I suppose in films and books and television they use flashbacks when the writers have written everything but how the scene unfolds. So at one minute to eleven they scribble 'Flashback ensues, generic dramatic voice-over.

But seeing as my life is a living cliché...

We met when the winds were becoming warmer. For the first time in my life, I lost. But for the first time in life, I gained.

She looked at the clouds and but then scanned the horizon ahead of her to see anyone looking at her looking at clouds, thinking, "Well look-y here; I'm a walking cliché."

She had always hated people looking at her and judging her, even people she didn't know. Especially people she didn't know.

Satisfied there was no-one to evaluate her and classify her as a 'Girl with too much going on in her head', she chose a shady spot next to The Tree and began to look for interesting cloud formations. 'Weather Girl' everyone called her. 'Earth Eyes' Jessica called her, because she was always casting her eyes upwards whenever there was a single cloud in sight.

OOH! A cloud-bird. She could see it, forming fully as the largest cloud moved to the left. She laughed quietly, noting her ironic luck. A robin- no a sparrow.

My life is like a sit-com! Seeing stupid signs in a sky.

Catie gained a resolute hold on the tree branch on the steepest knoll of Castle hill, and began climbing to the top.
It's almost like a different world here. Like I can see everything so clearly.

Oh my god.

Something's going to happen, I can feel it.

I've been waiting for it all my life. I can feel it.

And then, almost like on cue...

Sing to me blind sparrow. I know you are no bird to sing but your voice is the sweetest. Might be winter but I'll hold you dearest... Ashiteru, honey "hey, you girl!"

Falling, through sheer terror of the beautiful voice ending, Catie screamed, a gnarled branch whipping her arm backwards behind her.