"I've got something to admit to you in all honesty," Evelyn said shyly. She'd been waiting for such a long time to say this, it was getting time, wasn't it? Jesse was about to walk away but turned around with a smile.

"And what is that something?" Evelyn took a deep breath. She knew this was going to be hard, but she had no choice; she'd been waiting for this for months and so much had happened... it was about time she took action.

The silence fmade Jesse feel uneasy and he came closer. He took hold of her shoulders and Evelyn shook involuntarily by his touch, but she knew she'd have to continue.

They're looking, you're in the middle of their attention! Don't let your love life ruin this!

"I'm in love with you, Jesse. For a very long time." Jesses face became all the more happier, exactly like Evelyn had expected it to be. She closed her eyes and waited for the reply.

"I've been wanting to hear that for months."

"Cut!" The director shouted; Samantha and Jason could finally leave their roles of Evelyn and Jesse.

The director was a tall, red-haired woman and always said exactly what she had in mind – and they could always do better. She always directed the Valentine-play every year, but she also did productions outside of the school and she was well-known in the stage-world. She used to attend the school herself and that was why she took the director role.

"I liked the scène between the two of you, but there are things that can be improved. Jason," the blonde guy in front of Samantha looked up, "yes?"

"I thought your reaction on Samantha was a bit too cliché and too sweet. Next time, try make it a little bit less... diabetes-ish. And your last sentence... try to articulate a little better, try really to say 'I've been wanting to hear that for months' instead of 'I'vebeenwaddindohurdeformans'." The other actors laughed, but the director interrupted them.

"Samantha?" Samantha looked up to the director.

"When you say you want to admit something in all honesty... really try to mean it. Don't try to make a joke out of it, try to bring it seriously." Samantha nodded shortly. "By the way, I thought the tremble when Jason touched you very well-acted. Keep it in when we do the play." Samantha's face was shining out of happiness; compliments from the director were rare.

"Time for the next scene! Peter, Sascha..." Samantha didn't hear the rest. She was walking off the stage, together with Jason, and sat down on a chair. She noticed Jason sitting down next to her to look at his big brother, Peter.

The trembling was far from acted. Every time Jason touched her, as Jesse, in the play as he was supposed to be, she felt it coming up once again. Every training it cost her more and more efforts to keep her feelings in, because they were real. She'd love to shout in the middle of the play that she really loved him.

She intentionally tried to make it a joke. She was afraid that if she acted too much straight from the heart, Jason would begin to suspect something and reject her. Obviously, she had way too little courage to ask him.

Jason and Samantha were in the same class, which made both of them know the other a little already; but both of them had their own friends and that was why it took a long time before Samantha even saw Jason standing.

That changed drastically when Jason suddenly moved, but still stayed at the same school – suddenly both of their routes to school crossed and that was why they went to school together from that on. Because of that, Samantha got to know Jason better and better before she realized she was in love with him. She wasn't as sensitive back then for him as she was now, but the Valentine Play was to blame for that. They turned out to share the same passion and since he started to touch her more often both as Jesse and as himself, making her notice she became more and more sensitive for his touch. That realisation wasn't very easy.

If Samantha had listened, she would've heard the director's comment on Peter and Sascha; but Jason had just started talking to her and her heart skipped a beat.

She'd been feeling something for Jason for quite a long time and irony wanted that they both had to declare their love for each other on the stage.

He tells me every day how much he loves me... I only wish he'd mean it, even if it was just once.

They were conversing shortly about hoe they thought the scene went when suddenly the director talked to them.

"Jason, Samantha, I want your scene once more. Think about what I had just told you."

"I've got something to admit to you in all honesty, Jesse," Samantha – no, Evelyn – said shyly. Again, she heard the words that he had said shortly ago and she caught herself on waiting until he had finished talking – she had fallen out of her role, stupidly enough.

"And what is that something?" Samantha as Evelyn took a deep breath. She trembled shortly and was too afraid she'd say something she didn't want to say, or do something else that was incredibly stupid.

The usual silence came, but Samantha had forgotten her lines. She didn't remember them as soon as Jason touched her shoulders and she trembled once again – heavier than the first time, this time. She took a deep breath and tried to remember her lines; but they had gone lost in her memory... it was something with long... very long...

Jason started to stare at Samantha and tell her with his eyes that right now, she really needed to hurry up. When that didn't help, he whispered the first word and Samantha sighed a sigh of relief. Her lips trembled when she said what she had to say.

"I've been in love with you f-for a very long time, Jason..." His eyes widened and Samantha mentally cursed herself.

