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Chapter 1

My legs ached terribly, though honestly how could I expect them not too? I'd been sitting in this damn chair for… what? Three days now? They didn't even let me up to pee. The room I sat in was barren and smelly with no light source or company. Nothing but the stupid uncomfortable chair I sat in. Every once in a while I could hear people outside the door, my kidnappers.

This wasn't the first time this had happened. My family was rich, so we were a target for a lot of gangs, and I was the easiest one to get to. I was the weakest in my family, you see. My body is weak, fragile, I got sick nearly every other week. I was an easy target. In fact I probably had pneumonia while I sat in that damn chair.

I lifted my head as the door opened to my cell, blowing my blond hair out of my face. I was so tired, I could barely keep my eyes open as some big guy crossed the room towards me. I was hungry and thirsty too, so I was just barely functioning, as the guy untied me. He dragged me into the next room, and tied me to another chair. I was too weak to do anything but sit still.

The next thing I hear is my mom's voice talking to me frantically. "Derek? Derek honey are you ok?" She cries out. I realize someone's holding a phone to my ear, and I really want to comfort my mom and tell her I'm fine. My throats so dry though, and my heads not too clear, so I don't say anything till the guy holding the phone hits me on the shoulder.

"Hey mom," I croak out. My voice sounds like I just woke up, even though I haven't been able to sleep the entire time I've been here.

"Derek! Don't worry baby, you're going to be ok, alright?" She says, sobbing. I think she might have said something else, but the guy takes the phone away from my ear and starts talking to her. I think I went unconscious for a while after that, because the next thing I know is I'm being thrown into a car. Being driven to another location.

I've long since realized that these aren't the amateur kidnappers I used to get all the time, these guys are the real deal. I just hope my father knows that, and got the cops involved. I know its false hope though, because my dad would never deal with cops.

You see, we don't really come by our money legally.

We drove for a long time, and I laid my head against the window, watching all the happy people as we went by them. I wished that I could be poor and happy like them. I wished I could have a normal relationship with a girl that doesn't want to take my money. I wished I could be cool like my older brother, who would be inheriting the family business, and I wished I could be less cold so I could make friends. I wished I was strong like my dad, so I wouldn't be in this situation right now.

We stop behind an abandoned building on the outskirts of town, where all the homeless people go to sleep during the rainy days. But it's not raining now, so I know there's no one there to help me. One guy stays in the car with me while two others get out, and it takes me a minute to realize they're taking off the plates. So whoever's coming to pay them won't be able to track the car.

When they're done, they grab a set a cloths out of the trunk and toss them at me, telling me to change. I struggle to do so, embarrassed as they watch my every movement. I couldn't wait till this was over. After I finished they tied my arms behind me, and my ankles together, setting me on the hood of the car. We waited for what seemed like a long time, but I'm not really sure about the time. Finally after decades of sitting on the hood, someone came around the corner of the building. They were dressed in a black hoodie, and jeans, the hood pulled over their head.

They stopped not turning to look at us for a moment, simply staring at the darkened sky. I wasn't really sure if the sun was setting or rising, but the person seemed to enjoy the view.

After a moment I figured he or she wasn't the person who was going to pay these guys for my release. They turned though, looking at us, tipping their head in curiosity. They twisted and started towards us, the hood of their jacket shadowing their face.

"You Shadow?" one of my kidnappers asked.

The person's shoulders rose an fell with a sigh, as they reached up to pull back the hood. "I'm Shadow," came a very soft voice. I realized this Shadow person was a girl, as strands of black and blond hair fell out of the hood and down her shoulders. She had an intense look in her green eyes, like none I'd ever seen before. She had a beautiful face, like an angel, and skin a model would die for.

One of the guys beside me whistled, before he was quickly shut up with a slap to the face.

"Where's the money?" the biggest guy asked.

Shadow looked at him, as if gauging him, before she smiled. "You mean… you're payment?" She asked, her voice delicate, yet… sly and excited.

"Yeah, bitch," He growled out. "Where the hell is it?"

"You want your payment?" She asked, giggling. "Ok then." I blinked at that point, wondering why she didn't get on with it, until I heard an explosion. I jumped, as the guy fell to the ground. I tried to make my brain function, as I stared at the bleeding hole in his head, but I honestly couldn't figure it out. Till I looked back at Shadow, and saw the gun that had magically appeared in her hand.

She smiled devilishly, as the other two guys scurried to cover behind the car. One guy peeked around the car, holding a gun of his own, aiming to shoot the girl who had no cover. He didn't even get to pull the pull the trigger before his own head had a bullet hole through it.

It was only at that point I realized I should get out of the line of fire. So I rolled myself off the hood of the car, and face down into the gravel road. Not my smartest idea ever, but I felt safer. Next I heard two more gun shots, and giggling.

