Alright, this is a weird story I wrote when I was really bored. I'm not actually sure when I wrote this exactly, because I found it today in my computer. It's a little confusing to read, but I think it's funny. Anyway, enjoy!

The Story of I, You, Me, Anybody, Everyone, Everyone Else, Not, No, A Hornet, We, My, What, Friends, and more.

I: Hello, everyone!

Everyone: Why not say "Hi" to everyone else, too?

Everyone Else: Why only me?

Me: Yeah, say hi to me, too!

Everyone Else: You know whom I meant.

You: I do? She does?

She: No I don't.

I: no I don't. I am I!

Everyone Else: I meant me. As in I meant blah blah blah, me.

Me: Yeah! I know!

I: no, I don't!!!!

Me: You don't?

You: Yes I do!

I: no I don't!

You: Yes I do!

I: no I don't!

You: Yes I do!

I: no I don't! I am I. You are you. (Points to Everyone) and you are Everyone.

You: No I'm not.

I'm: Of course I'm not.

Not: You aren't me!

You: Of course not!

Me: I'm not you!

I: I'm certainly not.

Certainly Not: No, you aren't.

Not: No you aren't.

No: I am?

I: I. AM. I!!!!!!!!!!!

You: I'm not Aren't!

Aren't: I'm not I. She's I!

She's: No, I'm not.

No: Why are you talking to me?

Why: No.

No: What?

You: I'm not talking to me. I'm talking to No!

I'm: I'm NOT!

Why: What?

Right: What?

What: what?

Everyone: STOP SAYING 'WHAT'!!!!!!!!!!

What: I like hearing people say my name!

People: I didn't say anything.

I: Right.

Right: What?

What: What?

My name: You said 'what'.

Anything: Yeah.

Yeah: What?

What: What?

I: SHUT UP!!!!!!!

Shut Up: What?!

What? What?


Everybody: I didn't say anything.


Anything: did you say my name?

My name: no, you said my name.

You: I didn't say anything.

I: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just said AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: You sure did!

Did: What?

What: What?

You: I didn't do anything.

I: I was so cheerful when I came here. Now I'm all mad!

All Mad: I'm All Mad!

I'm: No, I'm not.

Not: I'm not!

I'm: No. I'm I'm.

Not: Oh.

Oh: What?

What: What?

I: Goodbye. I'm leaving this room!

Goodbye: Tell the other people too.

The Other People: Don't worry, I heard.

Don't: Why should I worry?

I: Because I'm mad as a hornet!

A Hornet: I'm not mad.

Not mad and I'm: Right!

Right: What?

What: What?

This Room: You didn't come to me in the first place.

You: Yes, I'm right here!

I'm: Right Here is there.

There: I'm There!

I'm: No.

No: What?

What: What?

You: Hey, where's I?

Where's: No I'm not.

I'm: I'm not Not.

Hey: Don't ask me.

Me: Hey!

Hey: what?

What: What?

She: Can we be friends again?

We: I was always friends.

Friends: I'm friends!

I'm: I'm I'm!

I: I'm I!

I'm: No, I'm not. And HEY, I thought you left.

Hey: I didn't leave.

I: I know. I'm still here.

I'm: Right!

Right and Leave: What?

What: What?

I'm: Nothing.

Nothing: Huh?

Huh: Did you say something?

You: No, I didn't.

I: I am I!

You: I'm still here.

Still Here: No!

Here: I'm here.

I'm: I'm I'm!

No: Okay.

Not: I'm Not!

I'm: I'm I'm!

You: Right!

Right: What?

What: What?

I'm: You're What.

You're: No, I'm not.

No: Why are you telling me?

Me: He's not.

He's: Right!

Right: what?

What: What?

Why: I'm not.

I'm: I'm I'm!

Not: I'm Not.

I'm: I'm I'm!!!!

Me: YES! You are.

Yes: what?

What: what?

You: I am what?

I: I AM I!!!!!!!!!!

You: (whispers to Do) Do you get the feeling she's not talking about us?

Do: Yes, I do. I think she's actually just talking in normal language.


Everybody in room: Ooooooohh…

I: Now that you understand, can we have a normal conversation?

Now: What?

That: What?

You: What?

Understand: What?

Can: What?

We: What?

Have: What?

A: What?

Normal: What?

Conversation: What?

What: What?

I: …

The End


The: What?

End: What?

What: What?

Confusing, right? Well, was it funny? :3