I Bet You Get A Lot Of This

Do you find this entertains?

Do you wish to find a poem

Like a needle in the loam

That you read for just a minute

And you love to see what's in it

Even though to find a rhythm it just strains?

Sifting through a billion words

By students with the brains of birds

Do you wish we had the time

To compose a better rhyme

Not just writing for the money

We'd come up with something funny

You'd remember and forget

That you're just halfway through yet

Of the endless stack of papers

You must grade for all us fakers

Even though the weight of it now pains?

Please tell me within this lot

I'm not the only smartass tot

Writes a poem to the teacher

With a self-effacing feature

And a jibe strewn here and there

At English students everywhere

But just like a classic song

I find this joke has gone too long

So for now I'll bid adieu

But this is really my debut

When I'm done you'll find the humor still remains.