When: February 14, 2010

Time: 5:43pm

You stomp your foot into the ground

Right next to their bleeding heads

A smirk crawling up your face

When you're sure they're dead.

You laugh in their faces

When their tears cascade down

And once they run out of tears

You make sure they drown.

You laugh until your throat goes dry

Then you stand high and smile

Watching all the destruction you have caused

Blood, misery, death for miles.

Then you take a step forward

Seeing nothing left for you here

Feel something beneath your foot

That brings shivers to you of fear.

You scream as you fall

Clutching your chest in pain

As you try desperately to save

Your ruined heart in vain.

You look around for help

But remember what you did

You wrote your own horror story

And it couldn't be more morbid.

Your eyes close a little more

As your breath leaves you

You've never felt such pain before

Such loneliness so true.

Then as you take that final breath

Questioning who exactly you're blaming

You find there is no you

And there was only ever me.