"No! No! I mean… Jesse… why do your names look that much alike anyway?!" She cursed loudly while she went through her hair with her left hand in a frustrated manner. She had fallen out of her role completely.

"Just stop, this is not going to work," the director said and she sighed deeply. "I suggest we take a short break. For fifteen minutes, you can walk around freely, do whatever you feel like. Samantha, I want to talk to you for a sec." Samantha nodded. She realized it was about the failure she was responsible for and was already expecting a lecture.

She was walking to the small table of the director, but she said she had to go into the wings behind the stage and that she'd follow her as soon as possible.

Once she had arrived there she was sitting down on a small table the school owned, that incidentally ended up there. She sighed and cursed herself mentally once more; she just wanted to act, that was her passion, why did she have to end up being in love with her lover?!

After five minutes she recognized the long figure of the director and she sat a little straighter.

She had expected some kind of lecture, but she grabbed a chair for her long legs and sat down on the table next to Samantha. The black-haired girl took a deep breath, ready for anything that would be fired in her direction...

"For how long have you been in love with Jason?" Samantha choked in her own breath – she didn't even know that was possible – and coughed while her eyes widened, dumbfounded.

The director tilted her head while she waited for an answer, but Samantha needed a little time to regain her breath before she could answer.

"Is it really that obvious?"

The director laughed shortly. "I think the entire cast is aware of it by now, sweetheart." Samantha's heart skipped a beat. "Except for Jason, I think..." the long red-haired woman mumbled shortly. "But what is the answer to my question?" Samantha hesitated shortly.

"I think... for half a year?" The director nodded shortly.

"You'll probably be very pissed that the two of you happen to be in those exact two roles." Samantha nodded while she confirmed what the director said. "Isn't it getting time you're going to take action?" The girl shook her head.

"I don't have the guts..."

"If you want to, I can place you in a little less... tough role. Eline is willing to change with you."

"NO!" Samantha shouted angrily; when she realized she had shouted, she apologized.

"I mean... I know my lines, I know I can do it!" It was silent again for a short time. Again, it was silent for a short while.

"Then don't try to let your feelings get the better of you, like just happened. Or I'll be forced to put you in another role." The director walked away while she angrily said she really needed a cigarette.

Samantha felt the tears popping up in her eyes; she didn't want to lose that role. She didn't want to look at Eline who would be hugged passionately by Jason, her Jason. Evelyn was HER role, she wasn't planning on losing it by some kind of stupid crush.

That day, Samantha put her feelings behind her and after having trained once more with Jason, she acted the scene flawless, to her own surprise, and the director's surprise as well.

But she knew when to take action.

She had already told herself when and where she would do so...

The auditorium of the school filled slowly with parents, brothers, sisters, grandpas, grandmas and other people that the actors knew well – and, of course, a lot of other people who were at the same school. Samantha herself was in a conversation with her parents about how often she had to repeat her lines and how hard acting could be – she knew it best of all.

She saw Jason, with his big brother, welcoming his parents and his little sister and had to take a deep breath to make sure she could stop thinking about him.

She felt an older actor touch her and tell her she had to go to the wings, and she obliged.

While getting there, she passed Jason, who smiled at her shortly – but it got even worse when he touched her shoulder briefly. He wished her good luck and walked to his own spot – the other wing – but she didn't hear that anymore. For what seemed like the millionth time, she cursed herself.

If it goes wrong now already, how will it go when he will touch BOTH your shoulders?

She took a deep breath, realizing she had no choice.

She had planned to take action today – she'd been waiting for way too long, it was getting time she finally asked him. Who knows, maybe she'd never get such a chance like today. She told herself to do it after the play, because then it wouldn't influence her acting.

But she knew that asking him wasn't going to be easy.

Samantha had done most of her scenes and the play was nearing its end. She sat down in the left wing, all alone. She went through her hair with both her hands, something she always did whenever she felt nervous. Today was going to be the big day and she wasn't and was looking forward to it at the same time. Love can be a strange thing.

She thought about it once more and realized how stupid it all was. It was the Valentine play, it was February the 14th and she was going to ask him on Valentines Day. She had fallen in love with someone who played her lover on stage and she was going to ask him on Valentines Day.

She shook her head and knew she would probably never bring up the courage anyway. She'd always been a coward when it came to love and this was no exception.

"Samantha? It's your turn!" Sascha just exited the stage and Samantha smiled at him.

"Thanks." It was finally time to do the horrible scene that went so wrong that one time...

