Sorry I'm Not Sorry

by, Cassandra

Sorry to disappoint you,
but I'm not here to tell
you that I'm sorry.

I wanted to take this time
to tell you something that
has been a long time coming.

(since you're tied up and all,
it's as good as time as any...

Once upon a time,
you made me feel.
Alive. Deprived.
Revived. Denied.

You made me feel
forgotten, and used,
and fragile, and so


Who are you
to make me feel
that I'm not

Who are you?

I am bright,
and beautiful.

I am right, and
light, and for
once in my life...

I'm not ashamed.

Invisible is out the door.
I bleed for you no more.
Fading is so yesterday.
I will not disappear.

Once upon a time,
you made me want
to cry, and hide,
and not fight.

That just ain't right.

Cause I am strong,
and I am words
that cut and bruise
and heal and light
up the world with

Smile for my camera, babe.

I used to shake and break,
and wish I could measure up
to what you wanted out of
this life you created.

You know, the dust and dirt
you dragged through the door,
and the skeletons you stored
away in my closest.

Sorry, but that's not what I want.

I want bold and unique.
If I cry, it's going to be
because I'm h.a.p.p.y.

I'm sorry you'll never know
how that feels, but I'm not
sorry I washed my hands.

You made me feel stupid,
and, love, that's one thing
I am most surely not.

I am bright and
I am beautiful.

And this girl...
she'll change the
world one day.

Just you wait and see.