The Escape

By: Scott Moseley

"Hey, Alexander, are you awake?" Larz asked as he sat up.

"I wasn't until a second ago, what's wrong?" Asked Alexander as he sat up too.

"Nothing, but I think the guards are gone." Larz said as he squinted through the darkness lit only by two small torches hung on the wall, trying to see if there were guards listening to them. If there was, he couldn't see them. Alexander laid back down and sighed heavily. He covered his mouth with his hand and coughed hard.

"Um… how long have we been in this wretched place?" he asked. Larz shrugged.

"I don't know, three months maybe?"

"Uh huh… and how long did they say it would be before we go to the prisoner camp?" Alexander asked.

"If I remember correctly, I think it was two weeks? I am not quite sure." He said, still scrutinizing the dark.

"Right," he said as he sat up again, "and that was three months ago! Face it Larz, ever since we were captured on that cursed battle field, we were doomed to die!" He retorted. There was a quick squeak and the sound of scurrying tiny feet. Larz could barely make out the figure of a large rat in the glowing torch light, hazed by the cloud of dust the rat had kicked up. Alexander sighed again, "but you are right, Larz, we got to get out of here. The condition is getting worse each passing day."

At that exact moment the door of the camber that was outside their cell creaked open and two fresh new guards walked in taking position on either side of the door of their cell with their backs turned to them. Alex leaned over to Larz and whispered into his ear,

"Next change of guards, right now get more sleep. We are going to need it." He rolled over and laid down. Larz followed his example.

Larz woke with a start. Something was shaking his leg. He looked up and could barely see Alexander trying to wake him up.

"What's…?" Alexander cut him off with a wave of his hand. He stood up to his full height and looped his arms around the bars. He put something in the lock, wriggled for a second then the door swung wide open. Larz starred in disbelief. Alexander motioned for him to keep quiet and to follow him. As they approached the door they heard it unlock they quickly maneuvered behind the door as it opened up. The new guards walked in. before they closed the door Alexander and Larz ran out and up the stone stairs. They both knew that it would not be too long before the guards found out what had happened. Their feet made clacking noises on the stone as the rose. Before they could get out the front door another guard walked through it. They could tell by his armor that he was not a guard, but an officer of some kind. Obvious to them he could tell by the way they were dressed they should not be running freely. He grew very angry quickly. From behind them they could here the guards who had figured it out start to come up the stairs. Larz thought quickly. "Sir, I understand why you would be angry and I would to if my guards decided to change sides in the middle of a war!" The officers' face changed fast from anger to surprise.

"Don't move." He told the duo. They both nodded dumbly. He walked to the stairs and looked down. Alexander came quietly behind him and waited.

The guards came up the stairs saw their officer, and turned around again in fear.

"Get back here!" the officer shouted. The two, now meek, guards came back their heads down like a dog who knows he did something wrong. "What is this about…? Ahhh!" he shouted as Alexander kicked him down the stairs on top of his underlings. As Larz and Alexander ran out the front door they could here the three victims' fall crashing into every thing on the way down including the solid closed oaken door. Alexander and Larz ran to the forest and stopped to catch their breath.

"Hoo! That was awesome! Nice idea of kicking him down the stairs!" Larz told Alexander.

"Shh. We will get caught again!" Alexander whispered loudly. "Lets just get back to our camp and live to fight another time."

Larz nodded and the two, now, best friends walked back in the direction from whence they had been dragged.