been laying here so long that my breaths are growing sleepier
every deep breath that you inhale breaks free into a vocal yawn
my breathing is subconsciously syncing itself with yours
my hands are mindlessly squeezing onto yours.

it's just another lovely day,
sleeping in the afternoon.
it's just another day with you,
in love with the way you snooze.

i can feel those restless eyelashes against my neck
i know you're laying there sleeplessly with me
i can feel your fingers skim over the back of my hand
i know i couldn't stand to leave you like this for too long.

i hope i can wake up to those eyes everyday
i wish i hadn't slept and wasted time away,
i can't stand that i have to leave soon,
i hate that i can't stay.

it's just another perfect day,
laying here in your grasp.
it's just another day with you,
wishing that it would just last.