alex wouldn't read any farther back than a few months ago. There were a lot of things in the beginning of the book that she wished to forget, but knew she never could. Those things had changed her life; made her who she was today. And she hated every aspect of it. So, instead of dwelling on the past, she continued to add to the story, trying to move forward. Though, lately it seemed that she was merely going nowhere fast.

She flipped to a blank page and stared at it with vacant eyes, letting herself fall into the music that pounded in her ears. The dark words of the song filled her head as she slipped into a state close to meditation. This was usually the process when she was about to add an entry to the notebook. Her best pieces were done from the subconscious. So, she unclipped the mechanical pencil from the spiral rings of the book and lowered it to the page.

Her CD played song after song, each one as loud as the next. The vibrations through the bed were immense, creating a soothing sensation. Alex was so deep in her book that she didn't notice when the CD finally ended some time later, plunging her into silence. It wasn't long afterwards, though, that she finished.

She sat up straight and looked down at her new drawing. Courtney was lying in a hospital bed with a black eye, the Grim Reaper standing over her. The Reaper's hands were at its hood, lowering it to reveal Alex's smirking face.

She smiled, pleased with her drawing. After punching play on her CD player again, she dated her work and shut the book. She swung her feet over the side of the bed and stood, the music sending tremors up through her legs. Enjoying the sensation she knew well, she walked over to her dresser and shoved the notebook into the first drawer.

Alex glanced at her watch. 5:48 P.M. Jade would be attempting to call her down for dinner soon, so she lowered the volume on her boom box. The only time her sister's existence didn't aggravate her to the point of insanity was when there was food involved.

It suddenly hit her that tomorrow was her first day at Carnegie High. That meant she would have to return to the routine of actually getting up in the mornings. Though, she supposed that really didn't matter much since she could always sleep through first period. In any case, the less time she had to spend getting ready the next morning, the later she could sleep. So, she proceeded to her closet to find something to wear.

Her closet door had a large poster of a dragon on it to cover the many places where she practiced her hand-eye coordination with her pocketknife. She had gotten rather good, and could hit the same mark in the door three times in a row. However, if Jade ever knew what those dull thuds really were, she would have Alex's head, hence the poster.

The inside of Alex's closet was worse than any other part of her room. Only the clothes she never wore were hung up; the rest were in an enormous pile on the floor. A few shoes were scattered over the mound, of which the matches were either buried or lost. The shelf above the hangers was full of junk that she hadn't touched in God knows how long. It was such a mess of papers and clothes and other unrecognizable things that if Alex ever had the strange desire to sort it out, it would take a week.

Without any hesitation at the mess, she knelt on the floor and began to dig through her clothes. Most of them were dark colors, which made it even harder to tell one shirt from another. However, this didn't faze her at all, instead, she merely nodded her head in time to the music as she looked for an outfit.

After a few minutes, she found the fishnet sleeve of the shirt she wanted, and pulled. There was resistance at first, but then the shirt came loose suddenly, landing Alex on her back. She sat back up, used to that result, and nodded, satisfied at her choice. The black shirt was fishnet along the collar and sleeves and "Angel" was written on the front in red letters. The "l" was hooked around into a tail and horns protruded from the top of the "A."

The pants she wanted were found a lot easier and quicker. They were a pair of black Capri's with chains decorating them, the shortest pants she had. The clunky black boots she was going to wear to finish the outfit were in strewn in the corner of the room haphazardly.

Satisfied, Alex threw her clothes on top of the boots and closed the closet door. At that moment, Jade called up the stairs for her and her little brother.

Completely ready for dinner, Alex shut off her CD player and left her room. When she got downstairs, Jade and her brother, David, were already seated at the dining room table. They were both serving themselves from a big pot of spaghetti that sat between the usual, unlit candles. A smaller pot contained sauce with sausage and mushroom.

Alex dropped into a chair on the opposite side of the table from her sister. Without a word, she served herself and shoveled some noodles into her mouth. She had nearly finished half of her dinner before Jade spoke stiffly.

"Tomorrow's your first day at Carnegie High School."

"I know that," Alex replied without looking at her.

"The bus is going to come at six forty. Get up accordingly," Jade instructed.

"No shit," she snarled back.

"Watch your language!" her sister said sharply, finally lifting her head to glare at her. Her emerald eyes blazed with anger, which Alex returned.

She curled her lip in a sneer, but said nothing, realizing that her sister was right. She usually did try to control her language in front of David. It was about the only thing she and Jade agreed on. They felt David, being only eleven, was too young to be exposed to that. He was, by far, the most innocent of the three of them.