Two tennis shoe covered feet stepped up beside my head, and I look up into those green eyes, that danced with darkness. "Time to get up little rich boy," Shadow purred, reaching down to pull me up by the back of my shirt. Next thing I know she's grabbed onto my legs and thrown me over her shoulder like a bag of grain. "Your momma will be so happy to see you safe," She said, turning and starting to walk, "I wonder if I'll get a bonus for keeping this so short! After all I did complete it in half the time arranged. Just don't throw up on me, 'kay?" She said, patting my ass with her other hand. My last though before I passed out was, "What a weird girl."


I groaned, blinking. Where was I? I sat up, and realized I was in my own bed. Thank God. I rubbed my temples as my brain ached. I felt pretty good otherwise though. I flung the covers off myself, and stared around the room.

Nothing had changed since I'd been gone. My room was still overly clean, all the furniture matching the white and blue theme I had going. It was devoid of any personal belongings so it looked like it had come straight out of one of those home room design magazines. It was pretty sad really, but I didn't care enough to change it.

I had thought my mom would come busting through the door at any second and smother me with love and concern, but she didn't. So I decided to take a shower.

I crawled out of bed, and crossed the room to the door that lead to my bathroom. The bathroom was simple and overly clean, like my bedroom, which also held nothing a regular bathroom would. It looked like no one really used it.

I stripped out my sweatpants and boxers, wondering who'd put them on me, as I came face to face with my reflection. I glared at the skinny pale boy in the mirror, whose features where thin yet beautiful. My blue-gray eyes stared back at me, looking cold and empty. I looked away from the mirror, and turned the shower on, before climbing in.

The hot water relaxed me almost instantly, something I'd needed desperately. The horrors of what I'd had to go through those three days still haunted the edges of my mind. Somehow, it was all cloudy though, and I couldn't make heads or tails of any of it.

After a while I got out, and dressed back into my sweatpants, since I'd forgotten to bring new close in the bathroom with me. By now I was sure my mother would be waiting for me, pacing in my room, or sitting on the bed tapping her foot.

But she wasn't there.

My stomach complained loudly, so I pulled on a t-shirt, and left my room in search of food. I was headed down the hallway stairs when I heard people talking in my father's study. It sounded like they were arguing. I wondered how my parents could already be in a fight after I'd just gotten home from being kidnapped and tortured. Well… not tortured exactly.

I turned and knocked on the door of the study before opening it. The arguing stopped, and all eyes turned on me. I could see dad sitting behind his desk, and mom was pacing in front of it. My brother Peter was standing beside the bookshelves watching the arguing. Then, standing beside the window was Shadow, staring through the glass.

"Derek!" My mother shrieked, running to me, and engulfing me in her tiny arms, her red hair blinding me as she tucked my head in the crook of her neck.

"Hey Mom," I answered.

"Oh honey I was so worried about you! And when Lila brought you home unconscious I nearly had a heart attack! Are you feeling ok?" She asked, taking a step back, and holding her hand to my head.

"I'm fine mom," I said, swatting her hand away.

I looked over at my father, as my mother stepped back. He was glaring at me, his green eyes sharp and harsh, his blond hair slicked back. My brother looked like his twin. "Welcome back Derek," He said, but his voice was harsh and cold. He was probably mad at me for getting myself kidnapped. "We were just talking about you."

My mother quickly interrupted. "Your father thinks you need that assassin to watch over you!" Mother said, glaring over at Shadow. She twisted a little to look back at me over her shoulder, her eyes intense and calculating. It was hot as hell.

"With all due respect Miss Branden," She said, looking back at the window. "The boy is weak. If not me, then you should find someone to watch out for him. He's helpless as a child!"

"Don't you talk about my baby like that," my mom hissed, hugging me to her chest.

"Whether you like it or not Marie, I'm hiring her," Father said, glaring at both of us. "And that's final." I hated it when he said those words. It always meant he was mad… really mad. "Now everyone get out of my office," He said, standing, and glaring at everyone in the room.

Me and mom where the first ones out, Shadow was the last. She didn't look the least bit concerned as she took her time crossing the room to the door and shutting it behind her as she left. I wondered if she knew what my father was capable of.

My brother gave me a quick, "Welcome back bro," before heading off down the hall like I'd only gone out for a game of baseball.

My mother started talking with me, asking questions about my health, as we walked down stairs to the kitchen. I jumped when I turned around and saw Shadow stalking us.

"Go away Lila," My mom hissed, when she noticed my reaction and turned to see Shadow.

"With all due respect Miss Branden, I have a job that must be upheld, and that is watching over your son," She said, lacing her hands behind her.

My mother almost said something, but I interrupted. "Your names Lila?" I asked, watching her. I hadn't seen her in tight cloths yet, I noticed she had huge boobs, a tiny waist, nice hips. Could this chick get any hotter?

She giggled at my question, and maybe my ogling. "My cover name is Lila," She answered. She smiled, like she knew a dirty secret and planned to use it to some evil gain. She tipped her head to the side, gazing at my mother for a moment, before twisting on her heels. "Fine, I'll leave you be for this one day, and tomorrow I start on my contract. Ta-ta," She said, and disappeared like a tendril of smoke.

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