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Shane: 16

Sam:19 imprint Emily:19







Brady and Collin:12



Please ignore the SEVERE lack of Twilight knowledge. I'm not an obsessed freak. I hate Bella with passion and I personally think Edward's a creeper.

Hehe. Hope I don't offend you. If I do I'm sorry.

I've only seen the first Twilight movie, but I know enough of the series because both my sisters have read it.


We moved out of La Push seven years ago and never looked back, until now. I can't really wrap my head around why exactly we are returning to the sad life on the reservation, but it's what my mom wants and I'm not one to complain. She has already been through so much since my dad died that I can't possibly take away her last glimmer of happiness with my pathetic whining. I know how much moving back means to her, especially after the news report we saw all the way in California.

Disappearances and murders have been plaguing the areas around La Push for the past few weeks, making everyone apprehensive. Well except me, I could care less about what happens around there. I stopped caring long after we moved to L.A. Long after I realized that thinking about the Quileute was only going to bring me nightmares.

Like I was saying earlier, we're moving back to La Push. No one knows this of course. It's supposed to be a surprise. Who exactly are we trying to surprise I'm not so sure of myself seeing as we had hardly anymore relatives left living on the reservation. Most of them moved after the death of my dad and the tribe leaders.

I don't really want to get into that though. It's not like it's a touchy subject or anything, it's just something I get tired of repeating. Their deaths aren't really of much importance to me-

"Shane!" I jump at the sound of my name.

Turning I stare at the back of my mom's auburn curls as they fall around her shoulders and the front seat. "Yes?" I ask slowly, closing my notebook.

"Will you please not talk out loud to yourself as you write. You know how I feel about hearing your little narrations." Her warm chocolate eyes meet mine or a second from the rearview mirror making me blush like crazy.

"I-I didn't realize I was talking…out…loud. Sorry!" I can feel my cheeks blaze up when she turns and looks at me fully with a wide grin plastered on her face.

"Aw.. My little psycho is embarrassed." The sweetness in her voice makes me cringe and look away. She's been calling me that since I was seven, but it's isn't like I go around killing people. I just have a bad tendency of thinking aloud…and talking to myself…and well you get it!

After a few seconds I look back and see her smirking at me through the rearview, her lips a light red with faded lipstick. She always had to dress up. She'd wear make up no matter what, like it was her addiction. Even if it was 3AM on a Sunday morning and she was only going to take Mr. Twiddles out for a potty break she'd have to do her hair and make up. Why? Because "you'll never know who you'll meet" as she puts it.

"Yes, I do say that a lot don't I?" She giggles, making me blush as deep crimson.

"I have to stop doing that…" I mutter softly, turning back to stare out the window at the passing scenery. Nothing but trees and valleys so far, no reservation and no tiny town. "I swear if we don't get to civilization soon I'm going to commit a really bloody suicide…"

I can feel the stare my mother is giving me, I don't even have to turn to her to know what she's going to say. "I'm kidding mom. I wouldn't commit suicide and I don't want to die." I glance at her from the reflection on the window, waiting for that stupid fake smile she flashes me whenever she is upset….and there it is. My mom is never one to disappoint.

A flash of rusty red from behind the tall trees catches my attention not even a split second later. I crawl across the bad seat to stare out of the opposite window and at the forestry surrounding us. "Did you see that?!" I gasp trying to catch another glimpse of the odd color between the greens and browns of the forest. "I could have sworn I just saw a fucking huge animal!"

My mom laughs, shaking her curls wildly. "Come on Shane, there isn't any mysterious unknown species living anywhere near here. That's just crazy."

"Mom! I swear I just saw something run by us! It was huge and fast! Are you sure that there isn't some mysterious creature secretly thriving off the land like big foot or something?!"

"Shane, please. Big foot leaves no where near here. If he did well, why would he run around a place he could possibly be spotted and captured?! Really, don't be so absurd."

I turn and stare at her, my eyes narrowing slowly. "I'm not crazy! I swear I just saw something!" My voice goes from soft to slightly whiney at that moment, leaving my mom giggling like a mad man behind the wheel.

