Devil in Disguise

By Free the Dancing Llamas

Chapter One: The little green Leprechaun, wagging it's bum on my screen, I hate it's little green-ness, it makes me wanna' scream.

I stared at the computer screen in mortification.

You know those moments when something so bad, so horrifying, so down right disgusting happens, that you can't do anything? And you just sit there for, like, ten minutes, staring. And you can't stop yourself, you never can, it's like looking at a transvestite (Or was it train wreck?). It's a mess, and it's disturbing, but you can't stop staring.

Well I was having one of those moments. Except I wasn't looking at a transvestite. I was looking at Porn.

I had been ever so innocently working in the library on one of the computers when WHAM, without any warning a large picture of a blond busty woman in all her naked glory took over the screen.

I shrieked and ducked for cover underneath the desk quickly searching my surroundings in case anyone had seen. When I realised the coast was clear, I slid uneasily back into my chair. I stared at the naked woman. And through my muddled state briefly wondered to myself; 'Are those even real?' I mean, how could they? They just didn't come in that size, no matter how gifted a girl was. I shook my head, trying to get a hold of my nerves and racing mind.

When I tried to minimize or exit from the picture on the screen, I realised much to my horror that it wasn't going to work. I felt the beginnings of what was last night's super chili cheese taco crawl its way back up my throat.

I pressed the escape button and suddenly a little green leprechaun appeared on the screen and wagged its bum in my face, mocking me with its sauciness. I glared at the thing, feeling my face turn absolute red. I really hated the little bugger, with his little green pants, and I wanted to smash my fist right into its sadistic little face. It was at that moment that I decided that I would hate leprechauns forever…

I felt my face flush an even more embarrassing shade of red, and if it were a cartoon there would have been steam coming out of my ears and mouth, among other places. Quickly, as soon as it came, the leprechaun bum danced off the screen, and the nude woman was back on. I rolled my eyes to the heavens (ceiling), I didn't know what on earth I was going to do. Not only did I have four hours of unsaved work on that computer, but now apparently I had some sort of virus thing destroying things. It was at times like these that I hated being technologically challenged.

It would have been funny if it hadn't been me in the situation. There I was; an eighteen year girl in her first year at University, doing a degree in journalism and media with porn frozen on a library computer. My parents would have been so proud.

I was stuck in the situation either way I looked at it. I could leave it, leave the building, leave the state. But if they recovered my lost document then they would have known it was me. And besides, I couldn't exactly go up to the library staff and declare that porn had been frozen on my computer. What would they say? What would I say? What would my parents say?

I felt horror seep into my being from all angles. What if someone from the university found out? I'd be dubbed university lesbian. No hot guys for me. No chance. They already thought I was weird. It was strange how this horrified my most of all.

I didn't realise that my day was about to get a whole lot worse when my crush's (and basically the whole campus' crush) evil best friend decided at that moment to waltz into the library to do god knows what. So what's the info on the best friend of Alec Vanders (Super perfect hottie or SPH for short)?

Well here it goes: His name is Dante Preston-scott. He's twenty-two and in his fourth year of medicine (I know, freak right?). He's a mass of height and lean muscle. He's attractive if you go for the dark haired, mysterious, good looking, arsehole type. Which, by the way, I totally don't. Him and his little friends used to bully in high school by mooing at me, and in year two he pushed me off a swing and into a disgusting, dirty puddle, which, by the way I could have contracted like Botulism, or something. I haven't liked him since. As you can tell he traumatised my childhood.

So I guess it was just my luck that he happened to spot me, crouched over the computer keyboard, looking and sounding more and more like golem from lord of the rings, neurotically pressing keys left right and centre.

"Come on, baby, work for mama." I whispered viciously to the computer desktop, gently stroking it. I recalled that a friend once told me that if I was nice to the computer then it would be nice to me. I knew it was a load of crap, but at that point in time I was ready to try anything.

"Do you often talk to inanimate objects, Dahlia?" I heard the rough, deep tones of Dante Preston-scott.

I spun around from my position, my back to the computer, my arms waving around in an attempt to distract him from looking at my computer screen. I had it all in my head, I was going to tell him that some girl was looking for him and he'd be off. And it'd all be ok. Except it wasn't, because that's not what came out of my mouth.

"It's not what it looks like!" I shrieked instead. Dante smirked, merely tilting his gorgeous head to the side (Not that I thought it was gorgeous, I've just heard people describe it that way) and caught a glimpse of the well-endowed nude woman on the screen.

"Isn't it?" He chuckled, I felt his icy eyes stab into me; "Because I'm fairly sure that, that is a picture of Pamela Anderson."

I glanced at the screen in mortification, then back to Dante's cool calculating gaze.

"It's not Pamela Anderson fool. Wait it's-I wasn't. I wasn't looking at it and- its not- It just suddenly popped up on my screen," I mumbled, "I was- I was doing my work." I finished lamely.

"Well, I'll give it to you." Dante smirked, "You've got good taste. But I didn't peg you as the female-loving type. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed."

All I could to was open and close my mouth like a fish. I should have been awarded for my speaking skills.

"I'll see you around, sweetheart." Dante smirked.

And that's how he left me. Gawking as he sauntered out of the library. My hands spread out like a bird and a blush so fierce I was sure that it would become a permanent stain, plagued my face. I knew it at once; he was going to destroy me and a sick part of my mind was going to enjoy it.

I grimaced as I saw the librarian make her way towards my section of the library. For now, Dante Preston-Scott was the least of my worries.

The Porn was still stuck on my computer.

"Johnnie told me that Ann saw you in the library talking to Dante Preston-Scott this morning." My best friend and room buddy Peyton Harris stated, or rather demanded as she stole the fries out of my hands and started eating them. I glared at her, or rather her offensive hand that had so rudely stolen my lunch, as she took a seat on the park bench I had just sat on.

Ok, so let me just push aside some time to explain to you who exactly Peyton Harris is. Peyton, or rather Pey, is my room buddy on campus; she's also been my best friend since we were babies. She's not hot, but she is pretty. Maybe that sounds a little harsh, coming from me, but I am nothing if not honest and straightforward. And hey, I didn't say she was completely without looks, did I? Anyway, Pey's a sweetie and very naïve. But I still love her like she was my own sister.

"He was an annoying pratt, I don't like him so don't look at me like that. He's been bullying me since year two." I replied, as my attempts to steal back my chips were swatted away.

"Oh! No, I know." Peyton replied, "You're a lesbian, Ann told me." I nearly choked on my own saliva.

"What?" I asked in shock, heat spreading across my cheeks.

"Yeah, look it's totally fine, ok? I don't mind that you swing that way, I mean as long as you don't, you know, feel for me. That'd be weird. I'm just surprised that you didn't tell me first." Pey replied, as she stared at me, her blue eyes serious.

"I'm not- I'm not gay." I swallowed. It's not as if I have anything against gay people. My brother was gay. It's just the fact was I was definitely not it. I was an a hundred percent male loving woman. And I didn't want anyone to think otherwise. I was already having enough trouble finding guys who would talk to me. "Where on earth did you-" and then it hit me like a cold, dead fish in the face.


The bastard had spread a rumuor about me. I should have realised sooner, especially after our latest little run in. I felt a cold hand of anger grip my whole being. I immediately sprung off the bench and marched back towards the university campus, surprising Peyton, who quickly ran after me. I strode on determined.

Dante and I. We were going to have a nice long talk.

A/N: Should I be starting a new story? Probably not, but I had this in my head and I just had to get it down on paper (Computer). Please tell me if this is worth continuing.