See. Me.

See me. Why can't you see me? I scream, frustrated.

The sound I make falls upon deaf ears, no one flinches or looks at me.

You nod at everyone in acknowledgement, except me

Making polite conversation, hugging, and laughing

Your silent avoidance speaks volumes.

Words aren't necessary to convey your message

I hear it crystal clear, it cuts me like a knife.

Slow tears run silently down my cheeks

All I've ever wanted is to be seen,

Known for me, who I am not what my title conveys.

The past, it hurts- the first cut wasn't the deepest

Slices, one after the other cut deeper into my flesh, my soul

Making scar after scar impossible to heal, or hide

Impossible to hide, yet you still don't see

The scar defines me, has shaped me

It rules my every move, every emotion, and every decision

You stick my label because it's easier,

While I try to clean up my bloody mess, pick up the broken pieces

I know i shouldn't care what you think, but i do.

Some part of me deep down needs what you should offer

It hurts to admit, but its true-, yet you still don't see me.

Know me. Why don't you want to know me? Traitor tears betray me.

We're past the point of no return,

You may not want to see me, but i know you do

Silence is no longer golden,

I'm tired of being swept under the rug like some worthless piece of dirt

I'm not what you want me to be, I'm different

I like singing in the rain, and speaking my mind

I'm stubborn, and don't want to give up

But I'm tired, so tired.

So here, I stand in an empty room pleasantry long forgotten,

My bloody mess in heaps around me, waiting to be cleaned

You can't turn back, but i know you want to

You can't avoid me now; no one is here to distract you

I kneel, knowing you won't help me clean up, you never have

Love, such an unselfish and perfect emotion shant be spared by you

Looking up, your eyes tell the story that i know all too well

Precedence, appearance, false loyalties: my label is not your own

Your side has been chosen, yet i still wait for you

Childishly wishing you were kneeling next to me

Offering a hug, a band aid, and bleach

With your nose held high, you exit the room sticking to the walls

You've seen me.

But do you really know me?