Heartfelt - [insert new title later]

Annoying. One word that could sum up Sarah Smith. But it couldn't. She was too much for that. Her high girlish giggle brought me out my reverie.

"I think it would be a totally great idea Adam." She added a wink here, god knows why. My brother being the stupid guy he is did not understand her effort at flirting.

"Okay. Um… I didn't say anything."

"Oh I know. But anything you come up with is bound to be good." Well… she couldn't get anymore subtle then that. Sarah finally noticed me. She looked a little disappointed. Why that bitch!

"Hey!" she said but the enthusiasm sounded forced. You're probably wondering why she's saying hi when I don't even like her and maybe, possibly she doesn't like me. Okay, she's my best friend. Or she's my only friend. Whatever. Same difference. I really only hang out with her because I have no one else and in turn she only hangs out with me to be closer to my brother. I never bother telling her that her attempts are futile. Not only is he as dumb as a rock, he's gay. Haha, in Sarah's freaking face.

"Hey." I say in my permanently flat voice. I think one of the reasons I don't have friends is that whenever I talk I bore people to tears with the emotionless tone of my voice. Or it could be my personality.

"What's your idea for the yearbook?" which was why I was here. Apparently I was supposed to actually do stuff in this shitty club.

"I was thinking a high-tech theme type thing." I totally stole that idea from the dumbass sitting next to me. She was too shy to speak up, so in a way I kind of helped her by making her voice heard.

"I don't know…it sounds kind of weir-" she started.

"Hey, that actually sounds cool. It's really current." Said my stupid ass brother. Sarah was suddenly all smiles and whatnot.

"Yeah," she breathed, (on me, might I add), "it sounds amazing." I roll my eyes at her lying ass. I mean wasn't she just rejecting my idea (technically it was the dumbass's idea but whatever) a second ago? Jeeze what a fuck stick. And so my evening passes agonizingly slowly, with Sarah's constant need for Adam's attention and the rest of the monkeys in this godforsaken club.

I stare out the window, bored out of my friggin mind, while some stupid shit is making obnoxiously loud tapping noises with his (or her to feminists) pencil behind me. It seems to occupy my thoughts completely so, sick of it, I turn around to politely ask them to stop doing it.

"Yo. Shut the fuck up." It turns out to be some guy, Spanish by the looks of it, who looks up all surprised.

I mentally scoff at his deer-in-headlights expression. He couldn't subconsciously make a sound that obscenely deafening and annoying, could he? He points to himself with a questioning look at me then stares around himself as if it was impossible that I would even look at him let alone talk to him. I feel my ego inflate at that thought. I like him a little better now that he thinks I'm too good for him.

"Yes, I am talking to you," I point at his chest, so close I'd touch it if I moved a tiny bit more, "curly man." His lips turned up at the corners. I feel defensive somehow. I think my nickname for him was pretty accurate. His hair was like a thick forest of curls. It was a kind of light brown and from this angle, there were different tones to the brown too. It actually looked kind of pretty. Ew. Now I sound gay.

"Sorry. Am I bothering you?" he smiles and his white teeth stand out against his wheat coloured skin. I can see the dimples faint, and long under his cheekbones.

"Yes." I say, blunt as ever and not at all distracted by his pretty hair and pleasant smile. Suddenly his smile turns into a smirk and he leans a bit closer.

"Great. It was entirely deliberate." I roll my eyes as he resumes his unmelodic tapping. And just when I thought life was getting more interesting.

I adjust my bag over my shoulder as I wait for the bus. Adam being the stupid guy he is, forgot that he had a sister to pick up and instead drove off without me, calling me 20 minutes after I waited, telling me he couldn't pick me up because he had a hot date. What a fricking homo. I mean who the fuck has dates after school?

I rub my hands together because my hands are getting numb despite the fact I'm wearing gloves. I hear some sound behind me, so I turn.

"Hi mysterious girl in my science class." The stupid curly man is back. I roll my eyes at him with lack of something better to do.

"Cold?" he asks because he notices me shivering. I must be coming down with something. I mean I'm wrapped up in a huge puffy coat with a hat, scarf etc. I looked like a giant marshmallow. But it was snowing like no tomorrow. And it was really windy.

"No." I state clearly implying that I do not want a conversation with him. He of course either ignores it or he's too stupid to understand it and he moves closer to me. Much closer. His whole body was pressing against me and unfortunately I was warmer.

"Do you mind?" I say gruffly.

"Not at all." He smiles brighter than the sun. "Are you warmer now?"

"No." I say stubbornly, just to defy him. Then suddenly his arms wrap around me and he tucks my head safely near his shoulder and armpit.

"What the fuck?!" I scream into his armpit.

"I'm trying to make you warmer." He explains as if this is an every day occurrence. I sigh and put my entire weight into him. He falls back, caught off-guard. I smirk, but his arms don't leave me. I don't resist this time, because honestly I have no reason to. He's trying to be nice and all I really do is swear at him.

"Thanks." I say crustily to his armpit. I hear and feel his laugh coming deep from his chest. It's rough which surprises me because he seems like a complete pretty-boy, but it's nice because I can tell it's genuine.

"You're welcome. I knew you were trying to touch me so I felt sorry for you and hugged you. I don't mind because you're cute."

I tear my head away from his armpit. My face is heating up with anger.

"Excuse me?! You think I wanted you to molest me?!!" his nice smile turned into a smirk. Just like earlier.

"No, I know you wanted me to."

I shoved him back but he didn't budge. After my shitty attempts at trying to move him, I just stopped. He finally released me.

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