After a few minutes, Jade gave her sister a piece of threatening advice. "This is a new school with new people. I don't expect you to get into any fights here. The next physical encounter I hear that you are involved in, I'm going to look into other means of dealing with you."

Alex knew what that meant. Medication. Therapists. Anger management. This wasn't the first time she had been threatened with these things, and she had even had to endure a couple of them for a while. She had no desire to return to seeing a counselor. She figured that as long as everyone at Carnegie stayed out of her way, there would be no need to fight anyone.

A few minutes later, David broke the tense silence by asking Jade if he could spend the night at his friend's house that Friday. Alex tuned out her sister's reply, knowing perfectly well that she'd agree.

Despite David's seemingly perfect nature, Alex didn't hold it against him. In fact, she felt a sort of connection to him. He was the only one she could really trust. He had always been there for her through anything and everything and even though he was only eleven, he had matured way beyond that. David was her best, and only, friend. The only reason she hadn't run away or done some other drastic thing was because she didn't want to hurt him. She knew he didn't have the same kind of bond with Jade, and she found that quite understandable.

Alex finished eating shortly and stood, grabbing her bowl off the table. As she passed through the kitchen, she dropped it in the sink. Then, before Jade could interrupt her again, she ran upstairs to her room. She gathered up her sleep pants and shirt and headed into the bathroom to take a shower. Usually she showered in the morning, but since she was about to shift schedules from getting up at noon to getting up at six thirty, she figured the best thing to do was to ease herself into it. So, into the bathroom she went, locking the door behind her.


Six o'clock came quickly, despite the fact that Alex had actually gotten to sleep before midnight for once. It was murder trying to actually pull herself out of bed, and it didn't help that five minutes after the alarm went off, Jade shrieked up the stairs to make sure she was up.

Resisting the strong urge to call out a few choice names for her sister, Alex managed to stumble across the room to her clothes. She changed leisurely, since she had a fair amount of time because of everything she had done the night before. As she was pulling on her shoes, there was a familiar, soft knocking on her door.

"It's open David," she said, lacing up her boots.

He opened the door just enough to get through and stood there, smiling. "Are you nervous?" he asked, his hazel eyes glittering sweetly.

Alex shook her head. "No way. I've done the first day of school thing for longer than you squirt. I can handle it," she said, a faint trace of a grin on her lips.

"You're not going to get into any fights, are you?" David asked seriously. Even though this was a subject in which he and Alex differed greatly, she couldn't help but like his view. He was so peaceful and couldn't stand it when his sister came home with a black eye.

This time Alex grinned outright. "I won't today, how about that?" she said. She walked past him, ruffling his dark hair as she went. He laughed and swatted her away, and she noticed that he was getting taller. Now, when he stood up straight, the top of his head reached her chin. Only a little while ago, it seemed he had been below her shoulder.

She sighed as she entered the bathroom and closed the door, hoping her brother would always remain that innocent. Humming softly, she pushed that thought away as she picked up her brush. She ran it through her hair just enough to get it to lay flat, then brushed her streaked bangs forward to where they reached her eyebrows. To get them to poof up just a little, she shook her head gently. Satisfied, she proceeded to put on her make-up.

Alex wanted to hit this new school with a bang, so everyone knew immediately to stay away from her. She didn't want anyone approaching her because she was new. The weirder she looked, the more dangerous she seemed, the less likely people would want anything to do with her. That was good.

She glanced at her watch as she left the bathroom. With ten minutes to spare, she descended the steps into the kitchen. David was sitting at the table, eating a bowl of cereal while Alex rummaged through the cabinets looking for something quick to grab. He watched her patiently as she found the many boxes of pop tarts. Now that she had found them, she had to decide which flavor she wanted. David always thought her routine was amusing as she pulled packet after packet out of the boxes, trying to decide whether she was in the mood for strawberry, chocolate, cookies 'n cream, or blueberry.

Finally, feeling the crunch of time, Alex closed her eyes and mixed up the boxes. Then, keeping her eyes tightly shut, she reached into a random box and pulled out a packet. Strawberry. She considered it for a moment before making a face. She put it back in the box and grabbed a chocolate one. David was laughing quietly in the background as he watched his sister shove the pop tarts back in the cabinet, trying to make them all fit. But somehow, her method of just crushing the boxes into the small space wasn't working, so when she finally gave it up, the cabinet door was still halfway open.

