Devil in Disguise

By Free the Dancing Llamas

Chapter Two: I despise the locker room, a place of sweat and fear, the hottie definitely hates me and alas they still think I'm queer.

"I OBJECT!" I screamed hysterically, as I whacked the men's soccer locker room door open dramatically.

I hadn't really thought out my plan properly, which was probably indicated by the fact that I had screamed the first thing that had come into my head as I marched into a male locker room, which Dante was supposed to be in. Or at least that's what Sarah had told Janice, who was told by Rico, who saw Dante in there a little over an hour ago. But none of that mattered, the details were trivial, all I knew was that I was on a mission. A mission to find Dante.

Find him, kill him and then dance in his blood. Yeah. It sounded like a good idea.

Well. Let me reword that. It had been a good idea.

That is, until I realised that Dante wasn't in there. Instead I came face to face to butt cheek with twenty sweaty, mostly nude guys. And as hot as that sounds, I didn't even have the time to check anyone out because I was so rudely booed out of the locker room by the guys in there.

"Get the fuck out of here you fuckin' hoe." Jared Kow yelled as he threw some part of his disgustingly sweaty uniform into my face. I tried not to breath as I peeled what I realised was his underwear from my mouth. I yelped hysterically and threw the underwear back at Jared.

Well, I would have.

Except I missed.

And hit Alec Vanders (AKA Super perfect hottie. AKA SPH) with it instead.

You know that moment where you just wished that you could just instantly combust, because something so horrifyingly horrifying has just happened? Well this was one of those moments.

"Damn, bitch," Jared laughed as everyone tried not to burst open laughing while watching Alec come into realisation as to what had actually happened, "You are totally whack, dyke-girl."

I glared, and before I could lunge at the freakishly tall and pudgy Jared, Pey grabbed me by my waist and pulled me out of the locker room. I gripped on the door, trying to pull away from Pey's unusually freakish strength in an attempt to have the last word.

"You're not black, Kow!" I shrieked as I was peeled off the doorway.

"Neither are you lesbo," Jared yelled after me smartly. I heard a burst of laughter just as Pey managed to pull me out of the room completely.

"I am in my head!" I screamed hysterically as the door was slammed shut in my face.

I pulled myself from Peyton and turned around, ready to fall and mope in her arms. Except it wasn't Peyton. Which I should of realised, because Pey would never have had the strength to pull me away from something or someone I'm ranting at.

"In addition to being completely stupid," Dante Preston-Scott grinned at me, "I have found that you are also completely oblivious to everything happening around you."

"You," I snarled ready to pounce on all six feet of pure muscle.

"Me." Dante replied, cocking his head to the side, regarding me from his freakish height as if I were some kind of wild circus animal (Which was, strangely enough, how I felt at that precise moment).

"You," I continued, "Are the lowest, basest, most disgusting, repulsive, inhumane, suspicious, hopeless, disgusting-"

"You've said 'disgusting' twice now," Peyton piped in unhelpfully.

"Yes, well I was merely emphasising my feelings towards El Diablo here." I muttered darkly at her, as I returned back to the man in question.

"Alright, sweet cheeks, why don't you tell me what your problem is so that I can go get into the changing room," Dante sighed, gesturing towards his sporting attire. Or rather lack there of. I realised then he had no shirt on, and thus spent the next few minutes staring at his abs. To check for scales or horns or something. I was totally not checking him out.

"shirt." Was all my pathetic brain could muster.

"What Dahlia means to ask is: what's with all the lesbian rumours?" Peyton interrupted. I sighed a thankful prayer to God and partially forgave Pey for letting Dante touch me.

"Lesbian rumours? I don't know what you're talking about." Dante smirked at me, crossing his arms across his overly muscled chest. A guy with that many muscles just wasn't right. It was abnormal. No human being could possibly posses such muscle. But, I realised, as the devil it was entirely possible for him to have obtained such a physique. Yeah, that was plausible.

"I'm sure you don't," I suddenly snapped out of my stupor, spraying some saliva onto Dante in my excitement, "Well if it wasn't you, then it must've been some other Dante who saw me with that…"

"Naked chick on your computer? Look sweets, I saw what I saw. And you won't deny it. Besides, I didn't tell people that you were a lesbian, per say, I just told them what I saw. Which was very unusual, you have to admit."

"It was a virus. Okay? There was a leprechaun and he had his pants down and-"

"Woah! Enough details. What kind of kinky shit are you into?" Dante chuckled, his hands held up in defence. I glared at the giant, "It's a shame you bat for your own team. I'd really like to find out."

I snarled, feeling my hands go numb and my body start to shake.

