Note from Cujo: Okay, normally I'm not into the whole "Valentine's Day" thing. I strongly dislike all the hearts and pink and red and white and frills they throw all over the place; it's revolting. I'm just using this day as an excuse to write something smutty and fluffy with Dareynn and Anthony.

So, enjoy.

WARNING: SLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

//Dareynn and Anthony © to me.//


I sighed, leaning back against the wall. Today had been like any other day, only it had seemed a lot worse. I hadn't seen Anthony at all, which was really odd for a weekend. I hated Sundays. The first day of the week, it always brought some form of pain. Emotional, physical…whatever it was, I was sure to endure it.

My thin fingers toyed with the laces of the shoes I hadn't bothered to remove, twisting and tugging at them relentlessly. I couldn't deny that I was anxious; where was he? He never just vanished like this; he always told me when he had to go somewhere. At least, he did when he was going to be gone for an extended period of time.

What if he was hurt? I wouldn't be able to stand that.

Closing my eyes, I shoved away all the horrific images flashing before me. If I let myself think about that, I'd be tormented all night, whether Anthony was fine or not. I'd let my window open, like always, hoping he'd come over.

I was just beginning to doze off when I heard the quiet squeak from the rusty hinge on my window; I looked up quickly, wondering if Anthony would be able to see me from where he was. I was on the opposite side of the room, hidden by the bed. (And clothed in all black on top of that.)

Anthony climbed through the window easily, his light hair framing his face instead of pulled back into his basic two-inch ponytail. He wasn't wearing a shirt, which wasn't really odd for him. The crazy guy preferred going without one, his reasoning being something about scratchy material. His eyes searched my room, his expression falling as his vision glanced over me. "Dareynn?" he whispered, his voice barely breaking the silence of the night.

"Here," I responded just as quietly, a small smile playing across my face as Anthony's expression lit up.

He crossed the room quickly, leaving my window open. It wasn't cold out, so I didn't mind. He crawled over the bed, sinking down onto the floor next to me. He leaned against me, his body warm against my own. He always seemed to be warmer than I was. (He liked to tell me I had a black soul, and that was why I was so cold. I just responded by saying that he spouted too many rainbows to be chilly.)

"I'm sorry I was gone all day," he said. "My mom and I went to visit relatives. I didn't think we'd be there so long. Valentine's Day is such a pain." I could tell without looking at him that he'd rolled his eyes. (Even if I was looking at him, I probably wouldn't have been able to see him all that well; it was dark.)

"Valentine's Day?" I repeated, feeling like a parrot. I hadn't even known what day it was until he'd said that. I felt him nod, his light hair brushing up against my own dark locks. "Oh… Guess I forgot."

He chuckled. "I knew you would. You always forget 'silly' holidays like these." He was teasing me now, his voice light. He knew I didn't like all the cheeriness that everyone seemed to be infected with when these types of things rolled around. It was ridiculous, really; the idea of a naked baby with wings and a bow shooting people in the butt with heart-shaped arrows. Who came up with this stuff? It was just about enough to make you gag.

Silence settled between us, though it wasn't uncomfortable. I let my head fall against his shoulder, my eyelids drooping as my body remembered that it had almost been asleep before he'd come.

I felt him shift slightly, his hand brushing my bangs away from my face. "Dareynn?"

I sat up, thinking he was going to leave. "Hm?"

"Happy Valentine's Day," he whispered, leaning forward and closing the gap between us, pressing his lips to mine softly.

A kiss being the last thing I expected, my eyes widened significantly before closing, returning the slight pressure. Anthony's hand slid into my hair, his fingers knotting around the dark strands as he held me to him. Groaning quietly as Anthony dragged his teeth across my lip, I pulled him closer to me.

If this was his way of saying goodbye, I didn't want him to leave.

We were as close as we could possibly be without being on top of one another, his free hand clutching at my shoulder. He pulled back for a moment, his breath slightly ragged, the heated air ghosting over my face and sending shivers down my spine. "Love you," he mumbled, his lips meeting mine again.

I let him kiss me until I saw colors spinning behind my eyelids from lack of air, forcing myself to pull away from his soft lips. I leaned over by his ear, my tongue flicking out briefly against his lobe before I nibbled at the soft flesh. "Love you too," I replied, and I felt him smile against my neck, his arms sliding around me in an embrace.

I guess Valentine's Day wasn't all that bad…

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