Alex tore open the packet on her way out of the kitchen, waving a goodbye to her brother. By the time she reached the front door, she was already half done with her first pop tart. She slammed the door shut behind her, hoping that she had shaken the house sufficiently enough to make Jade poke herself in the eye with her mascara. Then, she took off down the street towards the bus stop, still wharfing down her breakfast.

Just as she made it to the corner, the bus pulled up and opened the door, letting her stumble on. Breathlessly, she made her way to the back and dropped into the seat closest to the window. She was fairly aware of everyone staring at her, a few people laughing at the way she was gasping for breath.

Great entrance. You don't look dangerous you look stupid! she scolded herself. She caught a guy a few seats ahead smiling at her and she glared back. She didn't want anyone smiling at her. She wanted them to stay away, far away.

Her sharp glare had the effect she wanted, because the guy looked a little taken aback before he turned back around in his seat away from her. From then on, no one paid any attention to Alex, which suited her fine. She merely stared out the window, already bored. It was a fifteen-minute drive to Carnegie, but it seemed like an hour. She couldn't wait until she got into class so she could sleep.

However, when she finally reached the school and tried to find her way to class, she found it was a lot harder to navigate through many students than it was through empty halls. Five minutes after she entered the school, she was lost.

"God dammit!" she cried furiously. A few people gave her funny looks, though she went generally unnoticed. "Where the hell am I?" she muttered, looking around, agitated. She couldn't imagine how bad it would be if Jade found out that she had "skipped" her first class of the day. She would never believe that Alex had merely gotten lost.

A smooth voice behind her caught her off-guard a few seconds later. "Are you all right?"

Alex spun around, her heart stopping for a few seconds. She was rather surprised to see the guy who had smiled at her earlier on the bus. Wiping the shock off her face quickly, she hardened her eyes. "Course, I'm fine," she replied.

He chuckled softly. "You don't look fine." She noticed he had an accent that made his voice seem exceptionally sweet. It took her a second to realize that it was British. "Are you lost?" he asked.

"No," Alex spat automatically.

He shrugged. "All right then." She watched, slightly confused, as he walked past her down the emptying hall. Suddenly, she found herself calling after him. He stopped and turned around, a slight grin on his face. "Yes?"

Alex sighed exasperatedly, trying to hide her embarrassment at having to ask him for directions. "Where's biology?" she asked without looking at him.

"That's where I'm headed. Come on," he said. She looked up at him to see if he was joking, but he showed no sign of it. He merely smiled pleasantly, his dark eyes shining similarly to David's.

Alex resigned to following him to class, knowing she had no other choice. She couldn't believe she wasn't there an hour and she already had someone talking to her like he knew her.

"I'm Ryan," he said.

"Ah," she replied, far from the conversational mood.

Ryan waited a second to see if she'd say something more before saying, "This would be where you tell me your name," he instructed in a jokingly manner.

"Alex," she said, sighing.

"Nice to meet you Alex," he said, smiling. He extended his hand, but Alex merely raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, whatever," she replied flatly.

Ryan seemed to sense that she wasn't in the mood for chatting, so he didn't say anything else until they reached biology. He held the door for Alex, letting her enter first. She raised an eyebrow at him and pulled the door shut behind her before he could enter. She couldn't understand why he was bothering with her and was trying to shake him off as quickly as possible.

As she took a seat in the back row, she noticed him give her a look as he opened the door again. Good, so he was no longer being so friendly it was weird. Maybe now he'd stay away from her. It wasn't like she looked like she could be a friend of his.

Ryan was tall with light brown hair, which was perfectly combed. His eyes weren't quite hazel, but they weren't as dark as Alex's either. But no matter the color, whether he was sending Alex a disapproving look, they always had a certain air of kindness.

And then of course Alex had his clothes to examine with a skeptical eye. His blue jeans weren't torn, or riding low on his hips. His shoes weren't faded and dingy; they were perfectly white Nikes. The shirt he wore was a solid, royal blue, and it didn't have a wrinkle anywhere to be found. He was, by far, way too clean.

Alex watched out of the corner of her eye as he took a seat in the row to her right, one table ahead of hers. She couldn't imagine how someone could keep themselves so clean without going mad. He must take two hours to get ready in the morning! Alex knew there wasn't a chance in hell she'd get up two hours before school just so she could be clean looking. That was what the preps did.

Except Ryan didn't have a prep look to him. He had more of a… well… nerd look. Even the jocks didn't comb their hair so each strand was exactly where it was supposed to be. That was just weird.

Right about then he looked over at her and she immediately shifted her eyes to the teacher who just entered the room. A few minutes later the class began, and a few minutes after that, Alex rested her head down on the table and closed her eyes. It seemed she had only been like that for seconds, though, because the next thing she knew, something hit her in the head.

