Carpenter of My Soul

Written By: Kirsti Rudolph

A goal- seemingly impossible to reach.

A destination- to faraway, journey treacherous.

A reward- to magnificent to comprehend.

I cannot do it alone, and yet it waits for me.

Images flash through memory.

A carpenter-, with perfect masterpieces of charity, perfection.

Before my time he said, "Come follow me."

Teaching, healing and loving with each lift of the hammer.

Not just a carpenter of wood-,

No, much more than that.

Carpenter of soul, heart and compassion.

He built bridges with the power of grace.

His life marked my pathway- , rolling hills, serene meadows.

I take it but soon meadows turn to oceans, hills to rocky canyons.

Wrong turns are made, and all is lost.

Then tools appear life to death- death to life.

Bridges spanning over impossibilities,

Leading all the way back home.

He is showing me how, showing me the way.

I but have to lift the hammer.

So I start building-, one nail at a time,

An act of kindness, a confession, an apology.

Nail by nail i strike, correcting my mistakes.

He hands me the nails, whispering words of encouragement.

Waves crash over me, the peace disappears.

Wind controls me- violently it yells in my ear erasing the master's whisper.

I feel overwhelmed with emotion, the weight is too much, and I am alone.

Then I remember-, he is there.

My knees to wood, thoughts to whispers; I pray.

The storm passes; peace be still.

Chaos to calm-, heavy laden to weightlessness.

I turn towards the son breaking through the clouds-, brilliant and gleaming he smiles.

I pick up my tools, one nail at a time.

I rebuild, master carpenter at my side.

Hope, faith, charity-, I follow him.

Building the bridges of my soul.