swallow my tears,

feeling them harshly against my throat,

i won't let them pass,

i can't let them pass,


and i dig my fingers into my palms,

i want to cause pain so badly,

just kill me softly,

so my death doesn't reflect my life,


screaming into a pillow,

feels better than seeing the pain,

i want to feel nothing,

numb me now,


pretending to everyone,

that this smile is real,

but nothing is real anymore,

and i want to live in fantasy forever,




come to me gently,

i feel you creeping up,


could you just end this misery?

i know you're coming sooner than i thought,

and now i just don't really care,

everything has been torn from me,


take my heart,

and find a use than other other than beating,

inside of me,

i want to end this suffering,



come over me,


i don't want to emerge,

from this pool of soothing,


peaceful pain,

i want to feel your hands upon me,

because i don't want to live like this anymore,

everything just isn't going right,


nothing is going to change,

so just end this quickly,

come to suddenly,

love isn't meant for the broken,


i can't fix myself,

and nobody understand,

so make it simple,

make it real.