She awoke with a start and looked around angrily, searching for the person who disturbed her. She caught sight of Ryan, but before she could do or say anything, she noticed he was jerking his head in the direction of the teacher.

"The answer please," Mr. Davis said impatiently.

Alex froze, realizing he was talking to her. Answer to what? "Uh…" she said, thinking quickly. "The liver?" she asked, drawing a random answer out of thin air. The class erupted into laughter as Mr. Davis scowled.

"Why don't you try listening next time? You could also try getting to sleep a little earlier so you're not as tired in class," he said, earning a few snickers from a few of the other students.

Anger boiled in Alex's veins as she glared at the teacher. Before she could stop herself, she snapped, "Did you ever think you're the thing that put me to sleep?" She smirked as stunned silence overcame the room. Mr. Davis turned towards her, a mix of embarrassment and anger in his eyes.

"Detention Alex," he said simply.

When he returned his gaze to the papers on his desk, Alex shrugged. Detention wasn't anything new for her. She met a lot of interesting people there actually. Of course, Jade would be furious that she had been unable to control her temper even on the first day. But who really cared about Jade? She could ground her sister until she was twenty-one and Alex would still do whatever the hell she wanted.

The rest of the class went fairly smoothly; Mr. Davis didn't call on Alex again, or even look at her really. She supposed what she said sort of hit home with him. Maybe he wouldn't bother her anymore then. The less people that bugged her, the easier her life would be.

She managed to find all her classes in time through second period without help. Glad that she didn't have to resign to asking another student for assistance, she navigated her way to her locker. She was very pleased that Ryan hadn't been in any of her other classes yet; she didn't think she could stand to look at him. People like him were just weird. Why he'd even approach her to begin with was strange.

Alex pushed him from her mind as she closed her locker door and followed the mob of students to the cafeteria. Hitching her bag onto her shoulder, she noticed the group of girls walking a few feet ahead of her and scowled. Every school had their preps she guessed. The girl directly in front of her had long, perfect, dark hair. Her skirt was as short as humanly possible and Alex didn't even want to think about how high her heels were. Her friends wore similar outfits, though they all had lighter and shorter hair.

Introducing the sluts of Carnegie High, Alex thought vengefully. She remembered Courtney and scowled. She hoped these girls weren't as intruding as she had been.

When she reached the cafeteria, Alex began searching for a table that was unoccupied. Through the crowd of chattering students, she spotted one at the far side of the room. Quickly, so she could get there before anyone else, she moved to the lunch line. She cut in, earning many protests that she ignored, and grabbed an apple. As she left the line with the fruit, she made an obscene gesture to those who were still yelling at her.

When she got to the table, she was pleased to see that it was still vacant. Dropping victoriously onto one of the benches, she took a big bite of her apple. She turned sideways on the bench and put her foot up in front of her as she crunched noisily. Her table was in the perfect position to observe the rest of the cafeteria, and see which guy would annoy Jade the most if she dated him.

As in every school, there seemed to be a table reserved for every clique. The preps had one of the ones in the center of the room, conveniently placed beside a group of guys who were obviously the jocks. There was a table in the corner where the nerds sat, and Alex couldn't help but snicker as a particularly weird looking boy knocked his soda over onto his friend. She noticed the Goths and punks at the table that was set away from everyone else's. Alex had a feeling that a few of them would become as close to being her friend as she would let anyone get.

She sighed, chomping down on her apple again. Lazily, she watched the students walking around, slowly finding tables that they weren't forbidden to sit at. A couple people passed her, but she gave them a look that said plainly, "Go away." However, there was someone approaching her anyway, someone she recognized distinctly.

Ryan made no indication that he noticed the glare in her eyes, and only stopped when he was standing at the table, directly across from her. "Is this seat taken?" he asked, his accent smooth.

"What do you want? You've been bugging me all day!" Alex snapped fiercely. She was getting very tired of his overly calm demeanor.

Ryan sat down, ignoring her angry statement. "You're new here, aren't you?" he asked.

"What? Why?" she replied, trying to figure out where he was going with this.

"I haven't seen you on the bus before."

"So? I rode a different one," she lied.

Ryan smiled. "There isn't another. It's all right. I know how it is to be new."

Alex stared at him as though he were from another planet. "I don't care," she said incredulously.

He ignored her remark and continued. "However, I moved last year and started here at the beginning of September. Why are you late?"

"That's none of your business!" she replied, unable to believe his audacity. He didn't know her at all, yet here he was interrogating her like he had some right to know her life story right off the bat.

