I'm watchin' Sis go pitter pat

Little boy blue sits blind in the theater

He hears the words, ignores the meter

He just sits and wonders how to stand

Then he lights up the room with a purple hand

Said I can do that

His pair of red feet branch to ten burning toes

That warm him, legs up to glowing nose

Bright coals in his eyes of indigo

Blast golden fire, melt the flowering snow

I can do that

He hangs a green torch from a mercury chain

That commands wind and controls the rain

Earth and dust leap and twist through the air

But only get caught in his long orange hair

Knew every step right off the bat

Sees the yellow sun invade the sky tonight

Bends a finger just to steal its light

The diamond stars are already gone

He went and ate them all in a single yawn

Said I can do that

Spins all the colors round him just for a whirl

Lets them go just to watch them all swirl

He sees the trapped rainbow spinning free

Hey there, little boy blue, I'm guessing you're me

I can do that