Devil in Disguise

By Free the Dancing Llamas

Chapter Three: There are a lot of things that get me hating; I don't know what disturbs me more: that they all think we're dating, or that they think I'm a dirty whore.

"YOU WHORE!" Larissa Vortel screamed hysterically at me, her hand bag threateningly swinging around her hand.

I was half way through shoving a chilli cheese taco into my mouth when I had to stop on account of the fact that I needed air to talk.

"I've always wondered about the old profession me-self," I mused thoughtfully, attempting to seem nonplussed at Larissa's angry red curls. In all truth they frightened me, with their swingy powers of bounciness.

"Look freak-a-saurus. You can ramble to yourself in your own time." Larissa screeched, coming to stop in front of my little table. I was grabbing a quick bite of pre-lunch sale tacos at one of the university cafeterias. They were an amazing fifty cents cheaper than normal for the next twenty minutes.

"Cool. So you're here to what? Steal my tacos? You can have one, but you're looking kind of fat today." I cringed, seriously considering getting a brain transplant. Dante's stupidity from the day before had obvious affected it.

"Seriously. Don't care. What I do care about is the fact that you're dating Dante Preston-fucking-hot-scott. Because he's mine. I want to have sex with him." Larissa said, spitting on my tacos.

"Did you just- Did you just spit on my Tacos?" I looked at my beloved tacos despairingly.

"Answer the question, Taco Bell."

"DID YOU JUST SPIT ON MY FUCKING TACOS?" I raged, my eyes red. I paid a whole five dollars for those tacos. So I said the meanest thing I knew, "Yes. Yes we are dating." Looking out the outrage on Larissa's face gave me some satisfaction, so I stupidly continued, "We're not just dating, we're having…the sexual intercourse too!"

"NO!" By this time, the whole cafeteria wasn't even pretending to not listen.

"Yes. We do all kinds of things. Like sex on the beach, side-ways kahluas and screaming Gin and Tonics." At this point I was just randomly naming drinks, but Larissa didn't seem to notice. Instead she just shrieked and stormed off.

And as my rage passed, I realised what I'd just done.

I was left with a bad taste in my mouth and six sad tacos.

It was four fifteen in the afternoon and I was hungry and lonely. Pey was in class still and I didn't have enough money to buy food. I was making my twentieth round of the building Pey's class was in, when I ran into HIM.

The devil incarnate, the chilli of all spices, the fruit banana buffet.

"Sharking for some food, sweets?" He asked me in his entire designer clothed, muscular framed, tussle haired gloriousness.

"I'm waiting for Peyton," I shrugged, walking around him to continue my aimless walking cycle. He took that as an invitation to follow me, and so began stalking my delightfulness with his domineering shadow.

"So, Jared told me that you told Larissa Whore-tell we're doing the dirty." I heard him smirk from behind me.

"She spat on my food." I muttered darkly, wondering when society had become so disturbing. What kind of human being does that to another person? It had to be a crime.

"Tacos, I heard. Sad, sad story." I nodded solemnly as we made another round around the building. At this point he was walking next to me, having given up on that concept known as 'personal space'. "So I guess we're official then. Your lesbian-hooker days are over. How do you feel?"

"I feel dirty." I muttered, "Can't you just tell people what actually happened? I don't want to play your game Dante Preston-fucking-hot-Scott. I want to marry Alec Vanders and have delightful children with him." Dante gave me a strange look.

"Oh sweets. I wish I could, I really do," Dante sighed, throwing a large arm around my shoulders. "But as it is, I actually don't want to. Not at least until I have a pair of your panties in my drawer."

"Wow. So you're a classy guy."

"The classiest. Now, how about you and I go for some celebratory tacos. And maybe some rough sex. Your whole, 'I'm angry at you for making up lies' is a turn on."

I stared at the strange alien head that had somehow once resembled a human. This Dante Preston-Scott person was becoming stranger and stranger to me every hour that I became more acquainted with him. Obviously he had been kidnapped by mutant aliens and forced to adopt their ways.

"I'll take the tacos. But if you touch me, I'll rip your cojones off with a mouse trap."

I saw a glint of something terrifying on his eyes, and suddenly he grabbed me by my hips and pressed me into the brick building with his own. I could feel some fairly weird stuff happening down there, and quite a bit of aggressive pressure building from his end. My obviously not aroused brain helped him by wrapping my legs around his torso. It was so I could lure him into a false sense of security and then drain him of his blood. Obviously.

"If you want to keep your panties to yourself then you shouldn't talk dirty to me like that," Dante whispered into my ear, he then added sickeningly, "Just so you know, I do things to you in my head."

The devil DID things to me? That did it. I punched him square on his devil jaw. Albeit, not enough to break anything, there wasn't enough space for me to do that, but enough to get him to put me down.

Except it didn't. Because he was a freak and I kept forgetting.

"Sweets," Dante smirked, thrusting his hips again against mine for emphasis, "You don't seem to get it, so I'll make it clear." At this point all I could see was white, he had a giant ruler stashed in his pants and it was creating happy little monkeys all over my shivering body, "I love it when you hit me, I love it when you punch me. You're going to have to do something much worse to hurt me."

"Stop! Stop doing that to me with your devil lips and your sex pants. I don't want any of it. I just want tacos. AWAY FROM ME SATAN!" I angrily squirmed, my movement, forcing Dante to put me down.

"Fine. I'll get you tacos as promised. But you're still my girlfriend, and now that everyone knows, you're going to act like it. Unless you want to stay a lesbian who does tricks for food."

"I'm not a lesbian! And I don't whore it up for food OR money! What is wrong with you? AND this University! Why doesn't anyone believe me?"

"Because they like me better. I mean, look at me. I'm a god. I'm hot, smart, successful, I dress well, the list is endless. And look at you. You're…well…you."

"Thanks. You must have a vendetta against my self esteem."

"Aw, sweets. Don't be like that. You're a babe, you've got a great ass. I bet it'd look even better with me drilling-"

"If you continue that sentence, I won't let you buy me tacos." I demanded, walking back to the cafeteria.

"Fine. Fine," Dante walked after me, catching up quickly with his muscled devil legs, "Look, I have a solution to this whole thing. Stick with me for a bit, pretend to be my girl, come to my parties and sit with me during the day and I'll get you closer to Alec. Then you can 'dump' me for him, assuming you seduce him. And if we happen to have sex on the way, it won't be an absolute waste of my time. If we don't, at least I'll get to pretend like we did. What do you say?"

I stopped in my tracks and considered his proposition for the moment. I could be rid of him within a few months and get the Super hottie at the same time. It seemed way too good to be true. If I survived, my reputation would be in shatters. If I refused his offer, I'd have to transfer to a different country. Maybe Mexico: where tacos roamed free. I didn't even have to touch him. We could just arrange a few dates, pretend to get a long, maybe if he behaved I'd even share some of my food with him.

"Ok," I nodded, "As long as you're able to act like a decent human being in public, and you don't harass me after hours…AND give me some alone time to get Vanders to fall for me, then I don't see why not. It's a deal."

And with that, I signed and sealed my soul to the devil.

I should've listened to my God-fearing mother when she told me to never make deals with the devil.

It never turns out as you plan.

This is actually a fairly dirty (and crappy) chapter. Sorry for the swearing and disturbing images…I can't help that my characters are so disgraceful.

So anyway, as of this chapter, I feel like it should be rated 'M', even though it won't get any racier. What do you guys think? And what did you think of the latest update? It will get better...I promise...