But he took her refusal better than Alex had expected. He merely shrugged and said, "All right. Maybe it would be easier for you if I told you a bit about myself first."

"No, I don't want to know anything about you. I don't want to tell you anything about me. I want you to leave me alone! What, have you been purposely looking for me or something?" she cried, trying desperately to make him leave.

"Not purposely, no. I've just… noticed. You do stick out quite a bit you know," he said, smiling.

"And you just thought you'd come over and bug the shit out of me," she snapped.

"I don't want to bug anyone. I just thought you might care to have someone you knew around here. Someone who was willing to show you the ropes and introduce you to people," Ryan said.

"Well, you were wrong. I don't need to know the ropes; I never follow rules anyway. And I'm perfectly capable of introducing myself to people without your help," Alex said sharply.

Ryan shrugged. "All right then. I suppose maybe I was wrong. However, if you ever decide differently, it's pretty easy to find me," he said, standing.

"Yeah, just look for the neat freak, right?" she said, glad he was finally going.

Ryan frowned, but didn't reply to her. He merely turned and walked away, heading towards a table where a bunch of average looking people sat. Though he took a seat facing her, he didn't look at anyone but his friends.

Alex sighed, glancing at her watch. Only halfway through the school day and she'd already been thoroughly annoyed, and gotten detention. The only thing left was to get into a fight. But she had promised her brother that she wouldn't today. Any physical encounters could wait until tomorrow she supposed.

The bell rang loudly and she scowled. Back to class it was it supposed. She got up angrily from the table and threw what was left of her apple in the trashcan. Hitching her backpack onto her shoulder, she headed out of the cafeteria, falling behind the group of preps accidentally.

"I can't believe Meredith would actually go out with him. Doesn't she have any taste at all?" one of them asked, shaking her head.

"I don't know, but I'll tell you one thing. If she doesn't straighten up and get rid of that asshole, she can forget about us," the longhaired girl said.

Good God. It's probably her ex or something, Alex thought scornfully. She shoved past them and continued down the hall absent-mindedly to her next class. Then, she remembered that it might be useful if she knew what class she was actually going to.

With an aggravated sigh, she wrenched her backpack open as she moved up against the wall, reaching for her agenda. "Miserable, fucking… God forsaken… Goddamn fucking thing… stupid classes…" she muttered angrily, trying to find her schedule in the little, red book. "Yeah, okay, this is a damn A day, third period... what the fuck class… Gym? You gotta be fuckin' shittin' me! God fucking dammit!" she cried furiously, glaring at her agenda. A few people looked at her oddly as they passed and she snarled at them.

Not only was gym her least favorite class (but only at the present moment), it was on the other side of the school and the sprint bell was currently ringing, letting her know that there was only one minute left to get to class. For some unknown reason, Alex shoved her agenda back in her pack and darted down the hall, trying to make it on time.

As she ran through the halls, she shoved people this way and that, knocking some of the shorter girls into the wall. When she finally reached the locker room, she skidded inside, a mere two seconds before the bell rang. Breathing heavily, she went into the main part of the room and shoved her stuff in a locker. Before dressing out, she sat down on a bench to catch her breath.

"What the hell is my locker combination?" she mumbled to herself, digging her agenda out again. The combination was on the first page thankfully and Alex stood, going over to her assigned locker. "Fucking combination locks… why couldn't they be lock and key? They're so much easier to fucking deal with…" she groaned, spinning the dial. It took her two times to get it open, just enough to aggravate her, but not enough to full out annoy her. Snatching her uniform out of the small cubbyhole that was her locker, she slammed the door closed, not bothering to lock it again. She was only going to have to open it again anyway.

The uniform didn't look any better today than it did the day she had gotten it. The bright blue tee shirt had "Carnegie High" on the front in big, black letters, the school insignia of a white tiger next to it. The shorts were the ugliest color yellow she had ever seen in her life, and even in size small they were too big. She had to roll the waistband down in order for the crotch in the shorts to reach hers comfortably. Since the gym didn't allow anything other than tennis shoes inside, she had to change out of her boots into her black converse high-tops.

Dressed in this ridiculous uniform, she didn't look half as scary as she wanted. In fact, she looked downright ridiculous. She noticed that her black and red streaked hair didn't match the shirt at all, and made her feel just a bit conspicuous. She didn't like the fact that she cared about matching, but why couldn't the shirt have been red? Everything was working against her it seemed.

Her fellow students were moving into the gym, so she followed begrudgingly. This was going to be a long day.