The Window

The window with white panels;

Four perfect squares framed in white.

Corners assaulted with mildew-inside,

Yet the window appears perfect.

It has seen many views, in and out.

Rolling hills, a vine draped lattice.

Love filled ballads, sung passionately from beneath.

Seen out; seen out.

Inside, inside grime tarnishes positive.

Mounds of hate and pain trickles.

Cruel arguments, harsh words and violence.

Seen in- only in.

Rain runs down the window from outside,

Inviting a cleansing, dirt washed away.

Rain- drops make pathways down, down.

From outside, all is well.

Inside, inside- only a wish.

Double sided- love, hate, clean, unclean, life, death.

White panels hold immovable.

Leaving one in mourning, the other in longing.

Yet the window appears perfect.