OK, this is really really stupid and cliche', but it's an idea I got for Valentine's Day. I'm writing it for my friend and her coughCRUSHcough, who is also my friend. :) Here's to you guys! :D

"Hey! Amber!"

Shaking back her hair, Amber turned to see Dakota, her younger friend, jogging towards her. "Truth or Dare?" the thirteen-year-old said, grinning deviously.

"No," Amber replied simply. She turned away from the blonde boy and went back to reading her book, trying to ignore the fact that he was hovering at her shoulder.

"Come on, Amber!" Dakota whined. "Please?" He was using the really annoying baby voice that pierced your eardrums and made you cringe.

Amber surveyed him over the top of Twilight. "No, thanks. The boys over there- like you- are always doing stupid dares."

Dakota's grin grew even wider. "That's what makes it fun!" He leaned against the back of the chair she was sitting in. "Come on, what's a Valentine's Dance without Truth or Dare?"

"It's normal," Amber muttered, pushing the boy's shoulder. Despite the music blaring, and the multicolored lights flashing around her, Amber struggled to focus on the words of her book.

But Dakota wasn't done yet. "Amber, Charlie and Ian and Bailey and Chase and Alyssa and Nathan are all over there . . ."

Only the last name stuck out to Amber- the name of her hopefully-future-boyfriend. She immediately perked up and stared at Dakota with hopeful green eyes. Dakota noticed this and smiled. "You know you want to," he teased.

Amber sighed. Dakota had her beat. She folded down the corner of Twilight to keep her place and let Dakota take her hand and lead her over to the corner table, where all of the kids she was friends with were sitting in a circle.

"I'm back," Dakota said in a sing-song voice. "And look who decided to join me."

"Amber! Hey!" Chase commented, starting to stand up, but Bailey, sighing and shaking her dyed bloodred hair, grabbed his wrist and pulled him back down to his seat.

"Calm down," she mumbled crossly. "We already have one idiot here." She cast a glance at Dakota, who stuck his tongue out at the fourteen-year-old childishly.

Awkwardly Amber took a seat beside Bailey, trying to ignore the boy on the other side of her. It was Nathan, who was chatting it up with Ian. He was paying no attention to her. Amber sighed. Insert Taylor Swift moment here . . . she thought.

Ever the life of the party, Charlie took out her iPod touch. "We ready?" she asked, leaning forward.

"Yeah!" Dakota cheered, sliding into the seat beside her and draping his arm over her shoulders. Alyssa, his best friend, gave him an unreadable look.

Glaring at Dakota, Charlie shrugged off his arm and shook the iPod. "OK, Dakota, truth or dare?" she asked, glancing upward at the younger boy.

"Dare," Dakota replied confidently, a sly grin spreading over his face.

"All right . . ." Charlie selected Dare, and then grinned deviously. She smiled innocently up at Dakota. "Kiss the next person, of the opposite sex, to your right."

The grin faded off Dakota's face as he turned to see Alyssa, whose face had gone a pale shade of pink.

Amber couldn't help but smile a little at the shocked expression on Dakota's face. "I- Alyssa- we- have to kiss?" he stuttered.

Alyssa remained quiet, staring down at her feet. A collective nod from the group made her face turn even redder, if that was possible. She looked up at Dakota, who was staring at her.

"So, uh . . ." Dakota leaned forward and pecked her on the cheek.

"Oh, booooo!" Chase jeered, giving a thumbs-down. "That was crap!"

"Yeah, give her a real kiss, Dakota!" Nathan put in, grinning. Amber cast him a glance, unable to suppress a chuckle.

Dakota's ears were pink. He met Alyssa's eyes again, and then they both leaned forward and kissed, lightly, on the lips. "Aw, young love," Ian said. Dakota glared at him and sat back nervously in his chair, not looking at Alyssa.

Following that lovely dare, Charlie shook the device. "Ian, truth or dare?" she said.

"Truth," the teen said, crossing his arms.

"OK . . . 'Choose someone from the room and describe what they will be doing ten years from now,'" Charlie read.

Ian grinned. "Chase, in ten years, will be in a bar getting wasted."

Many "Oh!"s and "Burn!"s rose from the friends as Ian and Chase grinned challengingly at each other.

Chuckling, Amber leaned back in her seat and watched the smiling faces of all her friends. Even Bailey had cracked a grin at that, and Dakota seemed to be getting his sense of humor back.

"All right, Dakota, it picked you again," Charlie said, shooting the boy a grin. "Want another kissing dare?"

Dakota's face flushed, and he cast an awkward glance at Alyssa. "I'll pass. Truth."

"Got it . . . 'What is one item you should really throw away, but probably never will?'"

Dakota grinned. "My car magazine full of hot cars . . . I took it from my dad's desk. He can't find it, and I'm never giving it back, so I have it under my mattress." He sat back, looking pleased with himself, and interlaced his fingers behind his head.

