First and Finest

by, Cassandra

I've been sitting around,
trying to figure out what I've
been missing all this time.

Let me tell you;
it wasn't you.

See, I thought if I could
have someone of my own
to hold on to...

I'd be complete. Whole.
Brand spanking new.

Turns out the only person
I was fooling was myself.
Funny how that works out.

I thought you'd give me
some kind of purpose.

You didn't. All you did
was take away my

I became the
"next best thing."

Cause second best is all
a girl like me could ever
hope for, isn't that right?

Like hell, sweetheart.
Not in this lifetime.

I am first and finest.
I am the fucking mold.
There's no one else like me.

Don't try to fool yourself.
You'll never find another.

Cause, love, when it comes to
what I bring, second best
is all you could ever hope for.