"Shane, sit down and buckle up. We'll be arriving soon."

By the silence that follows her small statement I know she's serious and there is no room for debate. I sit back against the seat, ignoring the command to buckle my seat belt.

I swear I'm not really crazy! I saw that thing, what ever it was, it was gigantic. Continuing to stare intently at the scenery I noticed a guy walking along the shoulder of the road shirtless! Staring at his back I noticed he was seriously toned. In all my years of life I have never seen someone so built, bronzed, and so absolutely gorgeous. He had short black hair and was only wearing some loose shorts and sneakers….in the winter! The people here a psychotic!

"Hush dear, don't say such things about these people. We're lucky to even be coming back."

I scoff softly, turning away from the gorgeous male as we drive by him rather slowly. A blush rises from my neck to my face as he glances our way. Curse my mother and her cautious personality!

"Hey! Being cautious is nothing to be ashamed of. Plus I know how much you like watching shirtless guys pass by. Thought it would be like a returning home gift if we passed slowly." I see her smirk through the rearview making me twitch.

I had been "out of the closet" for the last three years. At first I was really afraid to tell my mother because I never knew how she'd react, but when she caught me making out with my neighbor Jason Harelly she said was anything but disappointed in me. She had to explain to how she loved me no matter what and so on. Of course I knew the truth, especially when she started giving me those fake smiles. I really haven't seen her smile at me since then. It's always a grin or a smirk, but never anything that gave away her true emotions.

I never minded that she would work long hours or go out with friends so she didn't have to see me, I understood. Of course it still hurts even to this day, but she doesn't have to know. As long as she thinks I'm happy I'm sure she'll be happy too, at least I hope.


Of course it's taking longer then my mom claimed to get to La Push, seeing as how we are still stuck in the middle of no where.

Sighing I lay across the back seat lazily, propping my feet up against the window. Staring at the worn interior our tiny Pontiac I see a flash of another car whizzing by before I feel it. Swerving to the edge of the road my mom gives out a strange shrill scream, giving me a headache and a heart attack all at once.

Finally once on the right shoulder of the road she turns to look at me with huge doe eyes. "That car was so fast!" She bouts in excitement, killing the effects of the near death experience.

"Yeah mom, I'll ask for a lesson when we get accommodated." I reply sarcastically, falling back onto the seat and huffing in a childish way. Closing my eyes I try to focus on something other then the fact that I'm so close to being back on the reservation.

Ignoring the sudden knock on the driver's side window and the quick exchanges between my mom and some stranger I yawn, trying to not think about the opening and closing of doors and forcefully try to keep my eyes closed. Screw curiosity, I'm not going to give my mom the satisfaction of making me feel uncomfortable.

I can't really hear anything now besides the sound of wheels on pavement, which means no one's talking. Which also means it's mom's interrogation time….great…

"So boys, Why may I ask are you half naked and walking around in the middle of February?" This of course catches my attention. Half naked? Walking around? Oh no, she wouldn't….

"Well, we were on our way back to La Push when we saw you swerve. Thought you could use a hand." A smooth definitely male voice replied, sending chills down my spine. He had such a weird tone of voice, almost demanding in every aspect. It was a bit scary.

"Sam Uley, you'll never change." I hear my mom reply warmly, probably giving him that radiant real smile she only denies me of.

"So are you moving back to the reservation?" Just by the under tone in his voice I can tell he's a bit apprehensive of the idea of having two more people in La Push. Why? Who knows I certainly don't, nor do I care. Slowly I open my eyes and stare up at the familiar wide chocolate eyes of Embry Call. One might wonder how I've remembered his name, but it's not a huge secret. I haven't forgotten anyone from La Push. I may not care, but it doesn't mean I'm going to forget.

What was with the wide-eyed stares and shocked expressions these days. Didn't anyone know we were still alive, or did they all decide it was best to pretend we didn't exist?

"Shane!" My mom screeches in embarrassment from behind the wheel. Which means I've gone and said my thoughts out loud again. Just great…