Hey! This is something I wrote about my once best friend. *tear* Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own myspace, facebook, walmart, or goodwill.


We used to sit and talk on the phone for hours. Ha, it didn't matter that we saw each other so often. We would still talk on the phone for hours. We would tell secrets, talk about the guys we like, complain about our parents, and share what we fear.

Something changed. Oh, why did it have to change? Well, according to a lot of people I know, you didn't exactly change, more like you grew increasingly worse. Everyone had always told me what a jerk you were to me. Maybe I didn't want to see what they were saying. But now I see it, clear as day.

You started doing drugs and lied about it to your REAL friends. You said you didn't do them, then you said you did. Then you said you quit cold turkey. Ha! Yeah right! Was it SO hard to tell us the truth?

You started drinking. From the pictures I've seen, you look like a real idiot when your drunk.

What's with those pics of you on myspace and facebook? There's one of you in a bikini...holding the string...by you mouth! Do you know that? I sure hope you do.

You lied about dating Graydon. You even told me that you made out with him. You are SUCH a lier! It's not like I would think your all that for dating some guy I don't even know.

You insulted my family and friends. What did they ever do to you!? NOTHING! You made fun of my mom when she always stood up for you like she was your own mother. You called my sister (AKA: One of my best friends) a total nerd and then started spreading rumors about her. You made fun of my best friend...for NO REASON!

You become a LITTLE BIT popular and just HAVE to ditch your real friends for the "popular" crowd. Then when they left, you'd come looking for us and say, "Where have you been!?" You would always say, "Oh, I'm hanging out with the "popular" crowd because I want to be popular...oh! And social too!"

You would ALWAYS act like a total idiot whenever you were in public with anyone. Dancing around and singing LOUDLY. Looking at people and openly making fun of them. It was very embarrassing.

You would always obsess over your looks. Your so shallow.

Speaking of shallow... You would always show everyone all your expensive possessions. You made fun of people who shop at Goodwill and Walmart. Sorry babe, not all of us are rich!

You told Cody I liked him. What was that for!? Would you like it if I told some boy you liked him!? Do you even know how weird that was for me?

Once I told you I liked Jake you started flirting with him. Then when I told you to knock it off you say, "Ugh! I was NOT flirting!" Oh? Then why did you keep laughing/smiling and touching him at every oppertunity?

When I lied and said I like Nick - to get you off of my back - you went and out right flirted with him IN FRONT of me! Not that I cared, because I really didn't like him, but why would you do that!?

Your "in love" with Levi even though he's a total fake and shallow jerk. What is wrong with your mind?

Speaking of your mind... Did the "voices" tell you to do all those horrible things? I can't help but wonder that.

How are the schools where you live SO much better then the schools where I live?

Why is it that if someone liked something different then you or didn't like what you like then their a loser?

Why did you have to go and pressure me in to doing dope? I know, it was in the end, my desician, but you still shouldn't have done it.

All in all, I'm glad I'm done with you. I'm wiping my hands clean of you. So long. Goodbye.


What did you think? All of these things are true, yes. -.- R&R!