It Started Small

By: Scott Moseley

I stole a lighter from the store

Because the voices told me too.

When that was out of gasoline,

I went back and grabbed two.

The store didn't seem to care,

The clerk was more occupied with her hair,

So I went ahead and took the pair.

I'm only seven; they can't throw me away,

Or at least that's what the voices say,

So I'll come back tomorrow and take some more away.

My parents think something's wrong,

Too many lighters go through the front door,

Some of which they never see

But lying empty on the floor.

I can't find anything wrong,

I just like fire.

The voices say within a week

The price of what I take

Will be come quite higher,

The thought makes my head quake.

I'm in trouble, big time bad,

I just lit the house on fire.

How am I going to tell dad,

Especially after I melted the car's tire?

The voices say "It'll be ok."

But I can't help calling them a liar

For six long years they've lead me there.

And my dad will finally take away my lighter,

And that I purely could not stand.

For my love has grown too strong,

My love, of course, for fire!

The fire is out

And everyone's ok,

But like I thought,

My dad took my lighter away.

The damage was only minimal,

But still I have to pay.

The insurance will not cover us,

Nope, not today,

And I get a small allowance as it is,

But live to steal another day.

Around me now, the barred door locks,

I knew I couldn't bribe the judge with a yacht.

I'm twenty-four now and stole a car,

But of course I didn't get very far,

Because, like lighters the gas gets low

The cops pushed me into a bank of snow,

And of course, now of all times

The voices choose to go.

Now I live my life alone

In a metal room, far from home.