Charlie bit her lip, frowning, then watched as the iPod shuffled again. "All right, this one's for me, and I pick Truth."

"Boo!" Nathan added. Amber felt her face flush as she covered her mouth to hide her smile.

"Let's see . . . it says, 'Have you ever kissed a boy? Who?'" Charlie rolled her eyes. "Well, hmm . . ."

"She kissed me!" Dakota interrupted.

Charlie's face turned red. "We were in kindergarten."

"Still, a kiss." Dakota's taunting grin was really quite annoying.

Charlie sighed. "Yeah, I kissed Dakota in kindergarten, and I kissed Ian yesterday, and I think that's it." She sighed again and watched the names shuffle.

"Please don't pick me, please don't pick me, please don't pick me . . ." Amber began to pray silently. If it was her luck, she'd get picked.

"Amber. Truth or dare."

Amber stifled a sigh. Everyone was looking at her expectantly. Dakota wore his taunting smile, crossing his arms. "Dare you," he mouthed at her.

Frowning at the cocky boy, she said, "Dare."

"Open dare, leave the room and the group decides," Charlie reported, giving Amber a sly grin.

As Amber stood up and walked away from the table, she made sure to slap the back of Dakota's head.

She wasn't sure why she'd picked dare . . . she shouldn't have. Now, she'd get stuck with some bizarre challenge, something that she wouldn't otherwise have the courage to do. She bit her lip anxiously and stared apprehensively back at her friends, who were all leaning forward with smirks as they decided her fate.

A couple minutes later, after watching the group converse from the other side of the room, Amber saw Dakota get up and stride confidently over to her. "We got a good one for you," he said into her ear.

Amber jabbed him in the ribs in response and sat back down into her seat. "What's my dare?" she asked, dreading the fact that she knew exactly what they had picked.

"Can I do the honors?" Dakota asked Charlie. She nodded and flashed a smile at Amber. "Amber Jackson, we dare you to kiss Nathan Griffon," Dakota announced, standing up dramatically and pointing at her.

Of course. Amber swallowed her pounding heart, which had managed to climb into her throat, and turned to face Nathan. His eyes were wide. "You-you said you were gonna make her do the Macarana on top of the table!" he spluttered.

Biting her lip, Amber managed a glare at her friends. Idiots. "I'll get you," she mouthed at Dakota, who in response just grinned.

"Kiss her," Ian said, nudging his friend's shoulder.

Nathan took a deep breath, then looked at Amber. He looked as scared as she felt. Then he leaned forward and their lips met.

Amber felt her eyes close. He was nervous too; his lips were barely grazing hers. But it was still a kiss, and it was still with him.

When he pulled away, it felt like he'd pulled away too soon for Amber. She awkwardly licked her lips and gazed down at her feet.

"Wooooooo!" Chase jeered. Bailey elbowed him. Dakota did a catcall whistle, earning laughs from all the guys except for Nathan.

Just then the music changed from 'Poker Face' to 'You and Me'. Amber suppressed a groan. What the hell was up with all these cliche' moments?

She watched as Bailey and Chase wandered off to the dance floor, along with Charlie and Ian, and as Alyssa managed to sneak away towards the bathroom to avoid an awkward conversation with Dakota. Out of the corner of her eye, Amber could see Nathan staring at her before someone blocked her vision.

"Wanna dance?" Dakota asked, extending his hand.

Amber couldn't turn down the opportunity to beat him up. Sighing, she looked away from Nathan and took the younger boy's hand as he led her out to the dance floor. She could feel Nathan's eyes on her all the way there.

Amber was silent as Dakota rested his hands on her hips, and she put her hands on his shoulders. She couldn't bring herself to look at Dakota, and instead watched as some popular girl asked Nathan to dance, and he nodded. A single tear slid down her face.

"Hey, no crying."

Amber looked at Dakota. His usual grin had morphed to something like sympathy. "He'll ask you some time," he assured. "But right now, you're with me, so no crying." The smile returned, only it had lost its egotistical air.

"Hey, picture time!"

Both kids turned, just in time to see Evan, the annoying little asshole of a boy, holding a camera. "Hey-" Dakota said, raising a hand in front of the lense as the picture snapped.

Evan giggled and looked at the picture. "Great, I'll remember to send this to the school yearbook staff," he snickered, and scampered away to go harass some other dancers.

"Hold on a sec," Dakota told Amber, and he sprinted off to go kill Evan.

Amber stood there, managing a faint smile as she watched Dakota chase Evan around the room. Then, she looked over at Nathan, who was half-heartedly chatting with the girl who'd asked him to dance. For a moment he looked up, and Amber thought he glanced at her, but she coudn't have been sure.

Maybe Dakota was right. Maybe he'd feel the same way she did . . . someday.

All right, so really cheesy, and I'm a day late, I know. But this was for my friend, who is really sappy when it comes to these kind of things, so . . . yeah. :P Review, please! Even if it was really suckish, just review! : )