When: Sunday, February 14, 2010

Time: 12:26am

Your fingers are like needles

Tracing across my skin

Leaving bloody lines down my arms

And across my cheek like they tend

To do every time.

Your eyes are like fire

Burning intensely into me

Judging and hot and cold

Never allowing me to be free

From their captivating gaze.

Your hair is like clouds

Luring me into its fluff

Letting me fall through it

And letting me succumb to the trust

As I fall to my doom.

Your scent is like the sun

I could stand it for hours

But it would eventually burn

With the intensifying power

That is has over me.

Your skin is like glass

Cutting sharply into me with every touch

But I keep going back for more

Because I know it'll always be too much

For me to even handle.

Your lips are like water

I go to make contact

And they just go right through me

So easy I have to make sure I'm intact

But always pick up the pieces anyway.

You are like the sky

I can see you whenever I wish

But when I reach out for you

It's impossible, this hug, this kiss

Because you are intangible.