"Listen to me, because I'm only going to say this once," I managed to spit out, my jaw clenched tightly. I managed to grab Dante by the side of his head bringing his face to my level. A feat considering our height difference, "I am not a lesbian."

Dante bit his lip, and let out a shudder of breath. I wondered briefly what on earth was wrong with him. He seemed entirely too happy with the situation. I attempted to take a step back as he cupped my cheek in the palm of his hand.

"Well, why didn't you say so sweet cheeks?" Dante murmured softly, brushing his thumb against my lip. And just as I was sure he was going to do something crazy to me with his devil lips, he pulled back. "Look, why don't we clean up the mess that's been made?"

I sighed in relief, "Yes that would be brilliant, beyond brilliant. I wouldn't have to drink your blood."

Hm. It seems that I would have to rewire my brain so it wouldn't let every single thing that I'd been thinking out of my mouth.

"Yeah. You do that sweets."

"Also, while we're at it, could you stop with all the nicknames."

"As soon as you stop calling me El Diablo behind my back." Dante chuckled as the locker door swung open. Out came Dante's fellow team mates including Alec Vanders, who I could have sworn glared at me. But it didn't matter. At least the hottie knew I existed now.

"Not going to happen." I smiled sweetly to Dante.

"Careful Mate," Jared 'the underwear thrower' Kow laughed, "Get too close to her and she might give you Lesbo-fluenza."

I send a glare in his direction. And then as soon as I blinked, Dante wrapped his arms around my shoulders, bringing me to lean against his bare chest. I turned beet red. The kind of red that signifies anger and not attraction, I clarified to myself.

"Nah it's ok Jar, she's my girlfriend. If she had it I would have caught it by now."

My heart stopped beating. Everyone stopped walking out and for a moment I could swear I saw Pey not even breathing. Jared looked like he was going to feint.

But none of if mattered. Because now everyone was going to think that Dante and I were dating.

I gulped down the massive lump which had just formed in my throat.

"Excuse me and my…boy…friend," I muttered darkly as I grabbed Dante by his hand, "We need to…talk."

I felt my pulse quicken as I heard woof whistles while I dragged Dante into the locker rooms.

I didn't stop until we were right at the back, where no one would find us or hear Dante scream while I sunk my teeth and nails into his body and drained him of his blood.

"What the hell is your problem?" I gasped, releasing Dante's hand from mine, "You just made things so much worse in this uni for me."

"Worse? How? Sweets, because of me, your life is about to get a whole lot better."

"I don't think so," I squealed hysterically like a pig, "I think that you are a sick motherfu-"

"Oh baby, you keep talking like that and I'm going to have to take you right here, right now."

"I'll kill you. I'll kill you slowly, and I'll start by chopping off your favourite piece of anatomy."

"Oh god yeah" Dante shuddered, in an almost excited manner, his eyes glinting at me in some kind of devil gaze.

"Oh my gosh, that tough shit really turns you on." I gaped, finally realising that all the shuddering when I hit him wasn't because it hurt.

"You have no idea, sweets, no idea."

"This is messed up. You are messed up. And I will most certainly not be your girlfriend. You just need to go tell people that I am not a lesbian and tell them that you were having a brain aneurism when you spurted all that crap. Trust me, they'll believe you."

"Can't undo what has been done sugar muffin. I guarantee that in the time that we've been talking the whole campus already knows. Besides, what better way to get rid of your lesbian tendencies, than dating the manliest of men?"

"When you find me that manly man, tell me. Now go tell your friends the truth."

"Nope. Not going to happen."

"I'll hit you, I swear to God, I will take you down, you sick fudger." I threatened, raising my hand threateningly at him.

"It really makes me want to undress you, when you talk like that,"

"It really makes me want to hurt you, when you talk like that," I retorted, trying to negotiate my next move in my head. Of course, the only way out was evidently by getting smurfs to rescue me. Though, my only problem with that solution was that I hadn't recently come into contact with any smurfs. Did they still exist, I wondered to myself briefly?

"Would you, please? None of my ex girlfriends have ever agreed to it." Dante smirked, taking a step closer to me, taking my raised hand to cup his cheek.

"They've clearly never met you." I frowned, wriggling out of his grasp, "So you'll tell people the truth?"

"Absolutely not."

A/N: My apologies for the wait and crappiness of el chapter. Its been sitting on the old computer for a while now. So I though I'd upload it. Next chapter: Expect betterness and mayhem. A lot of Mayhem. Also. I probably should have put this at the beginning...but there's some swearing in this chapter. apologies. But they are uni students, and it does happen.