The beautiful sea that lies before me
the ocean salty scent invading my senses

The sun setting on the burning horizon
I am sitting on the moisten sand

Feet hidden beneath the warm earth
toes wrapped around the remains of decaying shells

The wind brushing against me
it coolness welcomed

The warmed ocean water coming into contact with my ankle
taking away the layer of sand that rested upon it

Vision wandering back to the scene before me
dazzled by bright star rising steadily in the distance

Bright glow shining off the surface of the water
the sky filled with collections of light purple, red, and orange

The islands that surround the cape
each populated with lush greens and dazzling lights

Carmel sand filling the endless shore
faint heart beats of the waves that advance and retreat back and forth

With a warm calm breeze, I stand
gazing over the beauty that lies before me

Glancing over my shoulder, my hut composed of palm leaves greets me
my garden fruitful with plants and food faithfully stands beside my home

Once again my eyes wander back to the sunrise
its rays bringing warmth to my face

I gently lay down in the sand with my arms intertwined behind my head
I slowly close my eyes and smile

This is my inner world;
this is my island of peace