"I have to admit something to you in all honesty, Jesse," Samantha said as Evelyn and surprised herself about how fluent that went. Jesse turned around, like he had done so many times, although he had wanted to walk away.

"And what is that something?" Evelyn took a deep breath, like it said in the script. She'd been waiting for this for months, she silently told herself in her mind, trying to get back into her role. That sort of worked.

After the usual silence, Jesse took hold of her shoulders and Evelyn took a deep breath while she was finally allowed to say those words.

"I'm in love with you, Jesse. For a very long time." Jesses face became all the more happier, as Evelyn had expected. She shook her eyes and waited for the reply.

"I've been wanting to hear that for months."

The scene was over and both walked off the stage on the same side. The play was almost over now and they only had to come back for their last scene together, and after that, the big final.

The two of them sat down on the two tables in the wings – where Samantha had talked to the director – and a short silence fell between them. There was no-one else right there, it was just the two of them.

"How do you think it was going?" Jason finally broke the silence. Samantha shortly shrugged.

"I thought it went okay, not too well and not too bad either," she replied and she saw Jason smile.

"I thought you did good." Samantha became warm inside, but ignored the feeling. She was too busy with the conflict in her head – she had told herself to ask him after the play. Wasn't this a better moment?

She was alone with him now. Perhaps she'd never get such a chance again, wasn't it time to take action? To do that right now?

Jason was silent and looked away, apparently not being troubled by inner conflict. That bothered her.

From the stage she heard sounds that showed the scene before theirs was starting, in which Peter and Sascha were. She had to be quick, but she couldn't find the courage... would she ever get such a moment again? Would she ever be able to be this alone with Jason and ask him?

She decided to ignore her doubts and talked to him, while she felt her face getting hotter and hotter, indicating she was becoming redder and redder.

"Jason..." she said hesitatingly.

"Yes?" he replied, still looking away, and she couldn't get any emotions out if it. It was now or never.

"Something's bothering me... something I've been wanting to tell you for a long, long time…"

"Yes?" Jason said annoyed. Samantha mentally talked to herself, trying to give herself more courage than she had.

What you just did on the stage... you didn't let your emotions get in the way of what you wanted to say. If you can do that there... how about you do the same right here?

Samantha ignored her emotions.

"I'm terribly, incredibly, horribly in love with you. For over half a year." She heard Jason laugh humourlessly – she feared rejection, but what he answered was mean in another way.

"I've been wanting to hear that for months, Evelyn." Samantha made her hands fists out of anger while she heard Peter and Sascha starting at their last lines.

"That's not what I mean! I'm not joking!" She put her hands on her cheeks and moved his head so he was looking at her. It might have been a little harsh, but she wanted him to look at her. That he saw her.

"I love you, Jason. I'm not making a joke here, I'm dead serious. I love you. You as Jason, me as Samantha. I'm not acting right now."

She shook his shoulders for emphasis and it was silent for a short while. Shyly, Samantha looked down, afraid for his face if he rejected her.

"I've been wanting to hear that for months," Samantha wanted to sigh in a frustrated manner when Jason finished his sentence, "Samantha."

For a short while, she didn't understand the value of that sentence, but when she realized what he had said she looked up in Jasons incredibly happy eyes and saw the blonde, cute boy smiling.
She had never felt so happy.

They slowly wanted to start their first kiss when Peter and Sascha suddenly shouted at them.

"What the hell are you doing? Get on stage now!" They shared a short look and both, with a loud beating heart, walked to the podium, walking hand in hand, working on their last scene.

Both noticed acting wasn't necessary.

The very last scene was done and the courtains closed while a loud wave of applause rose from the audience and the actors gathered. Slowly, they entered the stage one by one, the main characters at the end.

Of course, those main characters were Evelyn and Jesse.

When it was their turn, they bowed deeply and Jason did something unexpected with Samantha – he kissed her on her cheek. Gently, Samantha pulled him closer while the applause didn't seem to want to stop.

With a deep bow, all the actors said goodbye to the crowd and Samantha made, her right hand in Jasons and her left hand in Peters, a deep bow, very, very happy.

She had been on stage more often, but this was the best, no doubt.

While Jason kissed her on the cheek once more – like that, on the stage, as if they cared – she winked to the director.

She winked back and Samantha knew it just couldn't get any better.

This was her best play ever.

Author's Note: Just something I felt like writing as a special Valentine-one-shot =) I hope you liked it, please leave a review! Edited at 7-13-2010; fixed a few minor spelling and grammar mistakes pointed out. Thanks for your work, lookingwest!